Chapter 60:

059 – TheArtClub

Rainbow of the Horizon—Illuminating Our Darkened Path | Our World

‹Gin›Bookmark here

Was it a dream? A memory? A memory in a dream?Bookmark here

I wonder why of all times I had such a recollection. No, it was not the same as what I had gone through—not the memories I recalled from my times of chaos. It was, however, a memory that I could say is something pleasant considering the terror I had experienced.Bookmark here

But it felt random and sudden. Sometimes I don't remember much of the dreams I see in my sleep, and the otherwise. This time, it did stick in my mind until I have long woken up.Bookmark here

I was twelve at that time, and the dream began before I came to Blue Ink High School. And so, I had so little academic abilities apart from home education that didn't even go well because of my behavior.Bookmark here

"Son. Do you know what this is?"Bookmark here

My father showed me a piece of document upon entering my room. He placed it on my desk as he stood by it, watching me read.Bookmark here

"Blue Ink… High School…Bookmark here

What is high school?"Bookmark here

"I thought you'd say that… But basically, it's similar to the home schooling in the past."Bookmark here

"So it will be a pain because of me."Bookmark here

"The difference is that instead of being taught alone, there will be other people of your age."Bookmark here

"So it will be a pain because of them."Bookmark here

"I thought you'd say that… But listen, Gin. You have grown a lot even after everything that happened. I am very happy that we were able to raise you properly even if… I have to be honest that it was difficult for us."Bookmark here

Of course, I was an unapologetic child.Bookmark here

"Gin, you know why I'm always not here in the house, right?"Bookmark here

"Of course. That's because you're working to satisfy our family's needs. Starting from the essentials like food, clothes, shelter and such. Basically, you're saying that working is to earn money to make ends meet."Bookmark here

"Yeah… I think Okā and I raised him to be a little weird…"Bookmark here

"Alright, then. Do you know how I was able to work?"Bookmark here

"You mean… cause and effect?"Bookmark here

"Yep. That one."Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

I don't know…"Bookmark here

He shuffled my hair and spoke, "Good to know. I'm pretty sure that you're aware that my job has something to do with accounting."Bookmark here

"Yeah. It relates to things like business, economy and monetary factors."Bookmark here

"Gee. My son knows a lot and not at the same time…"Bookmark here

"You see, my job of being an accountant is the effect, while the cause of it is because I studied in school. School is where you can be able to gain knowledge and experiences for yourself to use in the future. I decided for myself that I will get my current profession, and I got it because of school. Someday, Gin, you will have to think on what you also want to do for the future.Bookmark here

But let me guess. Nothing comes to mind, right?"Bookmark here

"I don't have anything I want to become particularly…"Bookmark here

"Hahahaha. We all got to that point; even Okā. You may think at first that school is a pain, but little by little, you will realize that it's not always the case."Bookmark here

"Hmm. I see… So in other words, you and Mom are telling me that I'm too old to always be stuck here in the house doing nothing significant, when I actually have to go to school at my age for me to realize what I want to be," I said it all, in monotony.Bookmark here

"Y-You can put it that way…"Bookmark here

I gazed over the document and read the contents more thoroughly. "So, what exactly is this, Dad?"Bookmark here

"That is an enrollment form. One more thing that I was trying to say is that attending school is the best for you because it has its own benefits. I'm just advising you to decide for yourself about what's really best for you. But the decision will still come from you.Bookmark here

In any case that you fill up that form, however, then you will be admitted to Blue Ink."Bookmark here

Still, I was a simple-minded child so I asked, "If I don't attend school, will it be bad for me, Dad?"Bookmark here

"In this current state of the world, yes."Bookmark here

"T-Then… I'll give this a go."Bookmark here

Thus, all of the necessary spaces that I needed to take care of was filled with my parents' support. They then left my room and heard Dad say, "Martin, thank you for suggesting this to us."Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

"There's nothing wrong with wanting to be normal."Bookmark here

My father said that to me before dropping me off to school in my first day. It has been three months after I filled up the enrollment form, and I have started to wear the distinct uniform of Blue Ink that tells your dominant hand, for all of its quirkiness.Bookmark here

I entered the school while there is a temporary director of the school, as the principal apparently passed away before this school year.Bookmark here

