Chapter 0:


Believe in me.

I sakamoto a second year high schooler was suddenly called by sakura the most beautiful and popular girl in our school.Bookmark here

She had long silky black hair with skin as white as snow her height was pretty average with a good body whereas i am a average looking loner who has never talked to her before so why did she called me at the back of our school while i was thinking about it she started the conversation "umm....actually i am quite interested in you from some time".Bookmark here

"Have i done anything that would make you interested in me" i asked her.Bookmark here

"It was love at first sight i love you would you go out with me"  she replied to my question.Bookmark here

I was shocked rather that being happy about this situation,why is she confessing to me is this a dream or something .Bookmark here

"Sorry but i have no interest in relationship and you but thanks for asking me out"  i rejected her bluntly and while i was saying all these things her expression changes from blushing to anger.Bookmark here

 "Who do you think you are do you think you are a model or something i would never propose a guy like you,it was just a punishment game from my friends don't thing so highly of yourself." She replied to me in a arrogant voice while her friends who were hiding somewhere near comeout. there were two girl both with blonde hair and seems like gayru to me.Bookmark here

"Ohh! Poor sakura got heartbroken who would have thought she would be rejected this bluntly."her gairu friends start teasing her.Bookmark here

"Ok if your little game is over can i go home, i have many things to do unlike some useless people who like to  play with other people feelings" saying that i start heading toward my home.Bookmark here

Meanwhile sakura when sakamoto left the school"he dares to reject me even through it was a prank but a guy like him to reject me, he will regret it definitely for humiliating me in front of you guys." sakura declare that i front for her gayru friend.Bookmark here

"Do you know from which class is he." sakura asked her friends.Bookmark here

"Hey common he is in the same class as you at least know your classmate"one of the gayru replied.Bookmark here

"Ohh! So that arrogant bastered is in same class as me,lets have fun with him tomorrow." Bookmark here

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