Chapter 0:


Reincarnated: The Legendary Moon Sword

Why? ...

Why did it all have to end this way? ...

The agonising sounds of dying people on the blood-drenched battlefield continuously tortured my ears, causing them to bleed with intense pain.

I never thought my mere existense would lead to all this

This pain



But, of course this was entirely my fault. Thanks to my completely foolish act, I had caused my one and only mistress' fatal injury. One which permanently marked her death.

The war raged on.

Ignoring the vast pool of blood and rain of deadly weapons, I unsteadily made my way through the thick sheets of human corpses as the body of my mistress was the only light that kept pulling me forward.

Her face was covered in blood and the deep wound in her abdomen only worsened with each passing second yet she had this warm smile on her face after she laid eyes on me.

"Etornam", she called out to me.

"How, why...", my voice began to waver and my body shook. "Why are you still smiling? I caused all of this. I should be the one getting ready to embrace death."

A look of worry appeared on her face but she shrugged it off, "Now Now, you do know that you probably won't reincarnate once you die."

"Tch!", anger fueled within me. "Why are you still so calm!? Yes I will reincarnate! Just that I won't continue on as a living being! I'll reincarnate but be dead! I don't deserve to live..."

"Sigh, idiot", she quietly retorted. "I don't care."

My eyes widened in shock. She was still the same, even on her death bed.

"Take this", her hands trembled as she lifted her sacred blade.

The Legendary moon sword, rumoured-

no, I saw its power with my own two eyes. Power that was incomprehensible to the fickle human mind.

"Why are you giving me your-"

"I placed a reincarnation tag on it", she continued to smile. "Once you touch it, you'll be reincarnated into the sword once you die."

"What do you-"

"You'll continue to live only, you'll be restricted to the moon realm which exists only in the sword", she interrupted.

More and more confusion began to settle in. If the sword was that great, why couldn't she just use it to heal her wounds amd save herself!?

I just didn't get it!

"I know what you're thinking, I just want you to live in peace", she spoke as blood slowly oozed from her mouth. "I'm nearing my limit."

"N- No! Use the sword to save yourself!!"

She closed her eyes, shaking her head as she lifted her fingers and flicked my forehead.

"Nah", she replied.

"... Huh?"

The sacred blade began to glow as life slowly left my mistress' body.

"The moment you die", she coughed out the blood which began to clog her throat as she forced her final words, "you will become one with my sword."

Suddenly, lightning shone all over the land and revealed the terror in my eyes for a split second just before the great and powerful thunder cracked the clouds and shook the earth.

"Heh, boy am I going to miss the candy store", my mistress breathed her last at that very moment.

The cold, chilling rain began to fall, further evolving into a storm that blew the souls of the deceased along with it.

Tears crept up in the corner of my eyes as I stared at her lifeless body, "Now you've left me all alone."

Crying didn't bring her back, but I had come to accept my fate and held the sword close to me ever since.




(Unknown darkness - Third person)

After the events of the great blood war, whatever transpired after that was buried in a torrent that sought never to bring any of those memories into Etornam's mind.

His body continued to float in a vast sea of darkness, not bothered by the thickness of the black space.

Four lights suddenly burst into existence but they barely illuminated the darkness as they slowly surrounded Etornam's body.

Just then, other-worldly voices began to speak and their voices sounded completely the same.

"He's the only medium we have"

"Perfect, then our reawakening isn't too far"

"Good, then we'll begin the embedding process"

"I'll begin. Through the most fundamental variables, come the very equation of life."

Right after the voice spoke, one of the lights flared into a blue colour and was absorbed into Etornam's body.

"The great bulk of the so-called universe, having its particles and energy being its fundamental basis, build the sum of all meaning of life."

The second light then flared into a red colour, also forging itself with the seemingly lifeless body of the boy.

"Taking the minuscle compartments of such particles in unision, bring forth the compact body of life"

A pink colour burst from the third light, surrounding Etornam.

"And finally, bringing all these basic laws into one body, life takes meaning."

Green sparks flew all over the vacuum as the final light engulfed Etornam's body.

The voices then spoke, "It begins."