One of the greatest expectations that I had upon introducing myself is immediately being judged with how aware I am to my demeanor and unintentional glares. But I ended up not standing out in the class, or as if I was never there to begin with. I was extremely unnoticed that teachers and students didn't even know I was there in classes. I was as if blending in to the air.Bookmark here

However, I found it weird that someone took interest of my being hardly noticed. Nagi, who first called out to me was stupefied about my being abruptly appearing out of nowhere. I was of course a selfish person—thinking that Nagi will disrupt my peaceful life of being alone. But somehow, it just happened that we are always together at breaks. We've found out about our interests in anime, and even after that, he told me:Bookmark here

"I really thought that you're an emo type, Gin."Bookmark here

In any case, he pulled me in the world of shoujo manga.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

‹Nagi›Bookmark here

Even I wonder how I befriended a guy like Gin. Actually, he might not have even considered me as a friend until a certain time. He did not stand out in class, but to me, he was still different in his own ways. To think that that weird characteristic of him will be the reason why he caught my attention.Bookmark here

Being someone like a closet otaku was hard for me, as weird as I have uttered that. I've had doubts that I will be close to my friends before Gin because I can't share a common thing that we had. So, it was truly a wish-granted when I discovered that he was also interested in my way of hobbies.Bookmark here

It was 2014 at that time… I still wonder how he wounded up getting to this side until now.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

‹Gin›Bookmark here

But, I still liked being alone even after finally realizing that I am actually friends with Nagi. Without much to do at one time in September, I suddenly found myself in the hallway of the first floor of the building, where I saw a picture in an information board. I have said it many times—I always perceive the world through colors, either dull or vibrant. But I have never seen such an image with so many colors on it.Bookmark here

It was something new to me. Maybe incomparable to Mori's experience, but it was something I have never seen before. A landscape that is unfamiliar, maybe fictional; but it stood out because of the hues that complimented each other. I asked myself how an image like that can exist, and if I can actually see it with my eyes.Bookmark here

Looking back, it was a mistake to ask myself. It's not that I have never seen it before. I was just too busy looking at things dully.Bookmark here

I later then discovered that it came from Art Club, and surprisingly in the twelve years of my life, it was my first time knowing what is art.Bookmark here

It is very rare to catch my interest on something, like how I learned of piano.Bookmark here

"Oh? It's rare for us to get a visitor."Bookmark here

There were five male students inside the old Art Room, all with art mediums on them. I was greeted by, surprisingly, a club president in Art Club. His name is Martin Aston from Class 4C.Bookmark here

At that point, I haven't had my liking towards automotive yet.Bookmark here

"Wha- Gin? This is the last place I'd want to find you," in his sarcastic tone, Mato called out to me.Bookmark here

"Mato? Why're you here?"Bookmark here

"What do you mean? I'm this club's adviser, you know? What, don't tell me you're going to join this club? No way!"Bookmark here

"Tsk. I'm just here to look around."Bookmark here

I remember it well. Martin was someone with talent. Even at my current skills, I still can't hold a candle to his. I was amazed of seeing him effortlessly draw an illustration.Bookmark here

"How did you do that…?" I asked him.Bookmark here

"Well… I've been drawing ever since I was a kid, so it got natural to me to practice until I grow. How about you, Gin? Have anything you're practicing?"Bookmark here

"Hmm… Piano?"Bookmark here

"Ohhh…! I don't know how to play piano, you know?! That's great!Bookmark here

Wait, want to try drawing?"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I tried… and Martin's eyes widened in its "beauty." The only thing that drove me away from aesthetic instability is my ability to observe. It was my first time drawing, and I only referred to real time samples. I observed how the arms, the head… how the body looks like.Bookmark here

"You think I can improve?"Bookmark here

"Uhh… I'm not good with giving advice but you really can improve."Bookmark here

"Is that so… I guess I'll try this club, then."Bookmark here

Mato butted in, "Oh, yeah? Be more expressive then. Do something with your lack of creativity."Bookmark here

"Oh, shut up.Bookmark here

I don't know how, but I actually have the opportunity to get better at this, Mato."Bookmark here

"Now stop calling me like that. I'm a teacher, you know."Bookmark here

After filling up another application form, and before dismissing myself…Bookmark here

