Chapter 9:

Chapter 7.5 Status Sheet of a Certain Half-elf Slave and Miscellaneous Lore

Transmigration to the Otherworldly Heavens

Status of a certain half-elf slave

Name Unknown

Level 5

Potential LVL 39 (39,734)

Race Half Elf/Half Demon 

Low level Status Check: Half Elf

Special reminder: Low level Status Check will identify this person as “Half Elf”. Being a half-demon is apparently a taboo information. Although being a full-blooded Demon is not.

Titles Slave of Marielle


STR 12 DEX 8 VIT 13/34 HP

DEF 19 MDEF 24 MAG 27/27 MP

MIND 45 CHA 29 WIS 22

Skills Mana Barrier LVL 1, Mana Regeneration LVL 1, Velian Language LVL 4

Magic Schools Demonic Fire Magic LVL 1

Spells Demonflame Burst LVL 1

Hobbies Eating, Keeping low profile

Luck N/A (Luck only refers to those under the Heavens)

Major wounds Blind Eye, Missing Right Forearm, Lame Left Leg

Status condition Dirty, Psychic Trauma, Smelly

Crimes & Bounties none



Elf – Sapient humanoid of tall and lanky stature. Favored by nature and its spirits.

Half-Elf – Sapient humanoid, descendant of a single elf parent.

Half-Demon – Sapient, usually humanoid, descendant of a demonic parent and Thrope resident.

Demon – Sapient, evil, usually humanoid otherworlder. Demon classification contains many differing subspecies more often genetically unrelated to each other than not. It is a broad term and quite a racist one – at least in some cases.


Master of (..) – be an owner of slave (..). Multiple instances allowed.

Slave of (..) – be a slave of (..). Common Class title.

Slaver – enslave other sapients for the purpose of selling.

Schools of magic:

Demonic Fire Magic – demonic magic that allows spontaneous creation and control over demonflame. Also known as Demonflame Magic among scholars.


Demonflame Burst – Demonic Fire Magic – creates a semi-controllable burst of demonflame – Level Cap: N/A