Chapter 66:

065 – Anew Anew

Rainbow of the Horizon—Illuminating Our Darkened Path | Our World

062219, Saturday.Bookmark here

"Yawn~ Why are people ringing the doorbell this early…"Bookmark here

Today is Saturday, and this ought to be the time where I can finally sleep soundly as this is a weekend. I deserve to take a lot of rest after doing so much work before and after leaving for my flight three days ago. I have to be honest, I've only been working in that company for a year but they sure make you work a lot. Just before my pick up took me last Wednesday, I already went to work immediately without even getting to drop my baggage in this complex house. And I even had to do requisite cleaning here.Bookmark here

But speaking of this complex house; my word, this place is so empty. I'm supposed to have two housemates at this point, but they just ended up dilly-dallying in some hot spring inn somewhere in northern Cotona. At the end of the day, a complex house with only one person living here is just too big for me. I just hope that they come soon. And I haven't even seen Ichika-san for a while.Bookmark here

‹Kaizo Ryuuya›Bookmark here

I realized that this is actually the first time that I'm living in this house, and here in Queen Street to boot. I had to live in an apartment away from Yugare-san so that I can completely absorb the life here in my fourth year in high school two years ago. At this point, I can't even remember how I managed to live alone when I was still under the extreme grief.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Still with my half-open eyes and unkempt hair, I opened the door and saw an unfamiliar face as expected. The man does not seem to look like a deliveryman, but he is holding a box without any receipt from logistics. Instead, what was written on top of the box is my name.Bookmark here

"You are Mr. Kaizo Ryuuya, right? I'm very sorry that it seems like I interrupted your sleep."Bookmark here

"Ah, no. That's fine. I can always go back to sleep."Bookmark here

"Wait, why am I even telling him that…"Bookmark here

"Anyway, here is a package for you," he handed it immediately, "well then, I will be on my way."Bookmark here

He just comes and goes…Bookmark here

I was honestly quite frustrated, though. Thus, I dropped the box on the living room without even looking and went back to my room to continue my slumber.Bookmark here

After that, I woke up at 10.Bookmark here

I realized that I indeed woke up late, so I immediately grabbed my phone in expectations that I will get messages from work. Thankfully, the notifications are nonexistent.Bookmark here

I was a little stubborn that I still haven't opted to see what's inside the box, and decided that I will see through it after breakfast. Now I'm only remembering that last night was finally my chance to install the TV that was long disconnected from the antenna. At last I can find some entertainment for my lonely self. And while an uninteresting morning talk show began, I finally pulled the box close to me.Bookmark here

Lovely, the tape is amazing. Not even a speck of adhesive residue stuck on the cardboard. Upon opening it, a set of clothes that are still sealed in a plastic bag appeared on the uppermost overlap inside. Taking it off from the bag, it appeared to be a black-collared, white button down top with a black accent on the right hem.Bookmark here

Seeing that, things finally sunk in. This was sent to me from Blue Ink High School. I see that the uniforms did not change that much.Bookmark here

Further in the box, there was even a manual about the department I'm taking as a cover-up. I also immediately noticed a silver pin, but what struck me the most is the worry that I feel like something is missing from the package. I swear that there should be a pair of counter earpieces here.Bookmark here

In an immediate need of inquiry, I called the number of Gin, and he answered immediately.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

But what Kaizo did not know is that on this time of this very day, Gin and the club is already working in the mural, but he is still dozing off, standing, with a brush on his hand. However, he still had the ability to answer the phone and responded:Bookmark here

"Justice had long extinguished the loud screams of the murderer…" Gin said, on a seemingly drunk, but actually sleepy tone.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Crept out, I immediately ended the call.Bookmark here

For what I know, I didn't think that Gin's stupidity will be at this level. Really, he's too old to experience chuunibyou, and why now of all the years?Bookmark here

Suddenly, my phone rang on Ringo's name.Bookmark here

"Hello, Akanami-san? It really has been a while."Bookmark here

"Indeed, Ryuuya-san. But I'm really sorry about Gin just now. I made sure that I made his right cheek swell. I'm proud to say that he immediately passed out."Bookmark here

"I'm getting deja vu…"Bookmark here

"Umm, Akanami-san… that’s supposed to wake him up, not to put him to sleep…"Bookmark here