"I'll be back, Mato-sen."Bookmark here

"Pfft… What was that about, Sir Martin?! Hahahaha…!" Martin teased his namesake teacher.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

"Oi, Akira. Mind getting off my chair?"Bookmark here

This was before I turned thirteen. I saw Akira Bentley one day, sitting on my chair just after coming back from the break. He had been friends with Jean already. But I still haven't broken my habit of talking rudely.Bookmark here

"Uwaaahhh- Scary as ever, Gin.Bookmark here

Wait, you actually talk outside recitation?!"Bookmark here

"What do you take me for? Of course I'm not mute."Bookmark here

In the end, he didn't listen to me and just kept on rambling on my seat. But then I overheard.Bookmark here

"Wait, so you actually hadn't continued watching?! You're nearly at the good part, you know! What's going to happen next is that they will be chased by the Female Ti-"Bookmark here

I quickly went to my seat and grabbed his head.Bookmark here

"Don't ever tell spoilers to people who hasn't watched Att*ck on Titan."Bookmark here

I made friends with Akira and Jean.Bookmark here

‹Jean›Bookmark here

In November, I joined the Art Club on my own accord, but ended up pulling Akira with me eventually. Akira, when he was still a tardy idiot is an idiot idiot that was easily persuaded. I used to draw anime characters as an excuse, and he joined right off the bat. Since joining, he and Mato-sen have always been oil and water over petty things. Meanwhile, Martin was just savoring his remaining months in the club as his batch did not reach the beginning of senior high school. And so, he was to go in college after graduating, and in an art course, at that.Bookmark here

However, even after being friends with Gin for a few months, I still felt awkward because of his character. But Nacchi was always there to cover for him. Eventually, I finally got used to how he acted as I discovered that it was his natural behavior. But unbeknownst to him, he was slowly changing time after time, while Akira still stays the same, when we still didn't know his longing for parental love.Bookmark here

When the new school year began, Taketo Juushiro was appointed as the principal in his search for his son, and Nacchi finally joined the club. In that time of June, three of the fourth years last year have left the school, and so six members of the club remained.Bookmark here

It was however a fact that Gin was considered a scary member of the club. In our time being a second year, we didn't get a new member. It was not a bad environment, though. The Art Room is always peaceful aside from the unnecessary energy of Akira. I have also began to enter art competitions.Bookmark here

Whenever it was only us four that attended the club, we talk about our observations towards our class which is 2A. Their unruliness have sprouted, while Gin's nigh nonexistent presence pulls us away from them. While we don't get a great time in the classroom, we forget those and enjoy ourselves in the Art Room.Bookmark here

‹Gin›Bookmark here

We became third year students quickly. Another one member left the club due to graduation, and our lone fourth year member became a member only in paper because of being a graduating student. The four of us, as usual spent most of our times in club in vacancy.Bookmark here

Our class had gotten worse, and the times of venting out our frustrations increased. If we complained by ourselves, it was never an issue of "behind the back" if ever one will call our complaints like that. They will never listen, as we are deaf and blind. The late Akaji Mashido has more power in speech, but if no one listened to him anymore, then no one will get through their ears.Bookmark here

But I have finally found myself being different from how I used to be before entering school for the first time. I have upheld my father's words of being normal, and upon realizing the change of my character and perception, I strove to become someone that is not special, and not superficial. Thus, becoming normal inside a parenthesis. Art had not become art anymore for us. Art became our life in this school, and the Art Club became our second home. Bookmark here

It was my driving force to go out of my comfort zone to accomplish my requirement of making an A2 piece. I enjoyed every second of it, even if I had to redo it two times due to my carelessness. Even if I did not use any color on that piece, I concluded that my life has finally had vibrant colors while I don't remember the colorful life of a child in the five years of their life.Bookmark here

And so I watched my artwork, framed, in the Art Room in the afternoon sun. It was exhilarating to see it there. I remembered the feeling when grandpa made me taste his food for the first time. I had that feeling of joy once again.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

We were then promoted as fourth years… and the rest is as you know.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

‹Rin›Bookmark here

Responsibility—it was my reason for making my own art.Bookmark here

"Gotcha! Guess what I'll do with this~"Bookmark here

"Aaaahhhh…! Stop, Mina…! You're so mean!"Bookmark here

A click of a camera sounded.Bookmark here

I had my abysmal artwork and embarrassing face caught on a camera on my second year all at once. I was like a bird hit with two stones.Bookmark here

