Chapter 1:

Chapter One

Detective Otaku

Izaya Tsunemori was working at his desk at 9 PM. He was listening to his Anime playlist on his phone when he received a phone call.

"Whoever's calling better have something important to say I have to get this work done before I can take my break for the Winter," He thought to himself 

He looked at his phone and saw that the person ringing was Decim Akabane.

"Decim, it's been a while, I should catch up with him over the break relive the glory days of binging anime till our brains fried"

He answers the phone "Hey Decim, how you doing"
"Izaya, listen I need your help man"
"What's wrong, did someone steal your figurine collection" He joked thinking about how impossible that would be
"If only it were that simple, listen I'm afraid for my life here, I think someone might be trying to kill me"
"You know how ridiculous you sound man, but if it makes you feel better I'll be on break starting tomorrow, I can be at your place early in the morning, no one would have the audacity to kill you with me in the house"
"Thanks, man I knew I could count on you"
"Alright I'll see you tomorrow Izaya"
"See ya"

Izaya went back to work after that and managed to finish up his work. He was out of the office by 11 PM. He went home stripped out of his clothes, turned lights off in his room and read some manga by lamplight till he decided to go to sleep.

 He got up at 8 AM the next morning. He had a shower and got dressed in black pants and a black button-up shirt. He walked out into his kitchen and had breakfast, consisting of jam on toast and coffee with milk and two sugars, while he watched the morning news. He went back into his room after finishing his breakfast and packed a bag with clothes and other essentials.

"Decim is probably just being paranoid, but I'll indulge him if it means I can chill with him at his house" He mused

He walked out of his apartment locking the door behind him. He descended to the building's garage. He hopped into his small hatchback car, throwing his bag in the backseat he drove out of the garage and onto the city roads. He made his way out of the city and was only twenty minutes away from Decim's, he was making good time as it was only just closing in on 10 AM.

He rolled up into the driveway of Decims house, though it could hardly be called a house it was a traditional mansion that took up over half an acre. Decim came from a long line of accountants and he was probably the most talented. He'd have to be otherwise there'd be no explanation as to how he could afford the house and his collection without going bankrupt. Izaya walked up and knocked on the front door, the woman who answered it was strange and beautiful with long black hair and big pool-like eyes that a man could drown in.

"Can I help you?" she asked
"Hi I'm Izaya Tsunemori, I'm a friend of Decim is he in"
"He hasn't gotten up yet, I'm Mei his cousin"
"Nice to meet you, do you mind if I come in"
"Not at all if you can prove you are who you say you are "

Izaya dug out his badge from his pocket and showed it to her.

"Decim didn't mention he knew any policeman"
"He probably wouldn't we don't like talking about work, I find his too boring and he finds mine a bit gross, I'm a Homicide detective, apologies about what I said about accounting though"
"Don't be I also find it boring, which is why I ditched  the family tradition and went into medicine, its doctor Mei Akabane, you can come in now"

Izaya took off his shoes and walked into the house of his friend and walked down the hallway to Decim's bedroom the second on the left. He knocked on the door and was greeted by a loud annoyed groaning.

He pulled open the door and shouted "Hey Decim"

Decim shot out of bed still wearing his sleeping kimono.

"Izaya you nearly gave me a heart attack"
"I'm sorry man, it's good to see you, now let's talk about this paranoia of yours"
"I'm sorry about worrying you about that, truth is I've been far too many psychological anime lately, combined with me nearly being hit by a car the other day as well as seeing the same van a lot made me a bit paranoid, but after watching some clean-cut shonen titles last night to clear my head I feel a lot better"

Izaya and Decim practically leapt out of their skins when they heard a loud feminine scream from the room next door. Izaya and Decim ran out to see what was going on and they saw a man lying in the room next door with a knife sticking out of his throat. Mei had been the one who had screamed, she was kneeling in the hall outside the room crying.

"Decim who is that"
"That's my cousin Shou, he was visiting from out of town, Izaya please tell me i was just being paranoid and this has nothing to do with me"
"I can't lie to you man, no matter how much I wish it was true, someone is trying to kill you but they got your cousin instead"

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