Chapter 1:


Inside the head of Ikamui

Once Airi had got dressed and cleaned her teeth, she was just about to take off for school when a bird sawed through the open kitchen window. Airi jumped to help get the bird back outside by showing it the door and showing it the way, but it didn't pay any attention to her. Instead, the bird shot up the stairs and into Airis bedroom. She dashed up the stairs after the bird, but it was too fast. Once she'd finally found the bird, her wardrobe was half empty, and the curtains torn. Airi let out a squeal of shock as she noticed a small boy about middle school age sitting on her bed, legs crossed. She was in shock, so it took her a moment to realise that the bird had disappeared. Still in shock, she panics and shouts, "WHERE DID THE BIRD GO?" Her eyes darted from corner to corner, searching for the bird that had torn up her curtains and chucked all of her clothes out of the wardrobe.
A high-pitched voice said "I'm right here silly." 
Airi had completely forgotten about the boy sitting on her bed and collapsed from shock. 

About 20 minutes later Airi opened her eyes to stare at the ceiling, but sees the boy staring at her. She tries to let out a scream, but the boy covered her mouth so that all you could hear were muffled sounds. Once she had calmed down she finally asks "Who are you and where did you come from?"
He responds with "I'm Noboru and I come from the sky. Nice to meet you, Airi."
Airi opens her mouth, ready to speak, but gets interrupted by the sound of flapping wings. Suddenly, what seemed like 100's of birds came flying into the room. She jumped up from her lying position and backed up. 
Noboru takes a seat on the bed and says "It's ok they're like me."

"What do you mean they're like you? They're birds."
Noboru chuckles. "Haha, I am a bird, silly."
Airi was getting annoyed and asks "How did you get into my house?"
"Through the kitchen window. You even saw me."
Her eyes widened and the sound of the birds again interrupted attempts to speak.
After a few seconds of silence Airi says "So, you turned yourself into a human? And explain the mess."
"Yep! And about that..." Noboru turns into a bird and shoots out the door. 

To be continued.

Inside the head of Ikamui