I was never an artist to begin with. I always failed my art classes in first year and second year. To be honest, when I heard about our project of making posters, I was frustrated since I know to myself that I won't be any help. I only watched, and watched them do their tasks while I was there sitting on a corner, observing how my classmates who are having difficulties can even manage. While I was there; no matter how many times I have tried, I can't do anything better.Bookmark here

I would be lying if I said that I'm not envious. Envious that even the challenged can do something. I was envious that they can smile after a satisfying finish. They know for themselves that they worked hard for it. Yuuga, whose abilities had already surfaced didn't even get a hard time teaching and instructing the others. As much as I didn't like art, I hated the fact that I can't do anything to help.Bookmark here

But then, our classmate broke her hand from an accident. She wasn't able to draw and paint. For some time in her earliest days of recovery, she had to be confined because of other injuries. It was impossible for her to continue on the project as the duration of her recovery is longer than the duration before the deadline. The class had gone hopeless. It was hard for them to continue without their motivation.Bookmark here

And once again, it hurts me for being unable to do anything.Bookmark here

I decided to stop running away. Whenever I had the time, I always troubled my classmate even when she was still on a hospital bed. However, she patiently guided me even when I was a person that is hard to teach.Bookmark here

It was not her art that made me amazed. It was her kindness. I wondered… maybe I can be as kind as her.Bookmark here

I later realized why I never progressed. It was not that I was disabled. I just never had the motivation to do it. I simply didn't have the spirit, reason and effort to continue on, moving forward. All I thought was pessimism. I can't do this, I can't do that, I will just fail this and that anyway… I easily gave up, and my giving up was the reason why I can't do anything.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I was rejoicing when I finally saw a clear path after putting down a paintbrush and looking at a finished piece. It was exponentially different from when I was despairing. When I finally found a reason that I can uphold, it became a steady, but steep road for me. I obtained my personal success, but I have learned to myself that artists are never satisfied.Bookmark here

It was a very short time for me in painting, and I believed that I haven't expressed myself more.Bookmark here

But I had to say goodbye to my friends in Wisteria as I finished my third year. We had to move to the neighboring sector because of my sister's work. I also had to transfer since commute to Wisteria will be far.Bookmark here

June 2017 came, and I wasn't in school when Mina and Erika, and everyone had already gone to. I was still packing my things for our move in the next month.Bookmark here

I stopped painting, and took my violin anew to vent out my stress. It was lonely. I have grown very fond of my friends, and knowing the fact that we will have to move away; and having accepted that it was the only way, it was still painful.Bookmark here

In the month after, we finally set foot inside our new house in Sector 527. Although I immediately thought that our new house is structurally better than the old one. But I was taken aback by the surroundings. White Street was extremely quiet, but the environment looked really nice on the post-summer mornings. Because of the scarcity of noise, I was able to focus more on playing the violin.Bookmark here

But the times where I had cried was unavoidable. In those times, I was always accompanied by my mother, also weeping. It was as though she understands the pain whenever I let my sentiments out. At that point, I was still ignorant of the mistake that my parents made a decade ago.Bookmark here

I entered my fourth year in a very unusual time of August, while only universities follow that schedule. Irregardless of the Amplification incident, I still however felt safe in Blue Ink.Bookmark here

But then I found myself watching four male students stupidly celebrating over something in the Art Room. I did not see what it was that they fussed about, but somehow, I smiled and giggled just before the door. I once again became somewhat envious of that joy they had. I began to wonder why I stopped painting. I did not find a valid reason for me to have stopped.Bookmark here

Thus I came back to painting, and saw that it was only me that was negligent of my own feelings. Thus, hurting myself more. I only feared that my memories will remind me if I began painting again.Bookmark here

I had once again found my happiness, and decided to join the club. It was somewhat nostalgic… that in my first day, I was reminded of how it was back in the time when I was working together with my old classmates. I had felt the joy of being with people of the same interest.Bookmark here