"But I heard that you're wondering about the incident two years ago. I guess we owe the people of Anew an explanation."Bookmark here

"Yes, I would definitely appreciate it."Bookmark here

So apparently, the sound wave amplification was indeed an artificial deed caused by Orio's underworld that is now extinguished. She also mentioned that the hitman, Teardrop, was the one that implanted the device to target rehabilitated men. Subsequently, the issue was resolved before last school year's end. Thus, the silver pin served as a replacement to that.Bookmark here

*beep*Bookmark here

Listlessly lying down on the couch, I carefully gazed on what was in the coffee table—which is a pill. Yes, Anew Company is finally able to replicate ReL*FE's fictional system when it comes to the age manipulation, which is now in the form of a pill.Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

I'll be 17 for the second time, huh… I wonder how life was when I was a third year student."Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

June 24.Bookmark here

"My name is Kaizo Ryuuya. I am an exchange student from the North. I will be studying in this department for the whole school year.Bookmark here

I will be in your care," and thus I bowed in front.Bookmark here

"Even if he came from overseas, Ryuuya-san here already had prior experience of Orio and this school as he was once a student here," a very familiar teacher added.Bookmark here

"I will be in your care again, Kiiro-sen."Bookmark here

"So you're still going to call me that…?"Bookmark here

I have successfully entered the Blue Ink High School once again. Aside from that fact that Principal Taketo Juushiro can really make phenomenal changes in this school, I'm greatly surprised that this unique senior high school system is implemented with such detail. As part of a permitted infiltration by a 27 year-old Anew agent, dressed as 17, I of course took the Business Management course. Or as what they commonly call the class as S2BM. I expected that a controversial system will not be greatly accepted fast. In total, we are just 19 students in this class…Bookmark here

Including this year's subject of change.Bookmark here

Strictly referring from my memory from almost two years ago, he really shows a resemblance. However, they are biologically twins, but their resemblance does not go the extent of most identical twins.Bookmark here

Although, I already see a big problem—it is the look from his eyes. I have seen that myself, from myself. Those somewhat dead, but angered eyes are something that I have seen in front of a mirror when I was in my lowest. I was swallowed too much by depression, that I had violent thoughts in my head. As much as I hope that it is not a similar case, some of my mind says otherwise. From a first-person case such as mine, I can't help but think that this will bring about trouble.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

"Excuse me, Mr. Principal. May I come in now?"Bookmark here

"Of course, please do."Bookmark here

I was suddenly called out for a direct summon in the principal's office while I stupidly wandered around the school, thinking that I will see someone familiar. I had quickly forgotten that the most I know are in the mountains with Ichika-san and Kamichi-san coincidentally. In the end, no one in my class or in anywhere did I see remnants of the old Class 4A.Bookmark here

"Greetings for a good day, Principal Juushiro."Bookmark here

"It is nice seeing you again in my school, Kaizo Ryuuya-san."Bookmark here

"O-Oh?!" a quite handsome man near the principal turned around and took a good long look at me.Bookmark here

I immediately thought of what is a guy in my… or this body's age, doing inside the office of the principal.Bookmark here

"Oh, Ryuuya-san! So you're finally here for the observation?" he stood and went beside the main desk.Bookmark here

"Ah, in case you're wondering," the principal said, "I'm quite sure that you have more than met my son. He's now my secretary."Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

W-Wait… You're Akira-san?!"Bookmark here

"I guess I changed a bit…"Bookmark here

"Well, now that you have shifted his attention, I suppose that we should start this briefing now. Please have a seat wherever you want to. We also have coffee here."Bookmark here

"Thank you very much.Bookmark here

Then I shall start. Once again, I am Kaizo Ryuuya, an agent from Anew Company that is now biologically influenced by the appearance-shifting drug that is the Facade.Bookmark here

As what I have been told, the administration of this school had prior permitted our company to perform our observations. As for what happened in the past, I would like to humbly apologize from concealing the fact that we are adults."Bookmark here

"The board members had already sent their apology long ago. Now, we're working side by side."Bookmark here

"Furthermore, we had an agreement that the observation subject will be in the name of Marcel Rodriguez from Class S2BM. Our independent inquiries had led us to the following information:Bookmark here

