Chapter 1:

Meeting the Surroundings

Hunting the Unknown

Hunting the Unknown Chapter 1: Meeting the Surroundings
Year 1847, 2 kids are in Amathia Boot Camp.
Miko Mcgee: a 11 year old kid that made to Amathia, because his village was destroyed, and remained just ruins. His dad passed away when Miko was 10 months old. His mother passed away too, when the village was invaded.
Ryan Ruell: a 13 year old, that wants to be in the Amathia Army, he wants to fight for freedom. His both parents died burned in a fire. He has a lot experiences with weapons, and he is very brave.
 The duo was staying on oak logs, at a campfire. On a rainy night, a man dressed in army clothes appeared, cautious, an said:
-Who is there?!
Ryan said: - We are inoffensive! We are just kids! Miko was scared, and hided under his blanket. The man was still cautious, but was straighten up for the trio, watching every step he was doing. When he saw that they’re was just kids, he relaxed, and said:
-What are you kids doing here, this is a dangerous place, Amathia was in war and there are still mines that can go boom boom.
Ryan: - we are orphans, and we don’t have a home, please, help us!
Miko: - However, what is your name?

 The man said: I am Ace, from The Amathia Military . Then said: I can help, I can present you the surroundings. The duo accepted, but still, didn’t fully truth Ace. After a little bit, 3 signs popped up.
Left: the docks | Front: The Panem Orphanage | Right: Mineshaft ruins
Miko: -We just want a home, a shelter, a roof upon our heads.
Ace: - There are no more livable houses, although, you can go to the Panem, its an old-rusty orphanage. But I think you can live a while there.
 In front of the Panem Orphanage it’s a sign that says: “The Panem Orphanage - Out of Service” Miko says: - Why is it out of service?
 Ace: - I don’t know, I was sent here for investigation of possibly survivors, I really didn’t expected you.
Ryan: - can you give us some supplies?
Ace: - Err, I don’t have extra supplies, I have some food, you can keep it. Ace hands some food to the kids, then leaves.
Miko: - Why are there 16 beds?
Ryan: - I don’t know Miko, maybe because it’s an orphanage?
 Some time later, the kids fall asleep. The next day, the kids woken up.
 Ryan: - Miko...there is blood on the stairs. Miko dashed outside, and immediately saw that the blood continues. 
Miko: - Ryan, the blood continues to the forest. Should we go after that?
 Ryan: Sure, Miko, it's just blood, not that much. The Kids where scared, even Ryan. But that didn’t stopped them, They travelled 2 forests, the blood continued.
Miko: - Dang, this man has a lot of blood. Eventually, they arrived to a shelter, with different shades of green, And 2 banners, with a skeleton head and some bones. The kids entered the bunker, there where five books.

First one: The Panem Orphanage Year 1814 16 kids are living in this orphanage I personally want to kill all of them...and one day I might succeed... The goosebumps started to rise, although, the second says: Year 1816 I take kids every night, now they're just 13. I take them to Yerba forest, and torture them.

The kids looked at each other, then continued.

 Year 1837 the war has now begun, in Rook Islands. Amathia is in big danger. I am writing this on my last piece of paper. Will anyone even read this? For the one who's reading right now I will give you an advice. Go to The Great Fushion, our la-
Miko: - our last what? Out last land? Our last piece of nugget?

I am Larry, and I am from the Panem, something suspiciously happens, kids start to disappear every night. I saw the director killing. In one night, I saw blood on the stairs. I will get killed too, or maybe my Idris will say different. 

Miko: - Woah, this kid is stacked. The last says:

 Hi. I don't know who's reading this, My name is Jay, And I am the Guardian of The Known. I was a police officer, Then I was promoted to military forces, and I made this "bunker". I had a lot of experiences trough my journey, Ya' know, once I helped a kiddo beat some SRL, great man, hope he's doing very well right now. I wanna beat La-

