Chapter 24:

Release Odayakana-Kazarashi

Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Chapter: Release Odayakana-kazarashi!

"Oh no, I don't think I'll make it in time!. If that level five hits her with its giant fist, it won't be good" I said to myself with a worried look. I used my accelerator boots to move faster towards her while avoiding all the other robots trying to stop me.

Just when I thought it was too late, Hanako's mouth finally started to open, "Summer Style!" Hanako said as she opened her eyes while holding her wooden katana on her waist.

"2700 Degrees" The wooden katana broke down into pieces, revealing her real katana, Hanako grabbed the handle of her katana and pulled the blade out its sheath an inch.

"Heat Stroke!". Hanako pulled out her entire blade and swung it upwards in a flash.

The robot's fist stopped inches above Hanako's head. Hanako spun her katana in her hand before slowly sliding it back into its sheath. As she did this, the level five robot split in half like butter, so did all the buildings and robots that were behind it. The robot fell on the ground including everything Hanako had sliced, paving a burnt road that went on for more than a few hundred meters.

"Hanako are you okay!?" I asked as I finally arrived standing in front of her. Of course, she is okay, she just split a level five robot and a bunch of buildings in half with a single strike

Now that I had gotten close to Hanako she looked different from her usual self. Her hair was now dark pink and messy instead of creamy pink and neat, she no longer had a gentle and kind aura, she now had more of an angry and wild aura. Her mana level was much higher than normal. This must be the other personality that she told me about before.

Hanako looked at me with a cold stare, filled with killing intent, which instantly put me on guard. Before I could say anything, Hanako swung her sword upwards towards me, trying to strike me down but I was faster, I quickly jumped back into the air before landing on a pile of destroyed robots

"What's the matter…." Before I could finish my question, my shirt ripped open as if it had been cut, but it was only my shirt that got cut, my body was fine

"I'm impressed you were able to avoid a direct hit, from that close" Hanako said with a smirk on her face, as she got ready to strike again

"Looks like I wasn't quick enough, I better keep my guard up at all times or she is seriously going to kill me," I thought to myself as I kept my eyes on her "Why are you attacking me!?" I asked

"My name is Yurei, I'm Hanako's ghost," Yurei said introducing herself "and your Ken, the pervert who doesn't know how to knock!" Yurei said with emphasis on the word 'knock'.

Yurei charged at me, holding her katana with one hand. She leapt in the air towards me, holding her blade tight, but before she could reach me, she instantly vanished from my sight only to reappear right behind me, with her Katana being swung towards my neck at full force.

I turned around only to be met by her blade, which passed straight through me as if she just hit the air. The force of her swing caused the robot pile I was standing on, to blow away into the wind.

What Yurei just hit was only an afterimage of me, the real me was directly behind her. "I'm sorry for this Hanako," I said, before striking Yurei's back with my palm, which sent her flying back a few meters.

"Eight-Point Lock," I said as I put both my hands together.

Before Yurei could react, multiple green squares appeared around her, then quickly closed in on her, trapping her in a giant cube. Yurei struck the cube with her blade, trying to break free but it was no use.

"You won't be able to break that, with brute force," I said looking at Yurei. "I'm sorry that I saw the two of you half-naked, I thought I was forgiven," I said confused. So she can see whatever Hanako sees?

"Well Hanako did forgive you, so I guess I won't take your life, instead I'll just take your perverted eyes!" Yurei replied

The tip of Yurei's katana started to shine yellow, then with a single strike she completely destroyed the cube she was trapped in.

"I better start taking this a little more serious, cause she is not playing around," I thought to myself

"Let's see how you deal with this" Yurei said as she gripped her katana with both hands

The air around Yurei's blade slowly started to heat up, to the point where you could see the heat waves radiating from it, "Spring Style" Han slightly twisted her wrist, making the sharp part of her blade face upwards.

"The season we are in right now is Spring, so this attack is going to be more powerful than her previous attack," I thought to myself

"Rising Heat Wave" Yurei continued to say.

Just before Yurei was about to swing her Katana upwards to release whatever attack she was planning, Some invisible force restricted her from doing so, no matter how hard Yurei tried to raise her hand she couldn't.

<With in Hanako/Han's sub conscious>

Within the subconscious was an endless field, littered with sakura petals, with a gentle breeze blowing them around

"Hanako don't get involved with my fights!" Yurei said greeting her teeth at Hanako

"You can have control, but don't hurt Ken!" Hanako replied

"I refuse to, I need to at least teach him some manners" Yurei replied

"Fine! I guess you're not leaving here" Hanako said as she crossed her arms "you can't take control of our body unless we both agree"

Yurei looked at Hanako before letting out a loud sigh "I guess I'm going a little overboard, fine I won't kill him" Yurei then moved in close to Hanako and looked her deep in the eye "you sure must really like this boy, I've never seen you this confident about anyone except don't have a crush on him do you?" Yurei asked, teasing Hanako

Hanako quickly turned around, looking away from Yurei, as her shyness quickly came back "Well...I-i...l-like, being..around..h-him" Hanako said with a deep blush

Looking at Hanako this happy put a soft smile on Yurei's face "alright enough of this girly shit, now let me take control"

<Back in the real world>

I stood there and watched for a while as Yurei struggled to finish her attack, but after struggling a few times she finally stopped and the heat waves vanished. Looks like Hanako won the argument between her and Yurei.

