Chapter 2:

The Cat and The Vampire

My One Shots!

February 20 x739 E6Bookmark here

By the shores stood a tall cliff, which held up a small stone fortress belonging to a group of bandits called 'Cliffside Bandits'. Within the cold dirty jail cells of the fortress, many unfortunate captives reside inside. In one of the cells is a type2 cat beastling, with deep black messy hair, his ears and tail are also deep black. Noctis has a brown skin tone and his right eye is a fiery blue while his left eye is a fiery green, and they seem to glow in the dark. Tonight is Noctis's second night in jail and he is yet to find a way to escape this fortress and continue with what he originally planned to do, which was to steal an artifact from this very fortress.Bookmark here

"Holy shit I've been in this shit hole for two days now!!...and the worst part is all these prisoners are boys! None of them are girls" Noctis complained out loudBookmark here

"Shut up cat! Some of us are trying to sleep" one of the prisoners snapped at NoctisBookmark here

"Pathetic! You should be thinking of a way out of this prison!" Noctis snapped back. "Man I knew I should have kept some extra picks with me, thanks to my bad luck I ended up in this shit hole"Bookmark here

Just then the doors to the cell room started opening and one of the bandits walked in with a new prisoner. Upon seeing the new prisoner a big grin appeared on Noctis's face since it was finally a female prisoner. The female prisoner had a human-like appearance with long light dark purple hair that got a little lighter at the bottom and velvet eyes. The bandit forcefully shoved the dark purple haired female into a prison cell adjacent to Noctis's prison. The bandit then scanned all of the prisoners to make sure none of them had escaped before he left and shut the gates behind him.Bookmark here

"Damnn can't keep me locked up forever!" The women shoutedBookmark here

"I totally agree with you, I've been in this shit hole for two days now, and they treat you like shit. Like come on even a prisoner deserves some common decency" Noctis said as he walked up to the bars of his jail cell. "My name is Noctis by the way, if you don't mind me asking, what's yours, ma'am?" Noctis asked politely, as he looked past his cell bars and towards the new prisoner's cellBookmark here

"My name is Violet. You said you have been in here for two days, have you ever tried to escape?" Violet asked as she scanned the area looking for a way outBookmark here

"I have but unfortunately I've had no luck but...if your willing to cooperate, I could get us both out of this fortress" Noctis replied Bookmark here

"Your a complete stranger, for all I know you could be a murder or a big creep, how can I trust you?" Violet replied with distrust as she kept on looking around for an escapeBookmark here

"Do I look like any of that to you?" Noctis asked as he put his head through the space between the bars of his cell. "Besides you don't look like the type of women that would want to sleep in a filthy cell like this or any cell for that matter, so I don't think you have a choice"Bookmark here

Violet stuck her head out of the cell and took a look at Noctis then brought her head back in and with a sigh, she continued to say "I guess I don't have much of a choice...what's your plan on getting us out of here?"Bookmark here

"Okay now, how do I say this without seeming like a pervert?" Noctis thought to himself. After a quick second of thinking, Noctis decided to just be straightforward and not make it sound weird or make it seem like he is a pervert. Noctis cleared his throat then continued to say "Violet I need you to hand me your bra" Noctis asked with a straight face in an emotionless toneBookmark here

"What are you some kinda sick pervert that gets turned on by women's bras!?" Violet rebuked Bookmark here

"Yup there was no way I could have worded that, without coming off as a complete pervert" Noctis nervously laughed. "But no I'm not a pervert, I just need the clips on your bra strap so I can pick our locks and free us" Noctis explainedBookmark here

"I hate this a lot, but I see no other way here, you better not do any funny business with it," Violet said as she took off her bra through her shirt and passed it to NoctisBookmark here

Noctis reached out of his prison cell and grabbed the bra, which by the way had incredibly soft paddings and was a size ranger from a C cup to a D cup and it felt/looked expensive. "Judging by your bra I can tell you come from a wealthy I right?" Noctis asked, trying to make conversation as he pulled up the clips of the braBookmark here

"I guess you can say something like that…" Violet replied as she looked at the door to the cell roomBookmark here

"Your quite calm for someone who just got caught by a group of bandits," Noctis said as he slowly picked the lock to his cell doorBookmark here

"Let's just say these bandits are the least of my problems" Violet repliedBookmark here

In no time Noctis picked the lock and the doors to his cell opened, he was once again a free cat...well almost. Noctis pulled down a lever on the wall of the jail room which opened everyone else's cell, freeing everyone that was in the cell room. Bookmark here

