Chapter 19:

Special Guess

Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Chapter: Special GuessBookmark here

I got out of bed and went to check up on both Tatsuo and Eldrin but it seemed like they were already up. I cleaned myself up before walking out of my room and made my way into the dining hallBookmark here

"Right almost forgot we had to make our own food from now on...what a pain I don't think I have enough time to do that right now" I sighed scratching the back of my headBookmark here

My stomach started to rumble as I looked around for any RsisingSun members, I spotted a table with all of the RisingSun members seated and eating breakfast together. Everyone was there including Rex, except for Catherine, Koko, and Hanako, who were most likely still trapped in the illusion. As I walked towards them I looked up at the mana screen that was floating high just beneath the ceiling of the hotel, the screen showed who broke out of the illusion in order, Bookmark here

1.ClaireBookmark here

2.KrowBookmark here

3.AliceBookmark here

Man, I didn't even make the top ten, I have to do better in the next test.Bookmark here

"Glad to see you are all up," I said as I stood in front of everyoneBookmark here

"Ah Ken you're finally up, that's good to see," Mira said with a smileBookmark here

"Where are Hanako and the others?" I asked Bookmark here

"Hanako is in our room, waiting for Koko and Cathrine to wake up" Mira repliedBookmark here

"Well I'm going to go keep her company, I'll see the rest of you later," I said before walking offBookmark here

"Okay lover boy!" Drew called out as everyone else started to laugh at his remark Bookmark here

"Can't wait to rub it in their face when Hanako, becomes mine" I mumbled to myself in a grumpy toneBookmark here

I make my way to Hanako's room and as soon as I open the door, what I saw only startled and surprised me, my eyes widened till it couldn't widen anymore, a light blush appeared on my face as I looked at Hanako, who was completely naked, only wearing her panties. She was dripping with water, it seemed like she just got out of the shower. She looked back at me, with her face as red as a tomato.Bookmark here

My eyes were glued onto her, I couldn't stop looking, her figure was like that of a model, her breast was large and round, just looking at it I could tell they felt like heaven, her pink skin complimented her even more and her curves were immaculate. Looking up at Hanako she was too startled and flustered to cover herself, I subconsciously pinched my cheek bringing myself back to reality.Bookmark here

"I ah..s-s-sorry sorry sorry!" I quickly apologized as I stutteredBookmark here

I quickly leave the room and slam the door shut, holy shit! I'm so stupid! Who the hell walks into a room without knocking? If Grandma Edna was here, she would have killed me for being so impolite. I think I'm picking up on the RisingSun's bad manners of not knocking before entering a room.Bookmark here

I waited outside for five minutes before knocking on the door three times and waited for an invite to come in. There was a few seconds of violence before Hanako finally said "Y-yes, come in….."Bookmark here

I slowly opened the door and walked back inside the room. Hanako was now dressed in the academy uniform sitting on the couch, looking down with an embarrassed and nervous look. I took a seat on the opposite couch of Hanako, I was also a little nervous, if this was any other girl it probably wouldn't be this nervous.Bookmark here

"I...u-umm, I'm sorry I didn't knock before entering" I apologized in total embarrassmentBookmark here

"I-its fine…." Hanako replied in a soft voice "" Hanako continued to say in a soft voice as she fiddled with her bracelet Bookmark here

Hearing her say that put a smile on my face, it gave me a strange feeling like I had butterflies in my stomach, sister Lilly told me about this, she says you get this feeling when you really like a girl or just when you are nervous, and right now I was probably both.Bookmark here

Before I could say anything, both Koko and Cathrine walked out of their bedrooms and appeared before us. As soon as Cathrine saw me, she gave me a death stare and by the looks of it, I could already tell that she was suspicious at the idea of me being alone with Hanako. Bookmark here

"Ken? What are you doing here?" Catherine asked with a suspicious lookBookmark here

"Why are you always suspicious of me" I sighed "I was just here keeping Hanako company, while she waited for you two"Bookmark here

"The whole time, I thought I was just having a weird hangover, so it took me time to realize it was an illusion," Koko said laughing Bookmark here

"It was soo peaceful so I decided to stay but then, remembered Mira's threat on killing me" Catherine added onBookmark here

"Now that we are all here, let's meet with the others," I said Bookmark here

The four of us made our way outside the room and headed to where the rest of the RisingSun members were.Bookmark here

"Well, looks like the whole gang made it," Leo said with a smileBookmark here

"Yup and now there are only ten minutes left," I said looking at the clockBookmark here

"Well we better eat before times up," Koko said grabbing a plate of food that had already been preparedBookmark here

"Who made all of these?" Catherine askedBookmark here

"I did after I broke out of my illusion I quickly made all of this" Krow repliedBookmark here

"Thank you so much for that cause we wouldn't have had time to make our own food" Koko said with a full mouthBookmark here

"Koko don't talk with your mouth full that's disgusting and you two better hurry up and eat cause the next test is starting soon," Mira said before drinking a glass of water Bookmark here

