Chapter 1:

1-Adult Yamato Z.


I am the god Yamato. I've watched boring people. I'll reset my memory. I'll be human too. I have to set up a system for it. I'll be an adult in the world and I have a hobby technology. But I'll remind myself of all this. . Damn! Being a god is boring. I must be a wise and just person in the world to remember my own system.Bookmark here

I'm starting to reset my memory.Bookmark here

See you later God yamato!Bookmark here

“Yamato wake up, hey you have school.You are gonna late” someone moving me,who?Bookmark here

Damn it! Whats happen, ah was my have my school. Bookmark here

“Dad what time is it?” Bookmark here

My dad “ 11:30” said. OMG! İ did late my school! İ suddenly wake up,i’ve hurry up.Bookmark here

I'm looking at myself in the mirror. I had wavy hair, big eyes, and very bony features. But I feel weird. It's like I've been through something, there's a weight on me, but I don't understand. I get dressed and go downstairs. My father was reading the newspaper. I live only with my father. I don't have a mother. My mother left us.My dad's personality angry, so i scary from dad sure. My friends at school are so boring. Exams are approaching, unfortunately, they will ask me for grades. Damn it.. It's so hard being the hardest worker in the class. I would love to change this world. God doesn't seem to hear us. One day I will change this world, I am determined. This weight on me all day seems like it will never go away...Bookmark here

"Hey big man you're immersed!" Sakura was running towards me. Sakura is my childhood friend, she's pretty crazy. But I'm tired of her, she never leaves me. sakuraa.. "What? what happened?" He didn't mind my sighing. Sakura was very excited.Bookmark here

"Yamato sensei! Yamato sensei, there is a competition at the school. They held an extraterrestrial council and they are taking talented and knowledgeable people. The prize is computer and you love computer too! Please participate, you will win for sure."Bookmark here

The poor girl was out of breath from talking.Bookmark here

Contest huh.. the grin on my face didn't go away for some reason. I'm Yamato Z. I'm going to enter the contest unaware of what's going to happen!Bookmark here



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