Chapter 6:


Balancing the Scales: The Sage Hero's Story

As Kaz begins to wake up he realizes he isn’t under Saphana’s wing anymore, he could only guess Tasi snatched him up after he fell asleep. Tasi begins to wake up as well, Kaz pulls his head out of her shirt quietly shushes Tasi and whispers, “We can’t look even the slightest bit indecent when you-know-who wakes up, or we’ll both be in trouble.” Kaz winks at the naga and lies back down, still in her coils. Tasi wraps her arms around him in a hug and the two fell back asleep. An hour or so later, the two are awoken to a small gust of wind in their room. Saphana had gotten up already and was stretching her wings, looking for Kaz underneath her. She wanders around and spies him wrapped up in Tasi’s coils, comfortably dozing. Saphana smiles at the two and decides to go purchase some breakfast for the three of them. Bookmark here

She walks out as quietly as she can to avoid waking the two. The two of them weren’t actually asleep, they were merely pretending. They both open their eyes, Kaz gets up and heads to the bathroom, he is surprised to see the toilet is no more than a massive hole in the floor with a pit beneath it. He relieves himself in the pit and begins to undress. He removes his armor and with a clunk he sets it on the stone floor, he then grabs a washbasin and begins to wipe himself down with a damp rag he found beside the dragon sized tub. All of a sudden he feels a warm body against his bare back, a light purple arm reaches around and snatches the rag from him, he then hears a soft, seductive voice caress his right ear, "Let me wash your back for you."Bookmark here

After about half an hour the two emerge from the bathroom squeaky clean and worn out, they both sit down as they hear Saphana enter the room. She drops a burlap sack in front of the two, Kaz and Tasi both slowly get up and wander over towards her. Kaz empties the contents of the sack onto a raised stone. Saphana observed the two acting sluggishly, “Slept well you two? You both must still tuckered out from yesterday. That was a crazy day for all of us.” She grinned as she ate a few chunks of dried roast that came out of the sack. Kaz looks up at Saphana with a tired expression, “Huh?” he mumbles as he bites into a biscuit, Tasi cuts in. “Yeah, yeah! Yesterday was seriously crazy.” She spouts as she swallows a few hard boiled eggs whole. Kaz watches and is amazed, as the eggs go down her throat and vanish. Kaz laughs, “Reminds me of someone.” He chuckles as he glances towards Saphana. Kaz, feeling more awake now, sits up straight. “So, we’re going to fetch my car today.” Bookmark here

He says as he bites into his biscuit, Saphana and Tasi both look puzzled, but before they could speak Kaz continued. “Yes, I’m aware I told you it was a carriage. A car is a carriage, kind of.” He paused to shove the rest of the biscuit into his mouth. As he finished, he began explaining what exactly it was they were going to get. The ladies looked even more confused than before, Tasi spoke up first, “It's a carriage that needs no horse, and moves on its own? That can’t be, I may not be as smart as a dragon. But I am not that stupid.” She hissed. Saphana phoned in next, “I had seen it before, but I never imagined that what it was that important of an item.” She replies as she makes the last bit of meat vanish down her gullet. Bookmark here

The three stand up and prepare to depart. Saphana thanks the owner of the Inn as they walk out, then they all head back towards the cave where they had originally entered. Kaz asks the two if he could stop by the bookstore. The other two didn’t mind, the ladies stood outside the store as Kaz went in to see Ishvara before they set off. He looked around for Ishvara and found her eyeing books on the shelf mumbling a title, Kaz walked over and bent down. He quickly found the book she was looking for, he took it off the shelf and handed it up to her, “Is this the one?” Kaz inquired. Bookmark here

Ishvara lowered her head to his height and peered at the book really closely. “Why yes! That’s the one. Thank you dear. I could use a helpful hand around here, too bad you’re such a busybody. I’d hire a keen fellow like you in a heartbeat! Especially since I can’t see all too well anymore.” She smiled and scooped something up off her desk and laid a small chunk of a shiny silver ore in his hand. “Here, a tidbit of silver for helping this old dragon out. You are welcome here anytime Kaz!” she said with the kindest smile she could muster. Bookmark here

Kaz thanked her as he left the store and rejoined his waiting companions. As they both looked at him, he started to explain. “I can’t help it, Ishvara gives off that kind of grandmotherly feeling. She reminds me a lot of the grandmother I lost when I was little. I enjoy helping elderly people, they always have such neat stories to tell and are so smart. I wish I could help her out in some way.” Saphana and Tasi both give Kaz a sad look upon hearing the part about his grandmother. Tasi speaks up, “Saph is right, you really are a nice guy Kaz. Let’s get going to find your car, maybe there’s something in it you can give to Miss Ishvara as a gift.” Kaz nods in agreement, the trio pass through the cave entrance and find themselves in the giant meadow outside of Rath. Bookmark here

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