Chapter 0:


Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight: Part 1

Distant Century… it was to be a new era of peace after the war torn Anno Domin did to the world. However, the sins of mankind still stink in to the world that mankind destroyed years before and war even hits in this era of what was to be peace.

D.C 001, started it all with Phil Williams who became president of the United States of America. During his time, Phil wanted to change the country in a sense to give them the power that they were once a superpower like they were in the old world.

This power was a weapon, a weapon that can change the way a fight turn out. This weapon is called a mobile suit.

There were 4 prototypes that were sent to the country of Iran, a war was raging on over there for years and how it has ended thanks to the mobile suits, however, hell was about to come in an act that would change the world once again.

In D.C 005, after the reelesion, Phil did the unspeakable. He leak out info about the mobile suits to other countries. This was to make sure that Phil could have his war and show that the US was powerful.

However, that didnt happen as a friend of his found this out and he was impeach and killed. But, it was too late to back down in this war. A war that would change the way people see one another. A war that would almost destroyed the world.

In D.C 068, Russia was already taken over by both the US and Japan. The US had one side of Russia while Japan had the other side. Moscow was the only land that Russia was aloud to have after the take over.

However, the hold for both the US and Japan of Russia was about to break. Russia was sercely making mobile suits for the last few years and they were ready for the attack. They started first attacking Japan since they had St. Peterburg. The fight only lasted a few hours because Japan had weaker mobile suits that were out of date since D.C 001.

The US has stronger mobile suits but they were taken down by the Russian due to them having better tech than the US.

The United Nations saw this and saw that it was against the treaty that they signed after they were taking over by both the US and Japan. So they kick Russia out of the UN.

Russia wasnt going to take that laying down and they started to fight back by bring the countries that were being bullied by the UN. This became known as the New USSR.

The New USSR declare war on the United Nations and that they not only wanted Russia back but they also wanted the whole world in their hands. The UN made an alliance with the countries that were on their group and started to fight back.

This became known to the world as World War 3. This war was a turning point in the Distant Century era as this proved that the old world still bring war to the new era.

During this time as countries tried to get people to join their armies for the war, two brothers started a company that would change the world. This was known as the Dream Colony Company.

This company would make colonies for those who didnt want to be in the war and get away from it all. However with the prices being what they were, only middle-class and high class could paid for it leaving the poor to suffer. They had money in mind when they made the company and not a heart of gold.

D.C 74, it had been 6 years since the war began and bloodshed was still going on. The first colony, Colony Haven: Hades, was finished and a lot of people started to signed up to go into space.

However, in D.C 78, both the United Nation Alliance and the New USSR both were tented up and both sides and both sides launched nukes almost destroying the earth.

D.C 89, a man by the name of Dr. Ken Hans started a project that would change the way peace was made or so he thought.

A new weapon, this weapon was a key to end all wars. They were known as Gundams. 24 Gundam Frames were made with a system known as the Trigun System. This system alouds the pilot to move in fast speed and reflexes.

It took them 11 years to be made and part two of the project had started.

In D.C 101, a group of twins were born by the name of Yume and Asuka Asuki. They were first ones to get the implant and it was the S Rank implant.

For years, both Yume and Asuka were together for a while and has a close bond. However Dr. Ken Hans took them away one year to improved there powers.

They tested Yume for months on end and breaking her letting a new persona form in her. This was another side of her.

D.C 106, the Colony Alliance raided the lab and took out the people in there, along with arresting Dr. Ken Hans. The captain of the team was a young woman who had very long brown hair. She came close to Yume who was shaking.

“What your name sweetie?” The woman asked her.

All that came out of her mouth with that question was…

“Yume Ai….”

It is now D.C 117, A group of people that have rise from the ashes known as the Soldier’s Union have been taking on the Colony Alliance for sometime now.

The leader of the group, Jonathan Hunter has a big list of crimes from riots to dropping colonies.

For a while, they been doing riots in the colonies. They want to be free of the Colony Alliance.

But as time when on, and the Soldier’s Union took two Gundams from Colony Haven 7. The AWR-003 Gundam Lazarus and the AWR-002 Gundam Maxius.

Now all that the Colony Alliance has in the AWR-001 Gundam Twilight. Bloodshed has once again hit the Distant Century and war is about to begin as well...