Miko: - Why does it stops? Ryan: - Dunno, probably there where a life-death situation, and Jay couldn’t write anymore. Same day, in the evening, the kids where talking about the things they read.
Miko: - Who was the guy who was killing the kids from Panem?
 Ryan: - In the letter that Larry wrote, it says that he saw the director killing.
Miko: - Can we get some information on who the director of Panem is?
Ryan: - Probably yes, I guess it wouldn’t be that hard.
Then it was an awkward silence. Ace was on the Panem’s roof. And after the silence hit up, he jumped down to the duo.
Ace: - Hey kids, I was wanted to say that this is my last night here, I will be transferred tomorrow.
Miko: - Ahh, can't you stay one more day?
Ace: - I tried my best, Miko, I can’t. Listen kiddos, everything you do, do not go to Yerba forest, east from the Panem. That place is dangerous.
Ryan: - Yeah, we rea-
-We really think so, forests scares me. Says Miko.
 Ace: - Well, if you do so, you wouldn’t have any problems. Goodbye kids, it was nice to meet ya’. The next day, the kids are exploring the surroundings. Ryan is going to the old mineshaft monument. There was a sign saying that it was out of use. On the base of the stairs, it was blood again.
Ryan: - Ack! He saw a dead body, with blood around him, and an old cave, that was hidden by vines and cobweb, then he started to mine. Miko was going to the graveyard near the Panem. There where 9 tombstones, and one that seemed special, it was blue and it had a sign saying:

 Jay 1814-1846   May he rest in eternal peace or, is he?...

Miko went for Ryan, and grabbed them to Jay’s grave.
Miko: - Isn’t him the guy who wrote that letter?
Ryan: - Y-yea, he is.
Miko: - He isn’t dead, for sure. Then silence raised. And after some moments, as predictable, a man come by. In a cyan t-shirt, blue jeans and brown hair, and says:
 -Who are you guys?
Ryan, covering Miko, said: -We are living here, and don’t say that you are living here, the Panem is out of service for a long time.
He responds: -I was living here, I mean, a long time ago, but, I came here to bring up some memories.
Miko: - What is your name?
 He said: - It’s not importa-
Immediately Ryan pulls out his sword, and says:
-Who are you. Tell me right now, or this will your last moment living. The man rises his hands, for a moment, then runs in the forest.
Ryan: - Weird, man.
In the night, Miko couldn’t fall asleep, and says:
-Ay, why we shouldn't go to Yerba forest?
Ryan: - Not a bad idea, but we should be ready for anything. At the entrance of Yerba forest, it was dark, and Miko was scared. Ryan was first, so no problem were around . The kids went straight for the forest, when a gap with a dead body pops out.
Miko: - Ack!
Ryan: - Ok, the book was right, there are murdered people. Few steps ahead, a small house appears. Even if its not to suspicious, its just a house, although, the kids saw enough. Ryan says:
- Ok, I saw enough. Let's head back home. Ryan was the last, and when he turned, he saw the man that was yesterday, at the graveyard, but in blood, ton of blood. When she saw him, he screamed all that he got, and dashed. The man was rising an axe, above Miko’s head, but in the last moment, he escaped from the axe’s blade. Ryan wanted to start a fight with him, but Miko grabbed his hand and then went to Panem. Few days later, all the kids went exploring. Ryan was clearing the mines and Miko was in the south birch forest. A man appeared in Miko’s back. Miko heard him instantly, an turned to him. The man said:
- Come on Miko, it’s about time.
Miko: - Why do you know my name?
The man: - I will explain everything, come with me
Miko: - dude you are weird, are you tryna' sell me candies? And with a weird face, the man says:
-just come with me, I am disarmed, I can't do anything to you Miko was suspicious about him, but even that, couldn't stop him from going with him. The both man and Miko arrived, Miko with some difficulties, but he done well.
Miko: - Why did you take me here?
The man: - I am Jay, I know that you read about me, I am The Guardian of The Known, and I was friends with your dad. I helped him trough some journeys.
Miko: - I-
Jay: - I just want to remind, that you are going trough a hard journey, you and your friend. You need to be brave to pass it.
Miko: - Pass what?
 Jay: - This is nothing but a test, sure it's dangerous and real, but it will do very much to your personality.
Miko had a good talk with Jay. But after some time, they separated.
 Jay: - Miko, if you ever need me, come here, I live here.
Miko: - Sure.
Miko arrived to Panem. Ryan was pretty scared for Miko
Miko: - Ryan, we need to talk...Continued in chapter 2

Hunting the Unknown