Chapter 1:

Moonlight Siren

Idol Mind

Kris drowned in the still-rotting deciduous leaves, listening to them crinkle in the cool winter night. His head was throbbing, his breath forming clouds of cheap beer in the pitch-black sky. The dress shirt and suit pants he was wearing weren't much protection in the cold, let alone his mud-soaked socks.

Then again, if anyone knew he, an internationally-renowned talk show host, was drunk and prostrating himself on the forest floor, he'd be a laughing stock for years to come. (The ratings for his show were abysmal, so it wasn't like there was much of his pride left to wound though.)

As his flaming red hair rose to meet the moon once more, a sudden movement caught his eye, causing him to dart behind a tree. However, when he peered out from behind said tree, he spotted a woman climbing on to a rock in the centre of the nearby lake. Pale lavender locks stuck to her back with dampness while her porcelain neckline glowed in the moon's gaze. Kris glanced downwards to spy her lilac dress clinging to her in regions he probably shouldn't have been able to see so clearly, so as he regained some semblance of sanity, his face regained some of its colour in shame.

The lavender-haired siren began to sing an ethereal tune as Kris made his escape, almost making him pity that he had to leave...
Just as the time on Amelie's smartphone changed to 7 am, a soft knocking began on her window.

She rolled out of bed and opened it to find a messy-haired brunette, not much older than her age of 18, outside her room, shivering. His white tunic and pants were miraculously close to clean, even though he was barefoot...

...wait. This was the fairy Quartz, right?

Why was he human?!

Just before she could scream, Quartz - or whoever he was - pressed a finger to his lips to silence her.
After she placed a chair at the window, the two sat awkwardly like a teller and a customer at a bank. The young man glanced around the room - there was a flat transmission box (what humans called a "TV") to one side, mounted on to the wall, but otherwise the walls were untouched pastel rose canvases. Closest to him was a white wooden table, covered in a mess of miscellaneous clothing and possessions, and now that she had removed the chair, the mess that had been on it had hit the floor. Amelie herself was slightly shorter than "Quartz" was now, her grey nightshirt and white pyjama pants making her look drab against her room.

Amelie broke the silence: "So, who are you and what are you doing here?" She knew she shouldn't have been speaking to strangers, but this human was too much like Quartz to ignore.

"I thought you knew me already - Quartz Gemray, Ember's friend." He pulled out an ultramarine rock from one of his pockets - he had to pinch it, because it was the size of his fingernail - and pressed it on to the blonde's forehead with an incantation...
Amelie saw a clichéd RPG wizard, complete with staff topped with a large gem (in this case it was what appeared to be a round amethyst), in a room that looked like the hollow of a large tree, zapping rainbow beams at any of the fairies who approached him.

"As your senior, I demand you find Desiree!" he boomed as he spotted Quartz enter.

"Desiree? She's been missing-" the younger fairy started.

"Just find her!" the wizard sulked, shooting a beam at him as well. Quartz landed on a plank of wood outside the tree, his body growing larger and his clothes growing alongside him. His white hair turned chestnut brown while his cicada-like wings shrunk, then vanished...
Amelie's eyes snapped open as the memory magic Quartz had just used wore off.


Idol Mind