Chapter 1:

The Lonely Lovers Club

The Lonely Lovers Club

“It's show time!” said Willie. “New semester, new love,” Willie sniffed the musty classroom. “Oh yes. You can smell romance in the air.”

“It smells like mold,” said Sandra under her breath.

“Ginko,” said Willie. Willie turned to the two students sitting in desks at the front of the classroom. “What's on our agenda today?”

The black-haired boy was caught off guard with a mouth full of chips. “Mmmm. Nothing,” replied Ginko.


“We haven't gotten any requests,” said Sandra. She pushed one of her curly brown hairs from her face. “It's only the first week of school.”

“But we’re the best matchmakers in the school,” said Willie. “Surely somebody out there needs some romantic support?”

Sandra muttered under her breath again, “we’re the only matchmakers in the school.”

Willie paced back and forth. This is a serious dilemma for the Lonely Lovers Club. The fall semester is a pivotal time for romantic relationships. Everyone whose summer love ended before returning to school is desperate to find a new partner. Everyone who spent the summer alone is even more desperate. The beginning of a new year is no time for the Lonely Lovers Club to slack off. It's time to find true love in the halls of Oakville High.

“Well then,” said Willie. “If no one has requested our help, we’re just going to have to find somebody who needs our help. Sandra, who do you know that's single?”

“I think most people in class aren’t dating anyone - “

“Exactly,” said Willie. “We have no excuse! We need to get to work. There are potential lovers out there who are sad and alone.”

“We can’t just barge in on other people’s personal business without asking,” said Sandra.

“Sorry I’m late everyone.” Willie could feel his heart skip a beat as he laid eyes on the girl in the doorway. Maria’s dark hair draped over her shoulders. She wore a new outfit Willie had never seen before. She went all out on her looks for the new school year.

Maria dropped a handful of books on the closest desk. “This semester is gonna be a tough one. I may have to stay late with my teachers more often.”

Willie’s thoughts were not focused on school. “Oh Maria, my love. How could we be aparat for so long?”

Maria giggled. “My heart could barely take it.”

“Gross,” said Sandra.

In truth it did feel like a long time since Maria and Willie had been together. Willie and Maria both worked over summer break. Willie at the swimming pool and Maria at her family’s restaurant. Working as a lifeguard at the swimming pool sounded like a great idea to Willie. It would let him witness poolside romances all summer long while working his tan. His imagination had run wild thinking of a lifeguard rescuing a drowning swimmer and performing mouth-to-mouth CPR which would turn out to be the first kiss in a new relationship. That surely would have made his summer. But in truth all it really did was keep him away from Maria. It didn’t help that the new guy spends most of his time in the locker room scrubbing toilets.

“So what’s going on?” asked Maria.

“Oh Mr. President here wants to find some random student to set up,” said Sandra.

“Sounds like fun,” Maria replied. “Who are we picking?”

Sandra made an angry face, “I meant that as a bad thing”

“We’re the Lonely Lovers Club. What good are we if we can’t set people up together?” asked Maria.

“Don’t you think it's just a little too early in the semester?”

“Didn’t you and Ginko start dating the first week of last semester?”

Sandra looked over at Ginko sitting at the desk next to her. The boy was fascinated by the bag of potato chips in his hands. Willie wasn’t even sure if he noticed Maria had entered the room until she said his name.

“She’s got you there, babe,” said Ginko. “Besides, Maria has a point. We have to do something. Otherwise this club is pointless.”

“I agree,” said Willie, overcoming his trance over Maria. “True love is never pointless. And it is our duty to help our fellow Oakville High students find true love.”

“So who’s gonna be our first lucky lover?” asked Maria.

“I believe Sandra was just about to tell us about all the lonely souls in her class,” said Ginko.

“I am not,” she replied. “If you want to go around disturbing this school the least you could do is pick someone who isn’t in my class. I don’t need everyone to hate me on the first week.”

“Yeesh. We’ll find someone else,” said Ginko. Sandra shot him a fierce look. “It has to be someone good-.”

Echoing laughter from the hallway interrupted Ginko. A group of boys passed the classroom with a ruckus. Willie only knew one thing that could cause such a commotion.

“Oh c’mon, you know you like her,” shouted one of the boys. Willie perked up and looked out the door. The Lonely Lovers fell silent as they eavesdropped on the boys.

“It’s not like that, give it a rest,” said a boy with blonde hair. The group of boys egged on their blonde-haired friend as Willie peeked through the doorway.

“Don’t be a wuss, Jaime,” said one of the friends. “Just ask her out.” All the others snickered at the comment. Clearly they were amused by teasing their friend.

“It’s been all summer and we haven’t even talked,” said Jaime, the blonde boy.

He was obviously flustered. The friends struck a nerve in him. His face was so blushed red he could be confused for a farmer’s market tomato. Seeing the boy’s veiled posture and half-baked attempts to avoid the questions reminded Willie of himself. Long ago, Willie was not as confident in his love life as he is now. Willie knew the power of love and was not going to let this blonde-haired boy shy away.

Willie burst through the doorway. “Alas, you have no need to hide your shame anymore. We are the Lonely Lovers club and we are here to help. We will connect you with your true love.”

“Oh brother,” said Sandra as she rolled her eyes.

The group of boys stopped in their tracks, stunned by what they just witnessed. A strange boy appeared and offered to be cupid. A moment of silence passed before the group of boys burst out laughing. Jaime only let out a small chuckle, relieved to no longer be the center of attention.

Despite the laughs Willie stood proud. He had a mission. Everyone has a true love and Willie will unite true loves. Maria, Ginko, and Sandra came to Willie's aid in the hallway.

“The lonely what?” asked one boy, still laughing.

“I don't know but I definitely believe they’re alone,” replied another, setting the group into another wave of laughs.

Maria stepped up to Jaime. “Come now, don’t be shy.” The group’s laughter fell quieter as Maria put a hand on the boy’s shoulder and pulled him forward.

Maria continued, “We specialize in helping students in their relationships. If there’s anyone you like we're the ones who can set you up.”

If possible, he looked even more embarrassed now than before. “No. It's okay. Thanks.”

“Oh c’mon Jaime,” said one of the boys. “Give them a shot.”

The boys all giggled. Another one added, “Yeah you’re never gonna get with Rose without any help.”

“Oh yes,” said Willie. “We will work as your servants of love until all your satisfactions are met-”

“Ew,” said Sandra.

“We will get this Rose to be with you. Please, come with us. We have much to discuss.” Willie waved his arms in front of the classroom door in a guiding gesture.

Jaime took a step back. “No thanks. I think I’ll -”

“Oh no. You gotta go,” said one of the boys as he pushed Jaime into the classroom. “See you later, loverboy,” he said as the boys laughed even louder than before. The sounds slowly faded as the boys walked away, abandoning their friend.

Willie turned to his companions. “This is it folks. The Lonely Lovers Club’s first mission of the fall semester. Are you ready?”

“Let’s do this,” said Ginko.

“Yes,” said Maria.

“Fine, whatever,” said Sandra.

Willie smiled. “Time to create some true love.”

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