Chapter 22:

The Three Oni

Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Chapter: The Three OniBookmark here

The hill task was finally over, we all headed back to the hotel where we met with the other group of students that had passed their task. Rex wandered off on his own leaving me alone without even saying anything like we didn't just pass a task together, but I paid no mind to him.Bookmark here

I walked up to the door of my room and my nose was quickly treated with a delicious spicy meaty, curry smell. Without a second thought, I busted into the room and headed straight into the kitchen, only to see Tatsuo wearing an apron and a chef's hat.Bookmark here

Tatsuo was stirring something in a pot. It was probably curry, whatever it was, it smelt delicious, he also had steaming white rice on the side. Bookmark here

"Tatsuo what are you cooking!?" I asked as I inhaled the delicious fragrance of his creationBookmark here

"I'm making northern style curry with grey drake meat. You're free to help yourself to some if you like" Tatsuo replied before he scooped up curry from the pot, and poured it on top of the steaming bowl of riceBookmark here

Soon after hearing Tatsuo say I can help myself to the curry he made, I quickly rushed into the kitchen and grabbed myself a big bowl of rice before pouring the curry on top of it, and grabbed a spoon. I took a seat in the living room with Tatsuo, and quickly took one big spoon full of the curry and rice.Bookmark here

A single bite filled my mouth with multiple spices that I could not explain, the tough grey drake meat was so tender and soft, that it just melted in my mouth. Tatsuo's cooking by far is the third-best cooking I've ever had.Bookmark here

"Wowww! Tatsuo I didn't know you could cook!" I said amazed as I continued to stuff myself Bookmark here

"how would you? You barely know me" Tatsuo replied with an obvious look before taking a bite of his own foodBookmark here

"Oh right, good point" I replied with an awkward laugh "Hey Tatsuo if you don't mind me asking, what's the name of your Katanas?" I asked hoping the name is as cool as Hanako's KatanaBookmark here

"The top blade is called Shunsetsu which translates to Spring Snow, and the bottom blade is called Higure, which translates to NightFall" Tatsuo replied pointing at each blade as he introduced themBookmark here

"Spring Snow and NightFall? Hmmm very poetic, but not as cool as Odayakana-kazarashi, now that's an amazing name" I said Bookmark here

"Odayakana-kazarashi? that name sounds familiar" Tatsuo replied trying to recall where he had heard that name beforeBookmark here

"What's cooking idiots?!!" Eldrin shouted kicking the door openBookmark here

"Geez dude, don't just bust into the room like that!" I said looking at EldrinBookmark here

"Your not one to talk, you did the exact same thing," Tatauo said looking at MeBookmark here

"Oh I did, did I?" I said scratching the back of my head "anyways Eldrin, you have to try Tatsuo's northern grey drake curry it's sooo good"Bookmark here

"Good cause I'm starrrvvviinngg!" Eldrin replied making his way into the kitchenBookmark here

Without warning two other people entered our room, the first was Mei and following behind her was Hanako. Bookmark here

"Yes i'm also hungry, Tatsuo serve me a bowl," Mei said Bookmark here

Tatsuo looked up at Mei with a blank expression then looked back at his food, "You have hands and legs don't you? You can go make your own bowl" Tatsuo replied in a petty manner Bookmark here

"Tatsuo don't be r-rude to sensei Mei!" Hanako said backing up Mei Bookmark here

"Don't worry my sweet Hanako, looks like I'm going to have to teach him a lesson" Mei said in a calm but threatening toneBookmark here

"What's happening? A-and why is Mei here with Hanako?" I thought to myself as I just sat there watching the commotionBookmark here

"What's going...huh? Three horned freaks? geez one was enough" Eldrin said taking a seat before eatingBookmark here

"Watch your tongue boy, or I'm also going to have to teach you a lesson," Mei said looking at EldrinBookmark here

I sat and watched the commotion happen and it was a very childish commotion. Seemed like Hanako, Tatsuo and Mei knew each other very well, which I found interesting. Soon the commotion turned down and everyone was finally sitting. Hanako got two bowls of the curry Tatsuo made, one for herself and one for MeiBookmark here

"How do you three know each other?" I asked with curiosity and interestBookmark here

"Mei is my sensei, I travelled with her for two years when I was younger, and during our travels, we made a two month stop at the Sōryū clan house, which is where we met with Tatsuo" Hanako explained Bookmark here

"That's right, you're the wielder of Odayakana-kazarashi no wonder it sounded familiar" Tatsuo pitched in finally remembering what he was trying to remember Bookmark here

"Well Tatsuo, are you going to introduce me to your friends or not?" Mei asked looking at both Eldrin and MeBookmark here

"They're not my friends, but the golden boy is Eldrin and the other is Ken" Tatsuo replied introducing usBookmark here

