Chapter 25:

Useless Points

Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Chapter: Useless Points

"What a catch, three people on my kill list all in the same place, this sure is a treat" Alice giggled appearing in front of us.

"Oh no, I just fell six stories down, I don't have the time to deal with you" I sighed with annoyance

"Now don't be so mean Ken! I just want to play with you three" Alice smirked

"It just got too crowded in here, I'm leaving," Tatsuo said trying to avoid Alice

"For once I agree with horn boy, it is too crowded" Eldrin added on, also trying to avoid Alice

"Hey! don't ignore me!" Alice whined with frustration

"Alice, you do know you get no points for attacking us," I said trying to get her to leave us alone

"Yes but these robots are no fun, so I'm here to brutally cut you three into bloody pieces, and make you suffer and cry out in pain" Alice replied with an innocent smile

"Okay you need to stop saying things like that with such an innocent smile, it's creepy" I replied a little creeped out

"Yes I agree it's not ladylike to say things like that" Tatsuo nodded

"What are you stupid? There is no way you could kill me" Eldrin chuckled

Eldrin, Tatsuo, and I stood there picking on Alice for a good few minutes until she got angry, and decided that she wasn't going to take it anymore. Just when she was about to start casting spells at us, the building we were in exploded, due to it being caught up in the radius of an energy ball explosion.

Luckily all four of us were able to sense the explosion in time for us to protect ourselves with a magic barrier. While the commotion was happening, I figured it would be the best chance to make my escape. So I used my Accelerator Boots to quickly escape and search for Yurei.

-Alice: 7,000Points

Meanwhile In a different part of town

Rex walked through a battle filled street where students and level one to four robots were fighting each other. Rex ignored the fighting around him and the students who cried out for help, he just kept on walking as if nothing was happening. Rex only attacked robots that got in his way apart from that he didn't lift a finger for anyone else.

"For a robot as big as level five, they sure are hard to spot," Rex said to himself annoyed by the fact he couldn't spot a level five robot

Rex jumped up onto a rooftop to get a better view of where a level five robot could be, but unfortunately, he still couldn't spot one. Just when it seemed like all hope was lost, a student cried out loud in fear of multiple level five robots. Rex quickly turned around and was delighted at the sight of multiple levels five robots closing in.

"About time!" Rex said before levitating in mid-air

The level five robots realized Rex hovering in front of them, which diverted all their attention from the other students and onto him. There were about six-level five robots, they all fired multiple balls of energy straight at Rex, but Rex simply flew around to avoid the incoming balls of energy.

"Hey you good for nothing's down there, you better move if you don't want to die!" Rex shouted while dodging the balls of energy

All the students quickly used this opportunity to make an escape and look for someplace to rest while the robots were focused on Rex. The level five robots ceased fire and started marching towards Rex, to try and bring him down with their huge hands instead.

"Lava Magic:". Rex raised his left hand towards the incoming robots. "Exploding, Molten Fist Meteor!" Multiple red magic circles appeared in the sky above the robots.

Before the level five robots could reach him, multiple giant fists, made completely out of lava, shot out of the magic circles like rockets and struck the robots, each fist exploded into lava upon impact, completely melting down the robots into molten pieces of metal, the remaining lower-level robots that were around were all Collateral Damage caused by the lava.

"Onto the next lot," Rex said as the magic circles disappeared from the sky.

-Rex: 11,700Points

In another part of town

Yurei rode tempest through the town destroying everything in their path. Tempest's body was clad in a cloak of heavy wind, protecting him and Yurei from any attack aimed at them.

"This isn't even a challenge!" Yurei shouted

As they rode through the town recklessly, an army of level four robots marched in front of Tempest, stopping him in his path. The level four robots fired countless balls of energy at them, but none of them was able to penetrate Tempest's wind cloak.

Yurei pointed her blade at the army of robots, then with a big smirk she proceeded to say "Tempest blow all of that pest away!"

"As you wish master!". Yurei let out a loud howl towards the army of level four robots, from his mouth a vortex of roaring tornado blasted out of it and obliterated the army of robots that stood before them, destroying everything in its wake.

"Pathetic!" Yurei said looking at the destruction in front of him

Before Yurei and Tempest could continue their rampage, two-level five robots approached them from their right side. Tempest turned around to face them, ready to attack but Yurei stopped him.

"Tempest release the cloak" Yurei ordered. The wind cloak around them slowly disappeared.

Yurei jumped towards the robots at high speed holding her katana stretched out to the side in her left hand, while spinning it in a circular motion to the point where it was just a blur. "Spring Style!"

Both of the level five robots pointed their blasters at Yurei, prepared to fire. A big grin played on Yurei's face as her blade erupted with blue lightning. "Soaring Thunder Disk!"

Yurei finally stopped spinning her sword which was now charged with blue lightning. Within a split second, she swung her blade horizontally, releasing a giant disk of lightning racing towards the two robots. Before the level five robots could react, the lightning disk sliced through them before exploding and causing even more destruction.

"Tempest!" Yurei called out as she was falling to the ground. Tempest quickly ran towards his master, catching her in his back. "Let's keep going, Tempest!" Yurei continued to say with a grin

-Hanako/Yurei: 10,400Points

Back to Ken

I've finally locked onto Yurei's mana, and I'm getting closer to her. The closer I got to Yurei the more destruction of the town I ran by. Most of the destruction seemed to be done by a weapon and by the looks of it, it was some type of sword. The wind pressure got more intense as well and some of the destroyed buildings seemed to be caused by tornados, and intense blows of wind.

If I had to make an obvious guess I'd say Yurei and Tempest are the cause of all this destruction. As I was reaching Yurei I was suddenly stopped by a female student with dark blue hair and light blue skin tone, she also had long ears. She stood there looking at me with no emotion, it was weird but I decided to put my guard up in case she was going to attack me.

"Can I help you?" I asked awkwardly

She did not reply, she just slowly started walking towards me and slowly picked up the paste. She soon picked up enough paste and was sprinting straight at me. She didn't seem to be using any magic or preparing any spell to use against me, but I kept my hands up just in case she was going to come in for a melee battle.

As soon as the girl reached me she exploded in my face but instead of guts and blood covering me, it I'm guessing it was a clone made out of ice that was set to detonate in reach of its target. The ice didn't completely cover my whole body, it only froze my arms and half my body.

Before I could try and break out of the ice, green chains made out of magic sprung out from the ground underneath me and wrapped themselves all around me. several more clones showed up. They all charged at me and detonated all at once, freezing me completely in thick ice. Although I was completely frozen in thick ice I could still see what was happening.

"I'm sorry for the sneak attack, but I've seen you fight these combat robots and you are way too strong for me to take head-on. So the only way I could stop you was to ambush you" Said a woman that was identical to the exploding clones, as she approached me

From the colour of her skin and her long ears, I'd guess that she is a snow elf but due to her ears being a little shorter than normal snow elves I'd say she is only half snow elf.

"I'll be taking your tag thank you" The snow elf, said as she stood in front of me

She raised her right hand to my chest and defrosted the right side of my chest revealing my tag. She grabbed my tag then froze it solid before crashing it into tiny pieces.

"There now all your points are useless, good luck with trying to pass now" She chuckled before leaving.

-Ken: 11,000 >0

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