Although, I still do not exactly know if my painting of a silver apple was on a logical or illogical whim. What is it that made me paint it, I don't know. To an uninteresting person, I became interested. From Gin's forced and true smiles, I had a glimpse of how exactly he thinks and feels. His actions were always sincere, even if it was something that disadvantages him. In time, my works gradually revolved around my experiences with him, although in a vague context.Bookmark here

Apart from the happiness I had with friends, my hand unconsciously led the brush to paint my own happiness that I had more than that of a friend from him.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

‹Mori›Bookmark here

After the death of my parents, what was it that made me pursue art? It was probably my anguish and terror. Bookmark here

Having no vision of colors was as good as being blind. I didn't value art for its motivation, but I only saw it as an escape route to all the fear I had. But I have already known that what an artist makes reflects to what they think and feel. It was only the horror of that day that I can draw.Bookmark here

I had long forgotten when I started. But regardless, I never felt happiness in making my own art. The others said that I had talent, and yet I didn't put it to heart. All I knew was my own emptiness. I developed my own solitude in the boundaries of being able to illustrate with the absence of hues.Bookmark here

But I was only empty once I have touched the black ink. Outside of my solitude, I had loving guardians. There are smiles so touching that even an absolute color blind like me felt their emotions even if what I only saw is monochrome. Having spent time with them is the only way for me to keep myself sane.Bookmark here

In reality, I slowly began to forget about my parents, only being clouded by my negative emotions. Having seen Nagi's wounded hand was proof of it. I may have recalled the scene of a murder, but not my parents. My life, ironically, is only being fueled by the fear of dying.Bookmark here

It was my regrets that defeated me. Having forgotten about your late parents—it was a hard pill to swallow. They were the reason why I live, and yet I am throwing away my life to nothingness. But in the end, I can't find a way for me to continue living.Bookmark here

It was my regrets that saved me. All I needed was a push on my back to find my will. I never wished for the scene of my parents' death to be seen again by my eyes, but I saw Nagi holding on to his stomach while as though his life is coming out of it. I carried his unconscious body as I asked for a chance to change to what is right. It took me a replication of the same scene to finally accept that my parents are already gone. And yet, I clung to so little hope of wanting Nagi to say alive. Mysteriously, I did not despair.Bookmark here

My absolute sight returned. I realized that I can have it returned anytime, but I never acted upon it. And so, I was actually living a life that I could have made better if not because of my irresponsible choices. But nonetheless, I continue to regret even after seeing the colors of my art.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

‹Ginji›Bookmark here

It was the club that led me to the discovery of who I truly am. Bookmark here

I have never once thought that I was empty as I grow from my childhood. I understood that I exist and live as a human, and a human only, being a normal person that isn't out of the ordinary. In fact, I'm so indifferent that I also experienced accidents that, and that can happen to anyone.Bookmark here

My being as a second year in junior high school taught me of the 'chaos' known as my classmates. My third year taught me a fragment of the harsh reality and I learned to hate. My fourth year taught me nothing, because it showed me the pain. It was when I broke, now that I have realized that the world and its people have become so bad. I hated freedom, and I hated happiness. The only one that I did not hate at that time was myself, even after hating those. We are rooted to the deep darkness of this world.Bookmark here

But one thing that I did not regret is disliking achievement. In my third year and fourth year, I was dubbed an honor student. I understood that it was only a title, and that numbers does not reflect my life, but I found it hypocritical whenever I hear it. If that is the case, then why is society pushing the strong forward, while the weak is left behind? The society has become unbalanced that it almost sounds like discriminatory. I disliked being called intelligent, proficient, and consistent. It was not that I complained about my grades, as it will be extremely preposterous to do. But I hated having that unfair title that disrupts equity. Is it really that bad that I wanted to become stupid?Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I however had my dream realized. It was a selfish move, as right after I learned the news of Blue Ink abolishing the ranking system, I immediately requested for me to be transferred out from Mykes. Even after the lessons I have learned from Dr. Kagetora, it was difficult to remove hatred in my heart. But I can prove that the school's notions served as the catalyst to my change. So much that I changed upon entering the Art Club to finally grasp an opportunity to express my art that began in my childhood. And not only that I made a drastic change, but I finally felt that my existence is now complete.Bookmark here