Marcel Rodriguez is directly affiliated by blood with the expelled student—Marcus Rodriguez that committed a heinous crime in spite of being a minor. Currently, the latter is still under the juvenile rehabilitation program, and is doing well in his present life. Now he is influenced by conformity after seeing the character and identity of Joseph Horach that was unraveled by the Exiles.Bookmark here

Now, Marcel is gradually showing signs of delinquency from when he became a first year."Bookmark here

"And this may be new to you, Ryuuya-san," Akira butted in, "but Marcus was actually sporting martial arts—mainly taekwondo. And you may now have an idea on what happened with our class representative now."Bookmark here

"…"Bookmark here

"The principal and I also did our own research about this case. We are fortunate enough that the mother of the person in question was fine with being an interviewee.Bookmark here

Apparently, Marcel used to admire his twin brother because of his physicality, and that he strove to get on his sibling's level which he did. But Marcus, who you mentioned that is still in juvenile rehab, has turned to a new leaf and now values the morals. It however triggered Marcel-san's disappointment, and distanced himself, seeing that the character he admired is gone."Bookmark here

"Yes, but not only that, since Marcus Rodriguez is still a minor, his father, Jack Rodriguez had to take responsibility in the court, and took all the sanctions with him. In that event, it also pushed Marcel's hatred further.Bookmark here

And just so we're clear, I did not agree with this observation because of the name of my school. I established this system that I devised myself to lead my students away from too much of strata and elitism. I agreed to this because humans are not an all-knowing that can make people change. I knew in the first place, that I can't do this with my own abilities.Bookmark here

And so, I will forever be thankful for Anew and its objectives irregardless of the past."Bookmark here

"Yes. We are also grateful for your cooperation.Bookmark here

But on the other hand, the company also surveyed the surroundings outside of school. His utmost delinquency may not be apparent inside the campus, but it was very notorious outside. To our current reports, we gathered that there are 19 brawls that happened around three sectors. All of those cases involved small gangs in the middle of free for all. What was strange is that one person single-handedly took down each and individual groups. And there's the fact that he leaves unscathed.Bookmark here

There are eyewitnesses that said that Marcel Rodriguez's face matched what they saw, and there are even photos that were taken. But fortunately, those brawls did not say anything about the recently obliterated underworld."Bookmark here

"Hahh… it's nice to know that we're not dealing with bombs and knives this time. Thank goodness it was not a Teardrop-level threat. Ryuuya-san, I will assure that we will guarantee your safety while you are a student in this school. As I don't want the case of Akaji Mashido to happen again, I will tighten the security of the school from behind the scenes, just like how I did two years ago.Bookmark here

You are now dismissed."Bookmark here

I bowed and left the room.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

It has been a few days of my observation, and as I have expected, the subject is not doing anything out of the ordinary. Compared to my term, I was a way worse student in terms of my behavior. But in fact, I have observed that he has proper utilization of knowledge as he is doing well with his studies.Bookmark here

But as I am an observer, I can't do the normal things that a normal student does. However I can quickly understand the concepts of the lessons, I had to act a little academically inept.Bookmark here

"Marcel-san, do you have a minute?"Bookmark here

"Hmm? What is it?"Bookmark here

"I'm having a little bit of trouble in this part of the table. How should I compute it again?"Bookmark here

"Geez. I've already taught you how. Well, not like it bothers me."Bookmark here

"Oh… Now I understand. Thanks a lot, Marcel-san."Bookmark here

"I hope you really do."Bookmark here

"If I have more questions, I might stop by to where you are at lunch."Bookmark here

"Sure, sure. Do what you want."Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

July 5.Bookmark here

Today, I am working out in the field. Literally outside the school, that is.Bookmark here

This might be the most dangerous assignment I have had, as I am going to observe Marcel-san's actions… in the middle of the night. As tonight is still Friday, he has a lot of time to spare since it is weekend the next day. I have already informed the school administration about this, and they agreed to deploy people that will guard me. But I don't see anyone that is supposed to be watching.Bookmark here

And now I find myself near a dark and abandoned warehouse with this black hood I have when I was following him. It was however really hard to see what was going on inside, apart from hearing several footsteps that broke the silence. Then, a flashlight lit up a bit of the darkness. The place really looked like it has been unused for many years, that rubble and pipes are scattered all over the floor. Marcel-san was indeed standing in the middle of the warehouse, while there are eight people a few meters away from him.Bookmark here

