Chapter 0:

Universe's Entertainment

Paradise on Earth

I am melting.

How exactly I’m unsure.

You feel it too, don’t you?

This sensation, it's as if my entire body is absorbing, yet also being absorbed into the ether. Flowing around in the miasma of existence as if it takes over every facet of an eternal dance, that of a best friend, that of a lover.

I honestly can’t tell you what I look like or who I am anymore. Any resemblance of the person I was before is being erased away and is instead being replaced by whoever I shall become.

What I can tell you about is this almost overwhelming nostalgia that just hit me, like someone turned on a massive heat lamp. Of Simple times: walks by the ocean, ice cream, and laughter. Or maybe this nostalgia is more so desire? Because I also feel a deep darkness, of the cold uncaring stares of those who wished you weren’t there. “Maybe it’s all in your head?” you might say to yourself. but at a certain point you can’t lie anymore, you understand with great clarity that you are not wanted.

“Have you done something wrong?” you might try to ask, grasping for any resemblance of correction. That maybe if you apologized to everyone that somehow anyone would care about you again, but you can’t be so naïve. You are stuck with yourself, by yourself.

There were those in your life that you think, “Maybe they could pull me out of my rut!” But unfortunately, one of them will be asleep for a long time, the other will be asleep forever. Anyone else either abandoned you long ago or you never approached them in the first place.

Is there a way to possibly change that? At the very least to escape such a horrific existence.

There very well might be.

One must entertain themselves in the absence of anyone or anything to do it for them.

Are you ready to be entertained?