Chapter 0:


Born Into Divinity.

I never truly thought about what death was like before today. Its grief, sorrow, pain, and anguish. They all felt surreal to me. It is just darkness, but in this darkness there is light. A calm comforting light. I keep trying to move, but my body does not respond. It is like my entire body is frozen in time. Then, outside of my will, I am submerged in the light, looking around the best I could, I realize I'm in a room. I hear voices in this room, something about it being a boy. I try to speak again but as expected, no words come out. Judging by how low I am, I am very small. As much as I can, I turn around, trying to scan my surroundings. I see this beautiful woman, the most I have ever seen. Finally, I come to a realization, but it seems way too crazy to believe. Have I been reborn?!Bookmark here

It would make sense though, seeing how small I was and the cries of laughter and joy I heard. Before I could fully gather my thoughts, I heard the woman who at this point I assume to be my mother, saying "Yuuki, yes that is your name"Bookmark here

"Yuuki Azuma."Bookmark here

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