Chapter 21:

Finish Line

Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Chapter: Finish LineBookmark here

Rex, Danny, Julz and I continued to make our way up the hill. Avoiding every random boulder that came rolling our way, including giant earth spikes, that would fall from the sky randomly and making sure we didn't step on any traps.Bookmark here

Falera sure was putting in the effort to stop any of the students from actually making it to the top. I wonder if anyone has actually managed to make it up to the top in this much amount of time. Bookmark here

"Are we getting any closer?" Julz asked Bookmark here

"I have no idea, we just have to keep going" I repliedBookmark here

"Ken, do you feel that?" Rex asked before stoppingBookmark here

"Yeah I do but what is it?" I said looking aroundBookmark here

"Brace yourself something is coming" Danny added onBookmark here

"It's a landslide, we should probably get up into a high tree" Julz added on sitting on a tall tree branchBookmark here

"How do you know?" I asked looking up at JulzBookmark here

"I just do" Julz repliedBookmark here

Rex, Danny, and I were confused but we decided to jump up on tall tree branches just to be sure. The ground started to shake as well as the trees. It was as if a stampede was coming, we all held on tight to the tree we were standing on. The shaking got more intense than a huge mudslide covering the entire hill came rushing down the hill like an avalanche. Bookmark here

The mudslide destroyed a lot of the hills natural landfill, washing away a lot of the trees and rocks down with it. Soon students were caught up in the mudslide and brought backsliding to the bottom of the hill, with little to nothing they could do to get out of it. It's a good thing that we had Julz here, or we would have been caught up in it as well.Bookmark here

"Right let's use the trees as a means of travel, until the mudslide stops," Rex said before jumping to the closes tree branch Bookmark here

"Thanks to you Julz, we didn't get caught up in the mudslide," Danny said with a smileBookmark here

"Yeah good job Julz" I added on with a smileBookmark here

"Y-your Welcome!" Julz replied with a light blushBookmark here

We continued to jump tree to tree making our way up the hill. Everything was going well until Julz made the mistake of jumping on the wrong tree, which wasn't strong enough to withstand the mudslides pressure. The entire tree broke with Julz on it, making her fall in the thick mud which made it impossible for her to move. Julz was being dragged down the hill with the mudslide, she couldn't do anything but call out for help.Bookmark here

"Julz hang on, I'm coming!" Danny shouted Bookmark here

Danny jumped high into the air then thrusted his right hand down towards Julz, a gust of wind shot out of Danny's palm clearing out a small area of mud around Julz, freeing her. Danny landed next to Julz and picked her up then quickly jumped back into a tree where it was safe. The small area of mud that had been cleared out quickly got covered in mud once again.Bookmark here

"Julz you okay?" Danny askedBookmark here

"Y-yes I'm okay..thank y-you...but you can put me down now" Julz replied with a light blushBookmark here

"Oh right, there you go," Danny said, slowly putting Julz downBookmark here

"That was a close one Julz, be careful next time okay," I said with reliefBookmark here

"you guys have wasted enough time...let's keep going," Rex said emotionlessBookmark here

Julz got back on her feet and we continued heading up the hill. Soon the mudslide stopped and the mud quickly turned into solid hard rock with overlapping patterns. We jumped down from the trees and proceeded up the hill on land since there were very few trees to jump to, but this also meant that giant boulders would come rolling down randomly again as well as the giant earth spikes from the sky, and with a steady ground to walk on meant students started to attack each other once again. Bookmark here

We have been running for quite some time now, and we are finally reaching the top as we can now see Falera standing at the very top of the hill. But there were also a bunch of earth golems that stood around 12ft, guarding the finishing line by fighting students who tried to pass.Bookmark here

"Looks like we have trouble up ahead!" Danny said looking at the line of golems Bookmark here

"They should be nothing more than just a small inconvenience" I repliedBookmark here

We reached the area that was filled with golems which were like a war zone, golems were doing everything they could to stop students from passing, and new golems would manifest every time new students would arrive. So far only no students had made it across the finishing line.Bookmark here

"Time to bust through to the finish line!" I said with determinationBookmark here