"Seems like I won't be taking your eyes, your lucky Hanako likes you a lot for some reason," Yurei said before lowering her katana

"Hanako!?" I asked, I didn't show it as an expression but internally I was happy to hear that

"Don't get any ideas you pervert" Yurei replied "Summoning Magic: Tempest the Alpha Dire Wolf!" Yurei called out as a green magic circle appeared behind her

The magic circle behind her started to glow bright before a huge tornado bursted out of it causing huge gusts of wind that tore the buildings in its range apart, the wind slowly disappeared and Tempest appeared standing over Yurei, growling viciously. Yurei jumped up onto Tempest back, mounting it.

"Yurei how may I serve you," Tempest asked with obedient

"Let's ride like the wind and destroy every piece of metal we see!" Yurei shouted before taking off on top of Tempest

"Woww, She was so amazing! Dangerous, but still amazing" I said to myself, looking at her leave

Man Tempest sure was obedient, but I don't blame him, Yurei is pretty intense and scary.

-Yurei/Hanako: 2,800


In a different part of the town, Mira hacked and slashed through waves of level four robots, with her giant axe made completely out of Mana.

"This is too easy! Where are the level five robots" Mira said posing like a heroic knight

Mira took off in search of a level five robot to take down, and it didn't take her long before she stumbled onto one that had just finished taking out a group of students. Mira stood on a high building that was levelled with the level five robots head. Mira raised her right hand open towards the robot, catching the level five robots full attention.

"Listen here! I'm here to vanquish you, thus should give me your best!" Mira said with a strong voice

The level five robot raised its left hand towards Mira, as it morphed into a giant energy cannon. Mira stood strong and faced the barrel of the cannon without flinching. The level five robot charged up a big ball of energy, before firing it straight at Mira.

The ball of energy was intense but Mira showed no fear, she just stood there with a smile and her right hand raised towards the incoming energy ball. The energy ball hit Mira head-on and caused a huge explosion that completely demolished the building Mira was standing on. After the explosion cleared out there was only a big crater in the ground from where the building used to be, but Mira was standing on top of a solid mana square, in mid-air with absolutely no scratch on her.

"Congrats! That was a good try, but now I shan't waste any more time," Mira said with a smirk

"Silver Steel: Mega blade!" Mira said, as sunlight illuminated onto her, revealing a glimpse of an invisible magic force field around her, that had protected her from the robots energy blast

Mira raised her right hand towards the sky which created a big magic circle above her head. The tip of a giant blade appeared out of the magic circle, Mira dropped her right hand down, pointing it at the robot. The robot charged up another energy blast but before it could fire it, the huge blade fell out of the magic circle, and pierced straight through the robot's chest, staking it into the ground. The robot's energy turned stray and flew high into the sky before exploding.

"Onwards to the next," Mira said as the magic circle above her disappeared

The magic square that Mira was standing on, slowly came down to the ground giving her a smooth landing before it disappeared. Without Mira knowing, two other level five robots crept up behind her standing side by side pointing their cannons at her, both the robots charged up an energy blast. Mira quickly turned around and cast a magical barrier around herself.

"Brace yourself Lady Mira" A man shouted from a distance "Zetherus's Spear!!"

A bolt of blue lightning in the shape of a spear zipped through the sky at high speed, and pierced straight through both of the level five robots in front of Mira, destroying them completely in a lightning explosion, luckily Mira's forcefield protected her

Mira looked around to see who fired that spell, but she couldn't locate the individual.

"I'm sorry I interrupted, but it seemed like you could use some help," Tai said as he appeared in front of Mira

"D-do I know you? And thanks but I had it handled" Mira said a little confused about who this person was standing in front of her

"No, you do not know me, I'm a new student at this school. I just joined this year, my name is Tai Ellofay" Tai said introducing himself "I've heard so much about you, and I'm glad to see that my expectations were not a let down" Tai said with a smile

"Oh, I'm happy I'm able to live up to your expectations Tai," Mira said with a satisfied smile

"It would be an honour to fight with you if you're okay with that?" Tai asked

"Sure I'm okay with that just don't hold me back okay" Mira replied

"Great!" Tai replied with a smile "It looks like the stray shot that came from the robot you destroyed, have attracted more robots, be prepared" Tai said looking around at the army of robots marching in on them.



In another part of town

Krow flew on a giant crow within the town laying down traps and destroying robots that he spotted. Krow jumped off his crow and into a space surrounded by buildings, he immediately started planting magical traps and physical traps.

"I wonder how everyone else is holding up? Hope they are doing okay" Krow said to himself as he drew a magic circle on the ground

While Krow was setting up traps, two-level five robots that had spotted him earlier came out from the shadows of multiple buildings and targeted him from both sides. Both of the robots went in for a punch with their giant fist, but as their fist got closer to Krow the slower it became, it was like something was restricting their fist, maybe even their whole body.

