Chapter 1:



"Bébé........bébé.........bébé!"Bookmark here

"Why aren't coming home now-a-day?"Bookmark here

"I missed you such much!"Bookmark here

"Everyday waiting for you was hell !!!!!" Grins widelyBookmark here

"Ahnn.. My love, You know , You know, nnnggg.." Touches her lips, realizing there is a wide grin on her face. Starts playing with her lips, smearing the alluring lipstick.Bookmark here

"My passion for you runs deeper than ... Aaahhhh what should i say..mmhhh" Takes off her heels, dangling it on her fingers.Bookmark here

"Maybe universe? but that doesn't sound right..eungh" continues to mumble to herself. After ending few thinking process.Bookmark here

With a cheery voice accompanied with a stretching of both hands far wide "Its wider than universe !!!"Bookmark here

"Did you forget about me ? Bébé " Tilts her head, pouting a little, Stares with a seductive gaze, one that seduces to accompany her in darkness.Bookmark here

"Didn't I become the perfect girl? Hun, didn't you want me to be like this , Right ?? right ??    right ??" madness creeping through those seductive gaze.Bookmark here

" See, I am wearing this disgusting cocktail dress....oh sorry... hun can never have disgusting taste in dress, yeah like this bow looks so pretty." -giggling madness almost pouring out of the eyes.Bookmark here

"Thehehe... you see these curls at the end of my hair, just like sea waves doesn't it flawlessly match you ideal. I am really proud how i am dressed today. See usually i am very  presumptuous, but today i dressed head to toe how you like!"Bookmark here

"See, See, See"- pointing at various clothing article . Almost shoving the heel at the man.Bookmark here

"Don't I look like a seductive vixen!?"Bookmark here

"HAHAHAHA......."- suddenly changing her bright smiler into a deep frown.Bookmark here

"Huu... I am tired" squatting , with her hands on knees.Bookmark here

Stretching her hands, caressing his face. "These eyes, how much I hehee"Bookmark here

Stabbing the eyes suddenly , " HATED THEM " Bookmark here

"These beautiful fingers that had everything under control, Huhuhu " Folding them back gracefully.Bookmark here

"AAARRGGHHH.."- gruffed the man.
Bookmark here

"Nnngg.. your pain, it turns me on...Opps sounded a bit wrong." the smile gracefully widen's on the girls face.Bookmark here

"Bébé, you have only tortured people hehehe how does it feel to be victim.", fondling his hand instantaneously.Bookmark here

"These nail. Oh my they are truly shiny, tiny precious pearls can't compare to them.", starting to scratch the proximal nail fold.Bookmark here

The man screeched, as the girl pulled out nail. Bookmark here

"Hmm... nails are not that big, now that's a disappointment and a discovery.", starts fiddling with the other nail.Bookmark here

"So, you know I eat nails whenever I am highly anxious, Sooooooo..."- turning her head upward to look at him and promptly pulling out the second nail. Bookmark here

"Would you like to try some? See there two here! ", asking in serious tone, tough she doesn't tries to hide wide grin.Bookmark here

"Don't tell me you are not anxious."Bookmark here

"Huhuhu are you going to something romantic like, ' You are with me, so i don't feel anxious.' "- saying it a little masculine voice.Bookmark here

"I won't buy that bullshit!"- with a spoiled ring.Bookmark here

"I know you found a new woman to love, to devote yourself. That's why you are not coming home." - a hint of anger could be felt.Bookmark here

Proceeds to pull out the third and fourth nail. Stares at the bloodied mess. Frowns slightly. Hurriedly, pulls the nail from the thumb. Neatly arranges the nails like prized trophy.  Then looks at her hand. Stands up, walk towards a tap, cleans her hand. Searches for a container. Fill the water in the container. Pours the water on the injured hand carefully.Bookmark here

"GAAAHHHH"-screams man chillingly.Bookmark here

"Now, now. I could get addicted to these screams. Now before I drown in the pleasure of your screams. I would like to clean up your messed hands. Don't you prefer being tidy? You house room and office was arranged from left to right! "Bookmark here

"My, My" takes a handkerchief, roughly wipe off all the blood on the fingers. Drowns the cloth in the container with water. Bookmark here

Grabbing the injured hand and starts caressing, as if admiring those hands.Bookmark here

"Right, Did that girl resemble my former self?"Bookmark here

"Was she also unyielding?"

"How did you poach her?"

"She seemed really cute"

"I thought you liked mature women? When did your type change? "- stabbing the place where the nail plate no longer remained.
Bookmark here

"Why are you looking at me like that?" deepening the wound.Bookmark here

"You are the one you started this! You know I was such a calm person."Bookmark here

"Now that I think maybe, I am still a calm person. I am not really laughing manically."

"Currently...hmmm...I am in the process of my freedom. And my favourite enemy going down. Right, right I have retained somewhat of sanity!" Bookmark here

"What are you looking at? You always knew of my personality. Yet, you loved to play with fire. Bébé, Bébé, Bébé, you are such a courageous person."Bookmark here

" My, My maybe you fell in love with me again?"Bookmark here

"You know you always liked fierce kitten. HEHEHEHE "-starts chuckling.Bookmark here

Takes the other hand swiftly scratches out the nail. Clearly gaining more experience in this business . Repeat the same process.Bookmark here

Stands up and starts searching for something in the crate nearby. Carries whole bunch of different object, that seemed to be used a lot in our daily life. Like salt, peeler, skewer rod, knife, pickles and different its and bits of article used daily.Bookmark here

"Should I used salt? Maybe it will wok as ointment! "Bookmark here

"Now, now don't look at me. Didn't you say yourself, I was very dumb?"Bookmark here

"So should start peeling your skin?"Bookmark here

Uses the peeler but has no big effect except leaving some scratches. Used knife to skim out some skim and then uses the peeler.Bookmark here

" Heeehehee. Pretty sure , you must be bored by just these handicraft work on your body"Bookmark here

"Would you like to listen of my story in your world?"Bookmark here

 Bookmark here



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