Chapter 20:

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Extracurriculars 怪獣教師

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I miss Takuya so much. I know it was all my fault. I know I don't deserve anything. I know I should never be forgiven. But even so, I miss Takuya. I wish he was here. I wish I could feel his embrace. I wish he would hug me. I wish he would kiss me. I wish the time would just pass by as we stare into each other's eyes. I wish we could tell each other stories about things that happened to us while we were apart. I wish he would cook the yakitori that he used to always make for me. I wish he would feed it to me. I wish I could come home to him every day. I wish we could be together forever.Bookmark here

I don't care if I ruined everything. I still love him. I still want him.Bookmark here

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