Finally, the robot's fist had stopped only a few inches away from Krow, and no matter how much the level five robots tried to force their punch, or pull back, they were restricted from their movement, unable to move even an inch.

"This is the end for you two," Krow said looking at both of the level five robots

Krow grabbed an invisible web and nudged it a little, making it illuminate in the sun's light, which made the silk web visible showing a network of webs wrapped around both the level five robots, like puppets tangled up in their own strings.

The more the robots tried moving around the tighter the web got. Krow pulled the web he was holding, with enough force to tighten the web to the point where it sliced straight through the robots completely, tearing them up into bits and pieces.

"It's not a good idea to sneak up on an assassin," Krow said before jumping back onto his crow and flying off to set up more traps

-Krow: 2,700Points

In another part of the town

Emilia fought waves of level four robots while protecting injured and tired students. She used a wand to cast all her spells.

Emilia had just finished taking care of waves of level four robots, using mostly water spells. Before Emilia could relax and tend to the injured and tired students, a barrage of energy balls came flying towards Emilia and the other students. Emilia quickly turned around and faced the incoming energy balls that were getting too close for comfort.

"Aqua Magic: Rippling Aquatic Tide!". Emilia shouted before raising her wand into the air.

A giant wall of water bursted out of the ground spreading hundreds of meters wide, protecting Emilia and the students that could not protect themselves. The multiple balls of energy hit the wall of water with heavy impact, before exploding all at the same time.

The explosion destroyed everything around it leaving only ruins, but the wall of water still stood strong and everyone behind it was safe. Emilia released her spell making the wall of water vanish. Three-level five robots appeared out of the smoke left by the explosion.

"This is not good. It's going to be difficult to defeat three levels five while trying to protect the others" Emilia thought to herself as she looked back at the injured students

"Summoning Magic: Ancient Water Golem, Maximus the Mighty Gladiator! Come out and protect your master!" Emilia shouted

A blue magic circle appeared underneath Emilia's feet, which caused a blue aura to surround her body. Emalia pointed her wand at the level five golems, creating a giant blue magic circle in front of her. The magic circle started to glow bright before a vortex of water bursted out of it. The Vortex of water then manifested itself into a giant humanoid water golem with no head. The golem was as big as the level five robots.

"As you wish, master!" Maximus replied with loyalty, even tho it had no head

Maximus charged into the level five robots without a second thought. The level five robots fired multiple energy balls at Maximus, but Maximus was easily able to punch through each ball of energy with no effort.

Maximus created an axe made completely out of water and proceeded to hack and slash the level five golems brutally into chunks of pieces, It didn't take long till Maximus was done destroying all three robots.

"Is that all Master?" Maximus said kneeling before Emilia

"Thank you, Maximus. Yes that will be all" Emilia replied before Maximus disappeared

Emilia raised her wand in the air and gave it a little twirl, creating barriers around all the injured and tired students.

"You will all be safe in those barriers, I've also put healing circles in them, so you all should be back on your feet in no time. I have to go now!" Emilia said before flying off on a ball of water

Back to Ken

Man, these level five robots sure are annoying, especially when they attack in groups. Right now I'm using the rooftops as a means of travel while keeping an eye out for Yurei.

Normally with mana as high as Yurei, it should be easy to locate her, but surprisingly there are others with a mana level as great as hers, or even greater, so it is hard to pinpoint her location and it is even harder as she is constantly moving around, not staying in the same place even for a minute.

While jumping from rooftop to rooftop, I accidentally stepped on a hollow rooftop that broke down as soon as I touched it. I fell down a few stories before having a rough landing.

"Ow ow owww! man, that hurts!" I cried out before slowly standing up and dusting myself off

"Can you watch where you're landing? You could have dirtied my uniform" Tatsuo said patting dust off his shoulders

"I just fell through six stories, the least you could do is ask if I'm okay," I said annoyed, before stretching my body

Just then, the wall on the left side of the room we were in exploded, Tatsuo and I braced ourselves for all the rubble and dust that flew our way. The dust cleared out and Eldrin came flying crashing into the opposite wall.

"Prepare to die weaklings!" Eldrin shouted ready to cast a spell until he realized our faces "oh it's just Ken and horn boy"

"Damn it, golden boy! Can you not be so reckless!" Tatsuo shouted annoyed

"Oh, man! really thought there was going to be an army of robots here, but I guess not" Eldrin said completely ignoring Tatsuo

While Tatsuo and Eldrin were arguing, I stood there trying to pinpoint Yurei's location. Just when I was about to lock on to her mana, a barrage of blades came shooting down from the sky down towards us. Tatsuo, Eldrin, and I saw the attack coming and quickly avoided it with no effort. We looked around to see who the attacker was.

I looked around at the blades in the ground, and soon I realized that they were kitchen knives, which could only mean it's that crazy Alice chick. "Come out!" I shouted, looking around

"What a catch, three people on my kill list, all in the same place, this sure is a treat" Alice giggled, as she appeared in front of us.

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