Chapter 1:


After My First Love Failed...

 “Hmm... Love... Such an overrated feeling.”

I mean, somebody take a look at everyone around. Still so early in the morning and all there is to see is couples flirting with each other, girls talking about their loved ones and guys behind them starring their butts!

Fifteen minutes on foot from my home just to get to high school and every day I have to go through the testament of hearing these love-drenched conversations these love-robots make. And these conversations just go on and on and on... even after they reach the classroom· Until right before the bell rings. Today is another example of this situation.

And here we are… at the ‘crime scene’.

“Wow, so early in the morning”, I soughed.

I went and took my seat already. The sleepless me wants to lie down on the desk immediately! Yesterday I couldn’t sleep. I lied down on my bed, hazing at the ceiling. I had this bizarre feeling. I don’t know. But I think something will disturb my internal peace…

“I’m so tired”, I soughed again as I was laying forwards my seat.

The classroom was already full of whispers coming from the chitchat a group of girls made. Although, my seat is almost at the back left corner, I can hear loud and clear all this murmuring. The worst part is that I knew already the topic of their conversations. Pretty much is predictable. Thank Goodness, right next to me is a loner, the desk to my left is empty and I don’t have these happy-go-lucky dialogues right above my head. Seriously though, what’s so great with these illusions they have?

Well, I don’t blame them. I know what it is to be stupid.

And as I was trying to get a quick nap, I could totally hear them chatting:

“He confessed to me yesterday!”, one of the girls said.

“Whaaat? And what did you say?”, they replied surprised.

“I haven’t answered him yet. I know, he is a really great guy, but… I… I like someone else already”.

Therefore, one soldier just got shot down...

“What?!?! Who is he? Do we know him”, they immediately asked.

“No! It’s someone from my club! You probably don’t know him”

“Oh, come on. Tell us...”

Of course the girls might be love-delusionals, but the guys are also on another level:

“We went on a date the other day”, one said.

“Seriously?!? How was it? How far did you get??”, the other replied.

“Shut up, dude! We…”

“We…? Just say it damn it…”

“Just kissed, guys --Nothing extreme--. But I’m really into her...”

Would you all shut up, damn it? Like something like that is true anyway--

“That bastard! I saw him kissing another girl!”, some other girl said

See?… Does anyone see my point?

“Forget that loser! You’ll find a better one for sure!”

All of you are losers! Immature losers! Which person who has still brain on their head does trying to get involved with an imitation of love? Why does anyone lose time from their lives just to make fun of the one that they supposedly love? Because their feelings isn’t love· is bullsh-

“Wake up you idiot!”

“Hey! What the hell are you doing?”

“I was talking to you but you didn’t hear me.”

“Anyway, what do you want Bill?”

“Open your damn eyes! Yamada-sensei is here. Jeez”

“Good morning, everyone!”

“Good morning, Yamada-sensei”

The lunch break came by pretty fast today.

Bill grabbed me over and went downstairs to the cafeteria. On the way there a familiar pair of boobs almost knocked me over the stairs from behind…

“Ayame, do you want to kill me?”

“You know that’s not the case… sweety… Tee-hee!”

“Ohh! Didn’t know Alex got a girlfriend”, says Bill with having a smug laugh stuck on his face

Right now I want to punch him.

“Good morning, Bill-kun”

“Good morning, Ayame-chan”

At the cafeteria the quartet was completed a bit late. The credits go to Sok-kun – as usual-- who is constantly taking his time to join us.

And these last months this became a ridiculous situation as we were asked to order food for him before it runs out, as he is stopping by his girlfriend’s class. Well, at least I’m happy he has a smiley face and not the gloomy one he used to.

“Hey guys”

“Look who decided to show up”, said Bill

“Yo, Sok-kun”

“Hello, Sok-kun”

“You really take your time to join us, don’t you?”

Well, that’s what I wanted to ask him myself, Bill… I guess I’m not the only one annoyed here…

“Well… You know how it is the situation, Bill. She also has the student council stuff to take care of and we don’t get to see each other much at school.”

Good to see him so happy that he is. True, I may not be supportive of these high-school illusions they call relationships, but this case is different. I know Sok-kun since elementary school. He is a great guy. He deserves it.

“Hey, hey… I was wondering... if you heard the rumors…”, Sok-kun suddenly said.

“Ohh? Rumors? What rumors?”, Ayame asked.

“On the way here I heard about a transfer student coming to our school in the upcoming days.”

“Hmm…”, I half-assed responded...

“Don’t be so excited…”, a sarcastic Sok-kun told me.

“Shut it!… But isn’t it strange to have a new student in the middle of the year?”

“It’s only September. Anyway, I hope the student’s a girl and get transferred into our class.”, an excited Bill said.

“How do you even know they’re second year?”, I answered.

“They probably are! I heard someone from the next class talking about it.”, Sok-kun replied. “Apparently, they saw some parents talking to the principal about transferring their child here.”

Give me a break! At this point is no longer a rumor. It’s a fact!

“Hey Alex. Is there something wrong? You seem down today.”

“Every day I seem down, Ayame. No change today.”

“Indeed. Today you look even worse than usual.”, said Bill.

“Couldn’t sleep well. Yesterday night I was having a strange feeling… I don’t know.”

“What?! You were thinking about a girl and wondering if she likes you?”, Bill said while surrounded by... sparkles?

- No, no, no, no. I’m not like that.

- You used to be like that though...

I think I was saved by the bell, literally!… Or maybe not for long.

“Don’t you think you got it over just because the bell rang. If you didn’t forget I’m sitting in front of you! I’ll nag you on the whole time...”

“How can I forget that?”

“Anyway, cheer up Alex… -kun!”

“Thanks, Bill… -kun!”

Jeez that guy! Well, that’s childhood friends for you. They’re seeing through you all the time you can’t get away from them.

But… however you see it… we just clicked perfectly as friends. The same applies to Sok-kun as well... even though in his case we didn’t have the greatest start. It was due to Bill that I came to know him better. Now that I think about it, these 8 years I’ve known Bill, he was there for me, supporting me... including that time…

I guess he’s something like a brother to me…

“Good evening everyone!”

“Good evening sensei!”

“Hey Bill, are you going home?”

“Nope. Today I have club activities with the football team”

“Oh… Okay then.”

As I was heading to the front gate, I spotted Sok-kun.


Ahh… Yeah, I guess he’s on an after-school date.

Fortunately, for these kinds of situations, I always have my trusty-old earphones with me, so…

Wait, is that Ayame?



“Sorry. Did I startle you?”

“Yes… No… It’s alright…”

“How come you don’t have practice with the Cheerleading Club?”

“The president is down with a cold, so she told us to take it easy for today and rest.”

“Ohh… That’s a bummer. It’s a shame because our football stars could use some cheerleading in their practice.”

“So, that’s why you’re returning alone. Bill-kun has a practice.”

“You figured it out.”

In a sense, it’s a good thing Bill couldn’t make it. I don’t want to be the third wheel on a shitty day like today.

“So, Ayame-san, may I escort you on your way home?”

“It’s my pleasure, Alex… -kun... Tee-hee!”