Suddenly, he spoke.Bookmark here

"I have the money. Give me the goods now."Bookmark here

(!)Bookmark here

He stretched out his arm, and on his hand is a stack of a thousand Laxes that probably counts to more than fifty.Bookmark here

"I ain't handing this cash if you don't give me what I want."Bookmark here

"Tch. No need to be mad, pal. Here, check it first."Bookmark here

"What?! Is that…?!"Bookmark here

A man from the group of eight threw a sealed plastic bag packed with something white… Perhaps… it was a white powder or crystals inside.Bookmark here

In the event that the ‘whatever’ substance it is, is still in the air, Marcel-san strenuously stomped. A metal pipe then flew up and bashed away the bag until it landed on a wall and scattered the powder to he rubble.Bookmark here

"O-Oi…! Do you know what you just did, punk?!"Bookmark here

"I don't have a single care about that stupid trash. I didn't even touch it, so it's not illegal possession, right?"Bookmark here

"You… You bastard…!!"Bookmark here

And shoot… another fight just started. Actually, no. I wouldn't even call this a mere fight!Bookmark here

I can see knives shining on the light, but they were just followed by the sound of it dropping, and the painful grunting from inside. It may just go to say that the information we gathered was indeed true about a rogue leaving the scene without a wound.Bookmark here

*BANG*Bookmark here

One, two, three, four… I just heard four consecutive gunfire. But in the midst of all that, there was nothing that I saw aside from the sparks. It was as if Marcel-san is a nocturnal that can see through the dark; he was eyeing them down to the ground one by one. The gun was eventually dropped, and then…Bookmark here

I heard something crack three times…Bookmark here

Bookmark here

By that time, I was unable to walk or even move my legs. I was petrified, and frightened if I were to be found out in this place. I don't know what is going to happen to me if that happens. But however scared I was, and knowing that there is nothing that I can do for the time being, I immediately covered the entirety of my face so as to not be found out with my identity.Bookmark here

I breathed in and out continuously and felt that the trembling of my knees stopped. Promptly, I stood up and quickly walked without producing any sound as much as possible.Bookmark here

"Hey, you. Turn around or you'll not see the sunrise again," a voice from behind me spoke as if it penetrated and echoed in my skull.Bookmark here

All that I got to do is stop and flinch, instead of making a run for it. But even before I accepted what was going to happen to me, another arm wrapped around my neck… but I was not being strangled at all. There are another two men that appeared.Bookmark here

"You dare make a move on our target, and who knows what I will also do to you."Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

Tsk. Get lost."Bookmark here

I was carried by the man on his shoulder while they sprinted away from the place. As I managed not to pass out, I saw that we've gotten at least a kilometer away from the warehouse. I was then put down by the man.Bookmark here

"Are you alright, Mr. Ryuuya? Umm, -san?"Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

"We're very sorry about what happened earlier. We can't think of any way to get ourselves out of that place."Bookmark here

"Uhhhhh…?"Bookmark here

"Please do not worry. We were the guards that the principal sent to watch over you."Bookmark here

Now that I'm clearly seeing it, the two men are wearing white masks…Bookmark here

"Exiles…?"Bookmark here

"Yes. We are indeed the nameless. But thank goodness, we came out of that in one piece."Bookmark here

"Ah. Oh, yeah… Thank you very much for saving me earlier."Bookmark here

"We're glad that we're of help."Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

And now… I find myself bedridden in this room so late in the morning. I am pretty sure that I had so much sleep, and that I landed immediately to bed last night, yet I feel extremely tired.Bookmark here

Finding the courage to get up, I made breakfast and quickly turned the TV on. Of course, there is no more news after 10am. I then took the daily newspaper while also browsing the social media. There was not a headline about what happened last night. It is surprising that eight gang members that are so beat up and… fractured to not be in the news.Bookmark here

But actually… I am much more worried about the Blue Ink High. I realized, I really do not know anything about Taketo Juushirou-san, and that seeing what happened last night, he immediately became full of mysteries.Bookmark here

"Hello, Ichika-san?"Bookmark here

"Hey, hey. Sup, Kaizo-kyun?"Bookmark here

"How are you there?"Bookmark here

"Things are very fine here! I'm so happy that I have such a concerned boyfriend!"Bookmark here

