Chapter 1:

New adventure

Will you save me?

@2020 at my world ..
there's a war , Crisis
Need to be strong to survive. all of my family died '''Cousin, friends, neighbors even plants and animals
i was hopeless i might die soon' god.. i dont know what to do.. can you pls let me die already..

One day.. Some ones Calling . he"llpp ' ringing in my head
ughh i think i'm gonna die~ ('Help') calling for his help)
hel.pp? how? talking to her self and suddenly Laugh Hahahaha.. someone calling for my help? oh my god stop kidding im helpless'
Can you help me? ''
the last word i've heard and then i said YES.. What is it?

where am i? '' Dream? Heaven? ...
kai is speechless and dont know what to do.. wearing rusty armor with his gun blade.. people is staring at him Looking at him why is he wearing weird Clothes ,
kai don't know what to do so he run and run as fast has he can, running from weird cat humans and other species and '''Bump'', wait kid whatha' doing!?
Where am i? what happened?
This is Arcandria city of God ruins .... ow so this is heaven ? and the guy said what you talking about! only aristocrat can go to heaven we pleb only in touch here in the surface ,
and kai suddenly ask what kid? i'm 500 years old how rude ..
' what are you saying kid your look like 16 years old to me ' the man laugh ' kai stomach suddenly make a fancy sound ' uckk~ The man laugh harder and invited kai to here shop

Here kid you must be hungry ,kai said ' it's been years since i taste a food like this and kai said to the man
i will never forget this thanks, the man laugh and said sure your welcome . and kai moves and said to here self
this will be interesting world , i need to learn how this world works ...
after 1 year~

Kai found here self in a academy being a student
researching,gathering for information this world

this academy sure have tame weapons same with my world but it's very unique too much aura in it .
the class is about to start ,
ding ' dong ~Din dong .. class notice something's falling and sudden Crash" trsskk!

ughh. .what was that ' kai open his eyes and shock
Feel's like soft thing what is this squish quishh!!
a goddest suddenly appear

with blush and red cheeks kai said who are you
goddest said , Legendary Hero! i need your help..

Legendary Hero? Yes you are !

don't call me a hero that din't save his own world.

To be continued? :)

Nanashima Rito

Will you save me?