Chapter 0:


My World as Thin as Paper

You always demand justice and truth, don't you?
You always decide true or false, don't you?
You always pursue achievement and satisfaction, right?
Close your eyes to see something you've never seen.
Open your eyes to remember something you never recall.
Viewpoint that makes meaning broad and narrows.

Not cruel it's just not good.
Not dark it's just there's no light.
It's not empty just there's nothing to fill.
It's not impossible just low possibility.

Sorrow makes you feel like the one who suffers the most?
Blissful make yourself feel like the fortunate one?
Knowledge makes you feel like the one who intellegent the most?
What's all that if it means nothing. All that only your mind can answer.
Your life, your story, your path, and your meaning depend on your views.

Joe Gold