"Oh, yeah? Be thankful that I am that guy, then. And lower your voice. It isn't even noon yet. By the way, I saw the picture you sent me. You look great in their yukata."Bookmark here

"Ehehe… Praise me more! Praise me more!"Bookmark here

Hearing her like that, I nearly let out a laugh.Bookmark here

"No."Bookmark here

"Eh? Then why did you call? Surely you didn't just call for no reason?"Bookmark here

"Ahahaha… You sure got that right. I'm just so stressed out with work. The subject is hard to deal with. I need to take a breather while I can. If only I can see you right now."Bookmark here

"Well, too bad for you, we still have a week or two here! Be sure to clean the place before we move in!"Bookmark here

"Yeah, yeah. It's also better if I tell you stories personally than through phone."Bookmark here

"Do you still have work?"Bookmark here

"Not really. My weekends are for day-off but I still sort out things like agenda for the subject. I need to monitor him regularly, alright."Bookmark here

"Ohhh. Sound's rough. But if you're busy, I'll have to hang up."Bookmark here

"Don't mind it. Love you."Bookmark here

"Love you too! Kyun kyun~!"Bookmark here

*beep*Bookmark here

"…"Bookmark here

Seriously, I think I made the right choice of choosing Ichika-san as my partner. We're so much of an opposite, yet she still brings out a lively side from me. She brightens me up whenever I'm on a low, and I can never get tired when I'm with her, even if she has so much energy.Bookmark here

While I was inclined in that thought, I wondered why of all the people did I look for the principal's contact just when I dubbed him mysterious.Bookmark here

"Hello, Principal Juushiro? Are you busy?"Bookmark here

"Hmm, no? I'm at home."Bookmark here

"Can I ask you something then?"Bookmark here

"Ugh…! Why do people stance to ask something when they are already asking…?!"Bookmark here

"I'm sorry…"Bookmark here

"No, nevermind that. What is it?"Bookmark here

"Is it early for a man to propose when a couple only has a year of relationship?"Bookmark here

"Go do your work."Bookmark here

*beep*Bookmark here

He is mysterious… yet he is by no means a bad person.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

And in the recent, but similar fashion, I am with him even in lunch break as a guise to observing him. After seeing how he really acts outside the school, or as a night prowler, it really felt like I am talking to a different person.Bookmark here

"Oh, right, Marcel-san. Did you feel like Kiiro-sen was hinting of something earlier in class? You know, we're studying a lot in capital and finances, but I think that he's emphasizing a lot about business."Bookmark here

"Are you an idiot? No, you're an idiot. Of course we're studying business management. Are you thinking that we're going to learn about dry aging meat? Man, you're lost. Go home."Bookmark here

"Ahahahaha. I guess I was kind of saying it generally. Sorry."Bookmark here

"He sure doesn't add sugar to his words…"Bookmark here

"Excuse me, is there anyone sitting here?" a student with his cafeteria plate asked if he can sit on our table.Bookmark here

"Ah, there's no one. You can sit with us."Bookmark here

Minutes passed while the two of us chat idly while it just felt like the other student's presence was slowly disappearing. But then he spoke.Bookmark here

"You are the exchange student in BM, right?"Bookmark here

"That's right. My name is Kaizo Ryuuya."Bookmark here

"Oh. So that's how it is. Our class has a half Japanese. He mentioned that you are friends."Bookmark here

"Are you perhaps talking about Gin Sakato-san?"Bookmark here

"Well, yes. By the way, I am Ryota Mizuno, from the VA class. I'm also one of Gin's friends."Bookmark here

"I've heard that their club is out for a client work. Have they come back already?"Bookmark here

"I think they'll come back in a few days, or next week."Bookmark here

"I see."Bookmark here

Our conversation was suddenly interrupted with Marcel-san abruptly standing up from his seat.Bookmark here

"Ryuuya-san, let's go," he sounded somewhat mad.Bookmark here

"Ah, right.Bookmark here

It's nice talking to you, Mizuno-san."Bookmark here

"Same to you, Ryuuya-san."Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

"Why do you look so grumpy, Marcel-san?"Bookmark here

"Any minute, I may have already punched that guy in his face."Bookmark here

"Eh? I hope that you're aware that you'll just make a scene if you do that!"Bookmark here

"I know that already! If I didn't stand up, I may have already socked him."Bookmark here