"I agree with you for once!" Rex said with a nodBookmark here

"Right, we hope you two make it," Danny said before he and Julz ran towards their golem.Bookmark here

"Ken, let's not waste any more time, let's take it out in one blow. Do you know any lightning spells?" Rex asked Bookmark here

"Yes, but what are you thinking?" I replied with a questionBookmark here

"Just be ready to fire it when I give the signal" Rex replied Bookmark here

Rex placed both of his hands on the ground. "Raging Water Geyser!" Rex said, clenching the ground. A huge blue magic circle appeared underneath our golem with ten other golems caught up in its radius. The ground underneath the magic circle started to crack before a discharge of water ejected turbulently out of the ground, engulfing all the golems that were in the magic circle's radius. I guess that's the signal Rex was talking about.Bookmark here

I charged my entire body with lightning, like a cloak, then pointed both my hands towards the giant geyser. "Thunder Beast Piercing Fang!!" I shoutedBookmark here

A huge bolt of lightning in the shape of a wild beast shot out of my hands and struck the geyser with heavy impact, causing high electrical discharge damaging all the golems caught up in the geyser, completely destroying them into rubble. Bookmark here

"Now let's go before they re-manifest themselves," Rex said running towards the finishing lineBookmark here

Everyone's golem that was caught up in our spell and got destroyed were happy, and they decided to take advantage of the situation and made a run for it to the finishing line. I ran past all of them and passed the finish line with Rex, finally beating the test. At the same time, Danny and Julz destroyed their golem and made it past the finishing line. Bookmark here

"That was a basic but very smart and strong fusion spell," a female voice said walking up to meBookmark here

"Huh?...oh your that girl from the bus, it was all Rex idea, I was just following his lead" I replied looking at the familiar girl Bookmark here

"My name is Annie, don't forget it" Annie replied with a stern lookBookmark here

"Oh my bad, I'll be sure to remember it for next time" I replied with a nervous laugh. Annie is the girl that was able to predict what the first test was going to be, on our way to the ship port.Bookmark here

"But thank you and your partner for destroying our golem" Annie replied as she fixed her glasses moving them up, from the bridge of her nose before walking off not giving me a chance to replyBookmark here

"It took some time but we passed," I said looking at RexBookmark here

"Yes, thank you for pointing out the obvious" Rex replied emotionlessBookmark here

"Man, does Rex not have any emotions? He's so emotionless" I thought to myself while looking at him annoyedBookmark here

"LOOK OUT BELOW!!" A loud shout came from the skyBookmark here

"LEO I TOLD YOU THIS WAS A BAD IDEA, YOU CRAZY BASTARD!!" Another voice shoutedBookmark here

Everyone looked up into the sky only to see Leo and Drew mounted on a bull made out of stones, with thrusters that used fire as thrusters to shoot it across the sky like a rocket. In a panic, everyone quickly ran away to a safe distance, as the bull was heading straight to the finishing line over the golems.Bookmark here

Leo and Drew crashed into the ground creating a crater in the place they landed. Everyone waited anxiously for all the dust to clear out, waiting to see if Leo and Drew were okay.Bookmark here

"I'm never listening to you again!" Drew shouted annoyed Bookmark here

"Stop being a baby, it was fun!" Leo laughed out loudBookmark here

The dust cleared out, as Leo and Drew walked out of the crater arguing with each other as usual. Everyone was surprised that they were able to walk out of something like that with no injuries. I'm just glad they were able to make it.Bookmark here

"Glad to see you two as energetic as ever," I said walking up Leo and DrewBookmark here

"Ken, you and Rex made it? That's great!" Drew said with a smileBookmark here

"You two look really beat up, I'm guessing you had a hard time dealing with the other students?" Rex asked Bookmark here

"Well, Drew and I got into an argument, which led to a fight, and during our fight, we got swept away by that crazy mudslide, which took us back down the hill to the finishing line. So I came with the idea for Drew to use his earth magic to create a carriage, and I'll use my fire magic as thrusters, to boost us across to the finishing line, and so we did" Leo explained with an energetic tone Bookmark here

"Yeah and this pipsqueak used way too much fire! which shot us across the sky!" Drew said annoyed Bookmark here

"Why am I not surprised" I sighed Bookmark here

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