Chapter 0:


The Night is Ours

If you'd told me yesterday that I would find myself with a brand new power, I would probably laugh at the thought.Bookmark here

Of course, never would I have imagined to find myself in a dimly lit, cramped room with a small dagger as my weapon, and a power that I didn't know how to use yet.Bookmark here

With nowhere to go, I found myself cornered by this disgusting creation of mine. The off-putting brown mess released a smell that resembled that of rotting meat, and a sound similar to a clogged toilet. Almost like a cruel joke to dissuade me, it had a square hat on it's head. With just the small weapon and a watch as my only tools to defeat this thing, a wave of immense fear fell upon me.Bookmark here

I could feel the handle slipping from my hand as my palms dripped with sweat. Yet, I found myself struggling to calm down. My heart raced as I attempted to grip the dagger hard with my shaking fist.Bookmark here

My eyes darted around this thing. I needed a way through. Maybe even a way out. However, these thoughts were to no avail. This slimy, ginormous creature made this small room feel even more cramped than it already was.Bookmark here

Could this be enough? Despite only being small in length, I must have been given it for a reason. In my mind, however, I couldn't see how I'd make it out unharmed - let alone make it out alive.Bookmark here

My fear was still holding me back. Just the sight of this monster was enough to make me feel sick. Is this disgusting thing what the inside of my mind is like?Bookmark here

Is this how I really feel?Bookmark here

Suddenly, the thing spoke. It's voice was sickness inducing alone.Bookmark here

"Do you really think you can cut out such a big part of you? After all these years, the wasted effort, don't you think that's part of what makes you?"Bookmark here

His vile words struck me like a snake's bite. Toxicity that I could feel poisoning deep inside me.Bookmark here

Yet... part of me couldn't find the place to disagree. No matter how many times I fail...Bookmark here

No.Bookmark here

It isn't all black and white.Bookmark here

I could feel my resolve strengthen inside of me, as I gripped the dagger with all of my strength. The fear was dissolving into an intense anger of which I'd never felt before in my entire life.Bookmark here

I took a deep breath.Bookmark here

"So what if I fail so much? At least I-"Bookmark here

A greasy, brown tentacle shot out of the body of the creature, wrapping round me faster than I could even react. The tentacle was so tight that any resistance was futile against it.Bookmark here

Suddenly, I found myself thrown across the room at a speed I could barely comprehend. A brief moment of fear was suddenly forced out of me as I felt my body smash against the brick walls of this room. I collapsed to the ground in a coughing fit. My back ached from the force.Bookmark here

However, I hadn't given up yet. This wasn't even close to the end.Bookmark here

I quickly caught my breath, and looked back up to see the beast in my face.Bookmark here

"Accept it. You will never succeed. When was the last time you got a good score?"Bookmark here

That one sentence was enough to piss me off. I was determined now, and nothing he could say would change my mind.Bookmark here

If I wanted to change the part I like the least about myself, the first thing I needed to do was overcome this.Bookmark here

I looked down at my watch. A fairly normal watch, but the hands were a shade of light blue, almost like the sky. The only difference is, the watch only had 5 numbers on it, and they were slowly counting down.Bookmark here

I had one minute left. I had to end this now.Bookmark here

My eyes began to dart around the dimly lit room again. There was still no way to get behind him.Bookmark here

I had only one option.Bookmark here

In my mind, I knew this would be a risky idea. Maybe, I just needed the courage to go ahead with this.Bookmark here

Or maybe, it was just plain stupid.Bookmark here

I propelled myself straight towards the beast. Although I wasn't exactly the fastest, I had somewhat good agility.Bookmark here

Within my first step, another slimy tentacle shot out of the thing, but this time, I was prepared. With a swift strike, I spun on my heel and grabbed it with my bare hand. With the other hand, I forced the dagger through it, making a horrible noise that reminded me of the gurgling of sewage.Bookmark here

The monster let out a horrible scream as it's tentacle collapsed to the floor, but I didn't have time to be distracted, or show mercy.Bookmark here

This thing was a manifestation of my greatest insecurity.Bookmark here

And I can't let it be the thing that stops me on my tracks.Bookmark here

I took a short moment to catch my breath again, before I forced myself towards the beast. It had gotten more erratic, and was shooting out tentacles randomly in an attempt to prevent something.Bookmark here

Luckily, that sudden change was an opening for me, and I managed to reach the body.Bookmark here

However, there wasn't long left. I needed to act fast.Bookmark here

Holding the dagger's handle in both hands, I raised the dagger above my head, before swiftly forcing it into the beast.Bookmark here

Yet, it didn't even puncture the slime.Bookmark here

I tried again, and again, to no avail. I could feel myself getting desperate.Bookmark here

There was only 20 seconds left. The room was flickering. I was about to go back to reality.Bookmark here

I held the dagger above my head once more, but this time, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, to calm myself down.Bookmark here

I want to change myself.Bookmark here

Suddenly, the dagger felt much heavier. To my surprise, when I looked up, a bright light was radiating from it.Bookmark here

This dagger was special. Maybe my concrete resolve is what caused this.Bookmark here

Once again, with a swift strike, I brought the dagger down.Bookmark here

Except this time, it cut straight through the beast at an explosive force. With a huge bang and a bright flash of light, a large hole formed straight through the middle of the beast.Bookmark here

This seemed to have done the trick, as with a loud growl and scream, the slimy beast melted, and started to turn to dust.Bookmark here

At that moment, the watch started to ring, and I found myself, once again, looking at the walls of my bedroom.Bookmark here

My heart felt like it was about to jump out of my chest. My whole body ached. My mind was exhausted.Bookmark here

But I realised one thing. I really did want to change myself. Not for the sake of anyone else, but myself.Bookmark here

And with that final thought, I collapsed to the ground.Bookmark here

The Loner
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