"Why though?"Bookmark here

"That guy… He just makes me so angry when I saw his face and his body language. It's like my head is telling me that I hate everything about that guy."Bookmark here

"What… Mizuno-san doesn't look like a bad person."Bookmark here

"Well, I can't imagine him doing the same thing as what Marcel-san does—beating up anyone and all."Bookmark here

A sneeze came from the cafeteria.Bookmark here

"Ah… Though his eyes really looked a little sharp.Bookmark here

But please don't harbor any ill feelings just because of mere gut feeling. I know to myself what happens when I get mad. Even I'm short tempered."Bookmark here

As for this day's observation, I have finally concluded that he has an extremely short fuse. I can frankly imagine him snapping at any time of the day with his potential of lashing out everywhere. It may be that his anger is slowly becoming uncontrollable, and that his judgement is fading out. In the worst possible scenario, his anger may turn out to be a mental complication if not immediately regulated.Bookmark here

It has been made clear what he ought to reorganize in his mind, heart, and body.Bookmark here

Worried as I may be about his condition, I am very thankful that he had managed to contain himself for more than a month. But with very similar observations on a regular basis, his behavior did not change until present time.Bookmark here

But in the middle of August, Gin who had long returned suddenly called me out of the blue.Bookmark here

"Hello, Kaizo."Bookmark here

"Good day, Gin. It really has been a while since we last talked over the phone."Bookmark here

"Yeah, it really has been a while since we last talked."Bookmark here

"And I just realized that we haven't seen each other in school.Bookmark here

So, are you calling to check up on Marcel Rodriguez-san?"Bookmark here

"Well, it's not about him, but you're close. I just want to say that it was a good idea not to pick Rena Azuki as an observation subject."Bookmark here

"I would guess that you've discovered her history. But what do you mean?"Bookmark here

"I can confidently say that there is nothing for her to be changed. There is absolutely no need for a restart."Bookmark here

Somehow, I felt a sense of relief.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

A certain day in September.Bookmark here

‹Gin›Bookmark here

"We're off…!" I exclaimed in front of the Akanami household.Bookmark here

"For a wife, Sis, you really know how to do your schedule that you even got a specific time to visit your family."Bookmark here

"Nah. You're overthinking it, lil bro. I really just want to visit and have breakfast with them. Besides, it's weekend so you and Ringo don't go to school today.Bookmark here

Anyway, how are things with her? It's been a few since the anniversary of the accident. I hope you two are not so stuck up with that."Bookmark here

"That's not really the case. If not progressing much with our relationship, we're still the same. Rin recently has been a believer of the present rather than the past or future. Well, I can say that I'm happy with how things are between us."Bookmark here

"Well, that's good to know. But tell me in advance if you need Hiro for advice. You know that he'll gladly talk those things with you."Bookmark here

"Hold it right there, Sis. We're just two years in the 20th."Bookmark here

"Hahahahaha…! You really can't take a joke when it comes to that!"Bookmark here

"Well, of course! I'm not that much of a grown-up. I'm not yet even 20."Bookmark here

"Wow. Now it sounds weird that you are six years younger than me when it should be seven or eight."Bookmark here

"Yeah. Who even ages by two years in five days?"Bookmark here

"You."Bookmark here

"I know that already."Bookmark here

"By the way, the new cook will be starting today, right?"Bookmark here

"Oh. You're right about that. I forgot that I wasn't in the interview of the applicant. All I know is that it is a woman."Bookmark here

"Yeah. But even I haven't seen her yet."Bookmark here

"Well, Sean also wasn't there since you two are on the number-crunching. I really think that the restaurant needs more people on the desks."Bookmark here

"Jean is applying next year, right?"Bookmark here

"He won't always be with a calculator and keyboard, though. You know that knives can't calculate profit, right?"Bookmark here

"Unless you're Teardrop?"Bookmark here

"Stahp."Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

"My name is Yuzuri Kamichi, and I will be the new addition in this kitchen's crew. I will be in your care from now on."Bookmark here

"…"Bookmark here

(¯―¯٥)Bookmark here

Great. Now this place is full of funny people.Bookmark here

And with her quick introduction done, Yuzuri-san did not immediately go to work, but had to watch how things work in Giotto's South's kitchen for the half-day as ordered by the bossman. What Yuzuri-san did not know is that Hiro and Sean knows about her job and her former one. Well… I don't know if it's alright for someone to have two full time jobs. But she of course went through the assessment in the kitchen required to apply, but it didn't convince Hiro knowing that it has been a few years since Yuzuri-san quit her job in the aforementioned luxury hotel.Bookmark here