I am a human that holds a very small fragment of Gin's existence, and so technically, I am also Gin in a way. But knowing that my life was always influenced by Gin's in the guise of coincidences, it did look like my life is only going to direct to his. I was grateful of Gin for being concerned about my existence, but I did not let it get to me. I know that I am still a separate person. I have my own freedom and happiness that is derived from my delimitations, and slowly, I began to diverge from Gin's path.Bookmark here

I am me, and we are all ourselves.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

‹Gin›Bookmark here

Definitely, those memories from a few years made me think how much things have changed.Bookmark here

"Rin~! Are you there?"Bookmark here

Hours after that dream of mine, I came back to real time while knocking on Rin and Shiro's room.Bookmark here

"Door's unlocked!" so I slid it open and closed it. I found her doing a watercolor painting on a short-legged table, but then stood.Bookmark here

"Is something up, Potato?"Bookmark here

"Not really. I just have a question."Bookmark here

"Hmm? I'm all ears."Bookmark here

"Last night, did you have a dream of… something like a memory?"Bookmark here

Upon going back to her seat, she offered and placed a cup of tea on the table.Bookmark here

"I'd like you to be more specific."Bookmark here

"Hmmm… Let's see. Did you have a dream of a certain memory of your past? Just strictly for example, we met back in our first year, right? Does that exact moment already appear in a dream of some sort?"Bookmark here

"Uhhh… Nothing that I can remember… You had those situations with you, Potato?"Bookmark here

"Yeah. Just last night, I remembered a bunch of things when I first entered school."Bookmark here

"Hehhhh… Your mind really works weirdly. Are you sure you were just not sober?"Bookmark here

"No, that's not the case at all! I have no excuses, though. The only time I drank was when Mato invited me. Nothing followed on that."Bookmark here

I placed my lips on the rim of the cup, and I realized the reason why I had knocked instead of just barging in. I was assuming that Shiro was also in here.Bookmark here

"I haven't seen Shiro anywhere. Did she go somewhere or went out?"Bookmark here

"Ah. You heard that a delivery man came earlier, right?"Bookmark here

"I did, but didn't bother to see it since it's probably for Kyohei-san."Bookmark here

"That's not the case, though. It was addressed to Nacchi while it also contains something that is also for Shiro. Mato-sen told us that Nacchi and Shiro's practical in FP is to create a short film and get the best visuals they can get here.Bookmark here

Hooh… That's a mouthful."Bookmark here

"So like… They are actually going to document our work here?"Bookmark here

"I don't really know, though. Besides, a year had passed and we haven't even seen any of their works in FP apart from Sis's wedding."Bookmark here

"So that package is full of their equipment…? I wonder how many bucks it costs…" thinking about it, I felt a chill throughout my body.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Eventually, all of us got inquired about the project. In hand of the sudden upbringing, Mato gathered all of us for an emergency meeting.Bookmark here

"With all that being said, we just hit the boundary of being 'less than' the third of the remaining blank wall. Today is the 4th, which means that there is less than a week for us to finish. We'll also have to leave on the 10th.Bookmark here

Any estimates?"Bookmark here

Jean supposed, "We've been doing good progress in the mural, actually. If we're not stalled by the storm the other day, I daresay that we might have actually finished the mural on this day. But if we follow the pace we had, I'd roughly assume that we can finish on the weekend—either Saturday or Sunday."Bookmark here

"That makes sense," I interposed, "Even if Nagi and Shiro are working in their project and the mural in turns, we still have Akira on the boat. But there might still be less efficiency with one person less on the manpower, or it's just a matter that we will be compromising to take more time to avoid cutting corners."Bookmark here

Mato squinted, "So what are you pointing at?Bookmark here

Wait, with how you said it, you just want to slack off in our final days here, huh, Gin?"Bookmark here

"Yeah. I know you also want to.Bookmark here

But what I'm saying is that it actually won't be a problem. I have a lot of stamina at my reserve."Bookmark here

"Hmm. You're giving yourself too much credit, Gin, I have to be honest. I don't think you can handle the stress."Bookmark here

"That's not a problem. Extra work in that degree won't even take a toll on Gin," said Akira confidently while several agreed aside from those who don't know.Bookmark here

"Mato, the stress I've gone through is not of a 19 year-old. 30 years if I would say. Though, I would wish that it won't happen to me again."Bookmark here

