Chapter 0:

Falling Asleep

Everlasting Dreamer

The bright light embraced my room as if it was already sunset, but I was quite sure that I have just went to sleep. Somehow feeling more exhausted than I was just a second ago, I rubbed my eyes to see what was the source of this light.

As I opened my eyes I saw a two-way road in the middle of a small city. The cold autumn air and the dark night sky filled with some stars that are able to shine through the city lights. 

Stars always reminded me of people. If one will shine enough, it will be seen and known by everyone. If you will look at the night sky from different places, you will see that depending on where you are, the smaller and less shiny stars can be seen alongside the bigger ones. In a random village, even the smallest stars can be visible, and that works for us humans too.

When stars die, depending on their mass, they can either turn to a small white dwarf, a neutron star, a black hole, or it can explode into a beautiful supernova, that will decorate the sky for weeks to come. If you are important enough, even your death will have an impact on the world around you, and on the people that shared memories with you.

I noticed that I got sidetracked with this stars talk, so I take a look around again. I see a small shop on the other side of the road. I remember now. I wanted to get something to eat before the store closes. I look at my watch, it's almost midnight. The shop will close in a few minutes. I take a quick look if there are any cars coming, but what grabs my attention is a family walking out of the store.

Happy family of three, a child smiling with its parents, the warmth that overflowed me the moment I looked at them... simply being together.

- That must be nice... - I murmured with a little bit of nostalgia and envy of the love that was between them.

At that moment I didn't know, that this one look would change my life forever.

Once I take my first step to cross the street... it began.

The moment I stopped realizing my dreams.

And the moment I started dreaming my reality.


Everlasting Dreamer