But the half-day of her observation ended, and I got to talk to her in our break. And just so you know, being a chef in this restaurant doesn't necessarily mean that I still make my own lunch here, although that's plenty okay to do.Bookmark here

"Ara, is that bento made by Ringo-chan?"Bookmark here

"Yes… but it's just because of the occasion since her sister visited home, so she also has one."Bookmark here

And to make things clear, finally, this country is open to people's opinion of what culture they wish to adapt. To think that this country has existed for centuries, it is surprising that it hasn't led to disagreements or civil wars, if there's nothing worse than that. So, the culture of Orio and the North is coexisting in my mind and my actions. Mentioning bento right in my face is not surprising anymore.Bookmark here

"By the way, you might have met her already since she also works here."Bookmark here

"Oh? Though I don't know anyone here with the same surname."Bookmark here

"That's because her last name is Katsuto now."Bookmark here

"Really? So Yuna-san is actually head chef's wife?"Bookmark here

"I kinda pushed her to work here since she resigned on her former job after getting married.Bookmark here

I have to say, though. She and her father are really alike. In her and her father's fashion of being overly assertive, Yuna is my sister-in-law… perhaps."Bookmark here

"Though I can see you also being like that just now. Fufu."Bookmark here

"Hahh… I can't deny that…"Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

"So Yuzuri-san, is the reason why you're post-Facade appearance is of the same age as me is just to apply here for work?"Bookmark here

"You certainly got that right, Gin-kun."Bookmark here

Yes, her outward appearance is that of a 20 year-old.Bookmark here

"But is this really okay to your company?"Bookmark here

"I've already done three years of observation terms, so I opted to be an irregular in the company, while at the same time, I'm also an irregular student at Blue Ink in your CA class."Bookmark here

"Well, yeah. You easily befriended Rena. But please don't mention anything about her past to her. I know that your company legally gathers information, but you can get in trouble with that, in an outsider's point of view."Bookmark here

"That is true. But I'm surprised that you know what her circumstances are."Bookmark here

"So Kaizo didn't tell you. But we're also friends along with her husband. Rin is closer with that family, however."Bookmark here

"You know, if you two are going to talk about matters regarding Anew, at least lower your voice," Hiro suddenly entered the staff room.Bookmark here

"H-Head chef?! Were you listening?" Yuzuri san was startled.Bookmark here

"Cat's out of the bag," I then sighed. "Hiro is actually a close subordinate of the principal, so there's no problem with that."Bookmark here

"Oh my goodness… Thank you for telling me, Gin-kun."Bookmark here

"Anyway, do you have news about Kaizo's subject? We're not really in contact these days. I thought that he is resting for the night, but I guess he is still busy."Bookmark here

"About that…"Bookmark here

"I don't think it's necessary to tell him that he is being scolded by Ichika for going in dangerous places…"Bookmark here

"Marcel-san is quite a troublesome subject… Way troublesome, actually. I don't think Ryuuya-san can handle him in our normal ways in the company.Bookmark here

You see… He's actually the reason of the recent take-downs of gangs here in Cotona."Bookmark here

"Ugh… Not with violent people again…"Bookmark here

"But I've heard that he is always being guarded by Exiles from the shadows."Bookmark here

"Ohhh. Is that so? Is that so?"Bookmark here

"Uhh… Why do you suddenly look so excited, Gin-kun?"Bookmark here

"I guess I'll give it a shot at guarding him at least once."Bookmark here

"Ahh… I guess I always get excited when I hear about Exiles."Bookmark here

"You don't look very surprised about what Marcel-san does, though."Bookmark here

"Well, Cotona had Joseph Horach nearly wreaking havoc, and Teardrop was out there assassinating, but he's now gone. If anything, what he's doing doesn't seem so big. He's taking out several gangs, but I can't sit tight if his intentions aren't unfolded."Bookmark here

"I think it is better to talk about that with Ryuuya-san."Bookmark here

"Yes. But I as Gin Sakato can't help him since it will be outside interference, even if I'm a company affiliate. I wonder what I should do."

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