"Oh… his memories…"Bookmark here

"With that said…!" Nagi clapped and stood up, "Any suggestions for the film are highly appreciated. There is no specific theme given to us so we're free to brainstorm anything. I don't want to make the film a solemn one, though. Probably something that is a little lively."Bookmark here

"Maybe a timelapse or a montage? But I guess it would be a bit deeper if we had to show the emotions in the film," Mori suggested first.Bookmark here

"Then I would probably do a timelapse shorter than the montage. My SSD has a lot of room for that."Bookmark here

"By the way, Nagi. Are you actually going to record at 4K?" asked Mato.Bookmark here

"Of course not, Mato-sen~. We cap our recording at FHD in the department. We're still not professionals."Bookmark here

"Alright, then. How about we do a bit of comedy?" If it was Akira Bentley that said that, we wouldn't be surprised.Bookmark here

"I'll take that to note."Bookmark here

And suddenly, Haku jumped on my head and… should it be 'meowed' or 'spoke'?Bookmark here

"Meow. (Then why not a few of the members be interviewees?)"Bookmark here

The two of us who can understand listened. I guess he picked up the concept of interview when it was my project last year.Bookmark here

"Can you elaborate, Haku?"Bookmark here

"Meow. (Maybe conduct an interview that is relating to art or your experience when doing the mural.)"Bookmark here

"Uh-huh?"Bookmark here

"Meeeew. (I'd like to be interviewed for a gag. The film will show subtitles of what I will actually say. Since so few people can understand me, it will just look like some kind of a joke.)"Bookmark here

"Pfft…!" Mato, me, and Kyohei-san who just passed by burst out.Bookmark here

"That cat's sense of humor is on point, Gin…!"Bookmark here

Needless to say, while we are giggling on our own, the others were left out.Bookmark here

"Fill us in…!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Are you not camera shy, Haku?" Rin asked.Bookmark here

"Meow. (People take pictures of me back in the cat cafe.)"Bookmark here

"I got a stupid idea just now!" G exclaimed. "Nagi, can your stabilizer be used when in vehicles?"Bookmark here

"Yeah. But it's not as good as those overkill ones that I once borrowed."Bookmark here

"That will suffice. Since Gin has an insane amount of stamina (well, I do too), why not make him run with the entire wall caught on the frame?"Bookmark here

In addition, I shared my idea, "Ah! There are tech YouCubers doing those kind of fancy intros, right? Then maybe do that after we finished the entire mural and put the footage as the intro. Although, I will do that if G will run too."Bookmark here

"Just don't get carried away or I won't catch up otherwise!"Bookmark here

"Hohoho… This will be quite a great reference material…" Yuuga loudly mumbled.Bookmark here

Rin told him to shut up.Bookmark here

In any case, we went to work after the meeting, and went home with not only a storyboard, but a few seconds of footage already recorded. As usual, however, I went to my shift at Giotto's.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The night sky was clear, and the moon, although not full, is shining a dim light down on Earth. Without the alcohol, Mato and Kyohei were still having their usual night conversation.Bookmark here

"Say… Kyohei-san. I've never asked, but do you actually have a wife? You do look like you're single, though."Bookmark here

"Me? Yes, I have a wife. She's in the North, but she will be living with me here in the next year. Her name is Nanami. I like her name personally."Bookmark here

"Oh… I guess you call her Nana."Bookmark here

"That was quite an accurate guess, Mato-san."Bookmark here

"Well, the name of my lover is Nanase, so I call her like that too.Bookmark here

But to tell you the truth, I heard personally from Gin that he and Ringo actually got together earlier than Nana and I did. I hope you don't mind me mentioning the name."Bookmark here

"No, I've heard a few friends mention the same name. But that was surprising. Ringo-san is just 17, right? They are still quite young."Bookmark here

"Well, as you may have known, Gin is already 19. Even if they decided impulsively, I've heard that they are doing well and appropriately for their age. Their parents have raised them well."Bookmark here

"That aside, though. Your students are very fine ones. It is a very assuring thing that the murder is like a history that will not happen again."Bookmark here

"Yes… I'm really glad about them. The school's system really proves a change."Bookmark here

"Hahaha. You sound like a father just now."Bookmark here

"Don't even start, Kyohei-san. I only see those guys as my siblings.Bookmark here

Though… I'd be sad once they graduate."

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