"Eldrin Aldaval, before coming here I looked over the applications, for the first years and you were one of the students that stood out the most," Mei said with interestBookmark here

"That's no surprise, the entrance Exam was a piece of cake" Eldrin replied with a smirkBookmark here

"And you're Ken," Mei said looking at me "I've heard a lot about you from Hanako," Mei said with an annoyed smileBookmark here

"Hanako talks about me?" I asked with a smileBookmark here

"N-no it's not l-like that..." Hanako quickly said with a light blushBookmark here

"Yeahhh she is always talking about how great you are, and how nice you are and how strong you are, bluh bluh bluh bluh....its as if she has known you for years!" Mei said in a jealous tone as a vein popped up on her head "Don't think you can ever take my sweet little Hanako off of me you runt, and to make sure that never happens...I'm going to have to...KILL YOU!" Mei said with a murderers smile in a threatening tone, as she reached for her katana on her waistBookmark here

"Sensei Mei please relax, I just really like..uhh I mean, he's just been really're still my most loved person in the world Mei, and nothing will ever change that!" Hanako said with panic as she restricted Mei's hands by holding them backBookmark here

"you have really done it know Ken, Mei is obsessed with Hanako and will kill anyone, that'll try and take her away," Tatsuo said with little care for my life Bookmark here

"Well, in that case, Mei you're going to have to kill me cause I will make Hanako mine! And only mine" I replied with confidence showing Mei that I won't back outBookmark here

I held my left hand out, showing Mei the promise bracelet I and Hanako exchanged for each other. "This bracelet is the promise Hanako and I made to stick together, so I won't be losing to you!" Bookmark here

"K-Ken why are you b-being so straightforward!" Hanako said with a deep blush while still trying to stop Mei from killing meBookmark here

"You're only digging your own grave Ken," Tatsuo said looking at me Bookmark here

"You're not the only one with a bracelet!" Mei rebuked pointing to the handle of her katana which had a bracelet wrapped around it "This bracelet shows the bond and promise between a student and master, I've known her way longer!" Bookmark here

"Old lady you sure are entertaining!" Eldrin laughed out loud, referring to Mei as 'Old Lady'Bookmark here

"Jeez, Mei for an old hag your annoyingly loud" Tatsuo sighed Bookmark here

"That's it! I'm killing all three of you!" Mei said, finally fed up with the three of us, "Summoning Magic: Mokutan the demon cat bake..." Before Mei could finish casting her spell, Enzoro rushed into our room and quickly cast a sleeping spell on Mei, making her fall asleep instantly Bookmark here

"Came just in time," Enzoro said catching Mei before she fell to the ground "man what did you guys do to get Mei worked up like this?" Enzoro asked before picking up Mei onto his shouldersBookmark here

"It was all Ken's fault" Tatsuo repliedBookmark here

"Yeah I agree" Eldrin added onBookmark here

"Wow...thanks you two" I replied with sarcasmBookmark here

"Well it doesn't matter you guys can relax now I'll take care of Mei, I'm just lucky her emotions were unstable, making it easy for me to cast the sleeping spell on her" Enzoro said with relief Bookmark here

"How did you know she was here?" I asked Bookmark here

"Well, im good at sensing magic so the slightest spike in her magic was like a beacon for me to find her" Enzoro replied "Okay you kids enjoy now, I'll calm her down when she wakes," Enzoro said with a smile before disappearing with MeiBookmark here

"I'm sorry, s-sensei Mei caused such a ruckus, she can be a bit hot-headed, sometimes" Hanako apologized ashamed of the way Mei behavedBookmark here

"It's okay Hanako, I've never seen you so happy, so there is nothing to worry about," I said with a smile admiring Hanako's beautyBookmark here

"It was entertaining so I'm not bothered" Eldrin repliedBookmark here

"Yeah, it was good to see that the old hag is doing well," Tatsuo said with a soft smileBookmark here

"Hanako, want to go check up on the other RisingSun members?" I asked Bookmark here

"Yeah that sounds like a great idea," Hanako replied with a smile.Bookmark here

The next day came, and everyone had to sit through a three hour written exam. The first written exam was about the principles and laws of magic, which I scored 94 on, which was a high passing mark. The next written exam was on the fundamentals of alchemy and schools of Magicka, which I scored 89 on, which was also a high passing mark.Bookmark here

The written exams were hard and a lot of students were expelled, but luckily everyone from the RisingSun passed, as well as Rex, Tatsuo, and Eldrin, which is great. Today is the fourth day of the survival camp. Everyone has already woken up and is now waiting in the dining hall eating and socializing with each other while waiting for the next task. Bookmark here

Next Time: Time to rack up points!Bookmark here

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