"The doors are open!?" One of the prisoners said confused but happy at the same timeBookmark here

"Yes, I Noctis the black cat, have freed all of you! And now that the bandits are sleeping, right now is the best time for us to make our escape or attack back!" Noctis shouted as he faced all the prisoners with a grin on his faceBookmark here

The prisoners looked at each other still a little confused but after realizing that they were free they shrugged and with a loud battle cry they rioted through the entire fortress. Bookmark here

"Why free all of them?" Violet asked as she walked up to NoctisBookmark here

"Now that we're up close and personal, you're much prettier than I first thought," Noctis said, looking at Violet with a flirtatious look. "Not only that but your breast are perfect," Noctis added on looking at Violet's braless breast, as he rubbed his chin Bookmark here

"Don't even try it answer my question why did you free everyone else, it just makes getting out of here messy" Violet replied as she crossed her arms and looked directly at the black cat in front of herBookmark here

"Okay relax" Noctis replied as he took a step back "I did it to use them as a distraction so I can do what I came here to do before does it really matter? Your free now so get going" Bookmark here

"Hmmm, well I'm sticking with you until we get out of this fortress since that was our deal" Violet repliedBookmark here

"Well then, let's get going," Noctis said before running off in search of the artifact he came looking for.Bookmark here

Violet followed Noctis through the riot and chaos that was happening. Some prisoners were attacking the bandits and others were wasting no time in escaping. Bookmark here

"You see there is so much chaos going on, that the bandits won't even notice us," Noctis said as he ran upstairs higher into the fortressBookmark here

Violet stayed quiet and just followed behind Noctis. Soon Noctis and Violet were stopped by a thick gate, which led to Noctis' destination. Noctis tried opening the door but it wouldn't open, the door was locked.Bookmark here

"Well, what now cat?" Violet asked as she looked behind her to check if any bandit were heading their wayBookmark here

"No need to worry I came prepared for this very moment" Noctis replied as he pulled out two black hair clips from his hair and unfolded them so that he could use them as a lock pickBookmark here

"The hell! If you had a clip this whole time, then why did you ask for my bra" Violet asked with frustrationBookmark here

"Well these clips break once you have used them, so that's why I didn't use em earlier," Noctis said as he started to pick the lockBookmark here

"You damn thief now I'm walking around with no bra," Violet said gritting her teeth at NoctisBookmark here

"You make that sound like a bad it, its opened," Noctis said as the clip snappedBookmark here

Noctis pushed the door open and as soon as he did an alarm went off that echoed throughout the entire fortress.Bookmark here

"Well shit, that's not good...I wasn't told about this" Noctis said as he looked aroundBookmark here

"Of course this isn't good, let's hurry before bandits come our way!" Violet said a little panicked Bookmark here

Noctis ran into the room with Violet following behind. As soon as Noctis entered the room he was met with the artifact he came here for, which was an ocean blue orb, placed carefully on an altar. The orb was fairly large, big enough to fill up one hand. Noctis quickly grabbed the orb from the altar and placed it into a small bag.Bookmark here

"Okay ma'am, let me escort you out," Noctis said looking a Violet with a smirkBookmark here

"You're too kind, now let's go!" Violet replied in sarcasm Bookmark here

Before Noctis and Violet could make their way downstairs a group of six bandits all carrying swords, stood in front of them, blocking the exit of the room they were in. Bookmark here

"hold on to this for me," Noctis said as he handed Violet the small bag containing the orbBookmark here

Violet grabbed the orb and stood there while Noctis got ready for combat. The bandits slowly approached Noctis with their swords held tight in their hands, one after the other they charged at Noctis. With Noctis's quick cat reflexes and speed, he was able to dance around the bandits and deliver quick and swift attacks at the bandits. After a few minutes, Noctis had taken out all six bandits with little to no effort.Bookmark here

"Color me impressed, I didn't pick you for a fighter," Alice said with an impressed expression Bookmark here

"Yeh maybe after all this crap we should go on a date, and I'll show you what else I can do," Noctis said in a flirty tone as he looked directly into Alice's eyesBookmark here

"You're some kind of womanizer aren't you?" Violet replied as she walked past him, heading downstairsBookmark here

"Hey I was blessed with good looks, so I might as well use it" Noctis replied with a chuckle as he also headed downstairsBookmark here