Some time passed and it was finally Eleven o'clock. Most people had made it out of the illusion now but some were still trapped in the illusion meaning that they had failed. Ace, Sophie, and Ian walked onto the stage in front of everyone ready to sort us out into our next group. Bookmark here

"Alright first of all congratulations to everyone that was able to break out of the illusion!" ACE said with a proud look on his face. "Now it's time to sort you out before moving onto the new test, but first I'd like to introduce you all to some great wizards that'll be with you today" Bookmark here

Three new faces walked up on stage and stood next to Ace. As the three made their way up on stage, everyone started to get excited and started talking among themselves, it seems like these three are some really famous wizards, just by looking at them I could tell they were powerful.Bookmark here

Once the noise settled down, the first guest started to say "My name is Enzoro and I'm the mage that put all of you under the illusion spell, I'm impressed to see you all broke out of it. Like Ace, I was also a former student at this academy" Enzoro introduced himselfBookmark here

Enzoro is a male dark elf, he looked to be around his early 30's. He had fairy long hair that was neatly slicked back, his bright yellow eyes shined like a diamond. He stood around 6'2foot tall with a slim body figureBookmark here

"My name is Falera! I also used to attend this very academy. It's an honour to be here with you youthful mages!" Falera shouted with a big smile on his faceBookmark here

Falera was a human, who also looked to be in his early 30s. His head was completely shaved bald, his head looked so shiny, it seemed like I could really see my own reflection through it. Falera was insanely tall, he stood over two meters tall with a swole body figure, his eye was of dark orange. The only form of hair he had on his face was his really bushy eyebrows, but they were somehow neatly tamed.Bookmark here

"My name is Mei, like Falera and Enzoro, I'm also a graduate of this academy. I look forward to seeing what all of you are capable of'' Mei said with a smileBookmark here

Mei is a female Oni, who also seemed to be in her early 30s. She has long lushes purple hair, with two braided strands on her left side. She stood around 5'8 meters tall with a slim body figure. Her eyes were deep violet. She had two horns growing out of her forehead which looked to be 7 inches in length.Bookmark here

"Oh my gosh, that's Falera the great and powerful earth mage!" Leo and Drew said with excitementBookmark here

"Falera? never heard of him" I said Bookmark here

"What? really! How have you not heard of him? Were you raised under a rock or something" Leo said aggressively grabbing me by the collarBookmark here

"Well I was raised on an island isolated from the world" I nervously chuckledBookmark here

"He owns more than 12 schools in Zoula and is well know to be one of the strongest mages in Elenora" Drew added on looking at me with an annoyed look as Leo let go of my collarBookmark here

"he sure does sound amazing," I said Bookmark here

"yes and that's Enzoro a dark elf that once saved an entire nation that was trapped in an illusion that was cast upon them by a powerful necromancer," Krow said amazed Bookmark here

"Woh he sounds really powerful," I said also amazed Bookmark here

"And that's my idol Mei!" Hanako said with an overjoyed expression "That's the girl I told you about Ken" Bookmark here

"So that's her, the person you aspire to be like," I said looking up at Mei "Just looking at her I can tell she is awesome," I said with a smileBookmark here

"Yeh she really is, I've never met a mage as powerful as her!" Hanako said with admirationBookmark here

"She is most likely the most powerful individual out of the three, maybe even in this Room" Mira added on. Hearing this only made me more excited to see what she was capable of.Bookmark here

"Okay listen up you rookie mages, I'm not going to be soft on any of you! So you better give it your all or else, I'll expel you on the spot!!" Falera shouted Bookmark here

"Do you have to shout when you speak?" Mei asked annoyedBookmark here

"Yeh everyone can hear you clearly with the microphone" Enzoro added Bookmark here

"Yes yes I do," Falera shouted nodding his headBookmark here

"Now you all will be put into new groups and head to your next task" Ian announcedBookmark here

Everyone looked at their student portals to see what group they were put in. I hope this time I'm in Hanako's group.Bookmark here

"I'm in group A. How about you guys?" I askedBookmark here

"I'm in Group C," Mira saidBookmark here

"I'm also C," Krow saidBookmark here

"I'm also in A" Drew saidBookmark here

"Hey so am I, how interesting" Leo saidBookmark here

"well I'm in group A also," Rex saidBookmark here

"looks like I'm in group B," Catherine saidBookmark here

"I'm also in group B," Koko said Bookmark here

"Okay now it's Hanako's turn, please please please be in group A!" I thought to myself Bookmark here

"I'm in group B, looks like we are in the same group again Catherine and Koko," Hanako said with a smileBookmark here

"Nooooooooooo why is this happening to me!" I thought to myself crying insideBookmark here

"That's great, working with you makes these test easier" Catherine replied with a smileBookmark here

"Okay, Group A will go with Falera, Group B will go with Mei, and Group C will go with Enzoro!" Ian announcedBookmark here

Everyone sorted themselves out, going to their assigned groups and I watched as the love of my life left me again. I walked to group A with Leo, Drew, and Rex and waited for Falera to guide us to our destination. Falera led us outside towards a giant hill covered in trees.Bookmark here

Next Time: Fastest Man WinsBookmark here

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