Chapter 1:

Life or Death

The Crimson Ritual

On this dark, dreary night… the knife twisted through her skin. Blood pooling on the ground, she clutched her stomach whilst trying to scream for help, only to release a gasp. But in front of her, a sight most strange. An eerie figure looms over the unfortunate one. “Poor soul… I can save you, I can give you a second chance.” The spirit whispers, “p-please-“ the girl responds, her breaths shallow. “I can save you, however I require payment… bring me the soul of another, and your debt will be paid” the spirit holds out its twisted, cold palm towards the girl. She takes a few seconds to process this wicked proposal. With her last remaining strength, she places her hand on the spirit’s. The girls wound closes and the spirit begins to fade away “on the night the moon bleeds, I shall see you once more, and I shall take a soul with me.”Bookmark here

The girl had regained her strength, her mission clear. Just two nights later, the scarlet sky lighting the second encounter between human and monster. Her tribute at her feet. The spirit’s face contorting with pleasure “well done, my child. Your payment is accepted”. The girl, covered in blood and holding a soaked hatchet remains still. “Why did you ask for another soul? Why not let me die and take mine?” She asks calmly with a vacant gaze. The spirit’s smile becoming even more vile “don’t you see my dear? I didn’t force you to accept my offer. Now, you are like me. “What do you mean?” The girl questions, her worry making her voice uneven. “you took an innocent life, you are no longer human. Just like me” the girl can only look on in horror.Bookmark here

The spirit takes its prize and disappears into the night. The girl remains anchored to her position… forever questioning if her life was truly worth another.Bookmark here

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The Crimson Ritual

Sen Kumo
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