Chapter 0:


Reincarnated as a Demon King

Where am I? All I remember was getting stabbed in the heart by my own neighbor, is it possible for the possibility of Reincarnation or Revivification?

Even if that's true this seems to be a Timeless Void Filled with Absolute Nothingness.Bookmark here

                  A bright light shines into Satoru's body enveloping his entire body.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

''Is this Death something far beyond it'' - asked SatoruBookmark here

''That couldn't Be could it be- The Demon King!''Bookmark here

What? Who are you Bookmark here

                                                 Satoru then looks down to his bodyBookmark here

What are these Clothes on me, this is way different than what i've worn in my past Life- wait why am i claiming it being my past Life as if its nothing.Bookmark here

''Hello my name is Sakura Nobuyuki whats your name?''

Bookmark here

Name.... My name is... uh... Why cant i recall to it?Bookmark here

                 Satoru think to himself: why can i remember having a past life but not My name Nor my memories? is it possibly fading away from me by the moment?!?!Bookmark here

Just call me Kuragari.. Kuragari TemariBookmark here

Bookmark here

''Ok Nice to meet you temari''Bookmark here

                                         5 minutes later: In the village of WesteriaBookmark here

I don't recall to any of these beings they seem to not be human, Nor do they seem to be aliens They seem to b-Bookmark here

Bookmark here

                          ''THE GREAT DEVOURING DEMONS whispered to Temari''Bookmark here

Who said that? am i just hallucinating or hearing things? i saw something and something was whispered to my ear... Possibly nothing-Bookmark here

''hey are you ok? you seem a bit anxious''Bookmark here

Im fine would you kindly show me around the village?Bookmark here

''Sure- Newcomer'' Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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