Noctis and Violet quickly make it to the end of the stairs and quickly stop as they couldn't proceed any further, due to being blocked by a bunch of bandits, more than twenty of them all carrying weapons. All the bandits seem to not care about the other prisoners as they were all leaving and the bandits were not stopping them. The orb that Noctis stole must be of great importance.Bookmark here

"Don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but looks like our way out has been blocked by angry bandits" Violet said as she slowly took a few steps backBookmark here

"Well...ah hey there guys...I suppose you wouldn't just let us through…?" Noctis asked with a nervous chuckle Bookmark here

"That orb you thieves have is of great importance, so we will be taking it off your dead corpse!" One of the bandits said in an angry tone, as he tightened the grip on his bladeBookmark here

"what now cat?...are you going to fight them all?" Violet asked as she looked at NoctisBookmark here

"If I fought all of them with no weapon, especially on an empty stomach. Even I would probably lose or sustain serious injuries" Noctis replied as he slowly took a few steps back. The bandits started to move towards them, all with the intent to killBookmark here

"Do something Noctis, I can't die now...not yet" Violet said in a distressed tone Bookmark here

Noctis looked at Violet and saw that she looked uneasy and her face was filled with sorrow and regret, Noctis then looked back at the bandits with a nervous look. "Here goes nothing"Bookmark here

Noctis grabbed Violet's hand and started to run back upstairs, dragging Violet along behind him. The group of bandits chased after them, all with their weapons raised in their hands. Noctis and Violet soon reach into the room, back where the orb was, Noctis closed the door behind him and pushed a bookshelf in front of it. Bookmark here

"W-what are you doing?" Violet asked with a confused lookBookmark here

"I promised I'd get both of us out of here, didn't I?" Noctis said with a smile, to reassure Violets safety Bookmark here

"But..the only way out is downsta-" before Violet could finish her sentence Noctis grabbed her hand and continued to drag her upstairsBookmark here

Soon both Noctis and Violet arrived at the very top of the fortress, where they were now facing a big river that laid beneath the hill that the fortress was built on. Noctis walked over to the edge of the fortress and looked down at the river, then took a deep breath and made his way back to Violet.Bookmark here

"Okay Violet, I need for you to put your trust in me one more time," Noctis asked with a regrettable look on his faceBookmark here

"The look on your face says I shouldn't...what are you planning, cat?..." Violet asked with a worried lookBookmark here

Soon a loud bang could be heard downstairs back in the fortress, it seems like the bandits have knocked down the door. Noctis grabbed both of Violet's hands and looked her in the eyes "look we don't have I just need you to trust me one more time" Noctis says as he looks at Violet with a reckless smile on his face.Bookmark here

Violet hesitated a little bit, but when she heard the bandits running upstairs closing in on them. She nodded her head and in a nervous tone she said "I trust you" Bookmark here

One after the other, the bandits made their way on top of the fortress and wasted no time in charging at both Noctis and Violet. "Alright, Violet, hold on tight to that orb!" Noctis quickly says as he picks up Violet in a bridal position. The sudden action makes Violet blush a little, but as she realizes Noctis running towards the edge of the fortress. She grabbed tight onto Noctis and closed her eyes. Bookmark here

Noctis reaches the edge of the fortress and without a hint of hesitation, he leaps off of the fortress and down towards the water. Both Violet and Noctis let out a loud scream as they fall towards the water. They soon fall straight into the water sinking to the bottom like a heavy rock. Noctis quickly swims up to the surface of the water with Violet in his arms.Bookmark here

We actu...actually survived...maybe I do have some good luck on me" Noctis said with coughs in between his sentenceBookmark here

"....i-I'm still alive!" Violet said with relief as she looked around, but her expression quickly changed to a worried and frightened look. "Look over there cat!...we're close to a waterfall!" Violet shouts as she points at the waterfall that was pulling them inBookmark here

"God damn it, I jinxed it," Noctis thought to himselfBookmark here

Noctis and Violet quickly started swimming towards land, as the current pulled them towards the waterfall. They finally reach land and Noctis helps Violet out of the water and safely onto land, but as Violet was about to help Noctis out of the water, a huge piece of log came rushing towards Noctis and took him away before he could safely make it onto land. The log pushed Noctis away from land and towards the waterfall.Bookmark here

Noctis reaches the edge of the waterfall, with no hopes of getting out of the situation he simply shouts "Stupid Rotten Luck!!!". Noctis falls down the waterfall going for a rollercoaster ride, before finally plummeting into the river below the waterfall.Bookmark here

The Cat and The VampireBookmark here

My One Shots!

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