Chapter 3:

Team Turbulence


Five Years before the PrologueBookmark here

Baltimore, MarylandBookmark here

USABookmark here

The buzzer sounded after twenty four minutes of play, indicating the end of the first half of the game. The Oakland Knights were leading the Baltimore Barrage 66-49 at halftime. It seemed that the Knights were the only team in possession of the ball. Not only that, they were scoring at will.Bookmark here

Danny Reynolds was not happy with the efforts. Bookmark here

In the locker room, he noticed the disappointment and frustration on the faces of his teammates. But he decided to be blunt and honest with them. He knew this was a highly talented squad. But he also knew that his defense was the only reason that the Knights weren’t up by 30 points already. He waited for the assistant coach, Steven Walker, to hand out water bottles to everyone. He then tried to bring back his team’s morale with a speech.Bookmark here

“Guys, listen up. We’ve still got twenty four minutes left in play. That’s twenty four minutes to fix all the mistakes we’ve been doing! We’re still in this, guys! The game’s not over!”Bookmark here

He then turned to the individual players.Bookmark here

“Stan, their point guard (1) has been driving past you all day! You’ve got to up the defensive intensity, man! You’ve got to keep that man in check! And Andre! You’re not being aggressive enough on the boards, man! Fight for every rebound! Box them out! Keep them out of the paint! (2) We need every last rebound from you! We need…”Bookmark here

“Dan,” said the head coach, Rick Smith. “That’s enough.”Bookmark here

Danny Reynolds bit his lips and sighed. He wanted to make everyone aware of why they were down by seventeen points at halftime. “Every large deficit has a root,” he thought. “No team is down by those many points without a cause!” However, he decided to sit down.Bookmark here

What he didn’t notice, however, was that the two men, Stanley Smith and Deandre Washington, were glaring at him in absolute fury. They didn’t like being called out like that. The veins throbbed in their temples and their hands twitched weirdly, itching to strangle Danny Reynolds.Bookmark here

“Come on guys, let’s go,” said Rick.Bookmark here

Stan decided to cool himself down and wash his face. In the washroom, he suddenly received a call. It was Josh Okongo, an excellent, all-star caliber (3) small forward (4). He currently played for the Houston Spacewalkers. And he wasn’t happy.Bookmark here

“Man,” he said. “This organization is trash man! Bunch of no talent, low IQ players! God, I hate this place! Anyway what’s up with you, my man? What’s going on there in Baltimore?”Bookmark here

“We down bad to the Knights man,” said Stan. “The dude Dan Reynolds thinks he the boss here or something. Insulted us in the locker room. Thinks we not playing hard enough. The man doesn’t get it. We have only two all-star caliber players on this team! That’s not enough! How we expected to win with only two all-stars?”Bookmark here

“I’ll tell you what,” said Josh. “I’m going to force my way out of this godforsaken city, man. I’m bringing my talent over to Baltimore next season. We winning that championship. Word, man.”Bookmark here

“Sounds good, Josh,” said Stan, “You’ll never win anything there. Houston never winning a championship. The whole world knows it.”Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

The end of the game was brutal. Baltimore went down badly to Oakland. 130-99. The players were furious and exhausted, physically and mentally. They went back to their locker room and started wiping themselves down. Coach Rick started telling them how proud he was of their efforts and that the game was just ‘dumb luck’ for Oakland. Then, it was assistant coach Steven Walker’s turn. Bookmark here

“It was a tough loss, no doubt. But how do we learn from this? How do we get better for the future? We do this by identifying our mistakes and fixing them. Please, guys, listen to Dan. He speaks from experience. We’ve got to be more intense and aggressive!”Bookmark here

By now, Stan and Deandre Washington were fed up with this nonsense. “You mean Dan, who’s never even made the finals in a twelve year career?”Bookmark here

“Dan is a veteran guys. He’s been in the league for years. He knows how to win. He knows why teams lose. You have to listen to athletes who speak from experience. You’ll really benefit from it.”Bookmark here

“What a bunch of baloney!” thought Deandre. “I’m sick of this.”Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

Dan showed up early to practice the next day. He worked out, ran some laps, and started to shoot the ball. Dan was recognized as one of the greatest shooting guards (5) of all times. He was even a former all-star. This was before a horrible injury derailed his career. Still, the injury did nothing to affect his shooting. He was still the same man who was christened ‘Sniper Reynolds’.Bookmark here

Assistant coach Walker helped Dan by tossing the balls to him and collecting runaway balls. He gave him some water after one round of shooting.Bookmark here

“They’ll learn, Dan. They’ll soon see you for the veteran leader you are,” he said reassuringly.Bookmark here

The other players and coaches showed up late, yawning and slouching. They shot some balls for a while. Head coach Rick called for a meeting.Bookmark here

“The front office has made some tough decisions after yesterday’s game,” he said. “The Baltimore Barrage organization has decided to part ways with two men. To those two, we truly value your services for this city.”Bookmark here

“First, assistant coach Steven Walker has been fired.” He took a deep breath. “For his episode yesterday.”Bookmark here


“Second,” continued Rick, ignoring Dan. “Mr. Danny Reynolds has been waived by the organization. For…ah…offensive and unsportsmanlike behavior and insulting teammates. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.”Bookmark here

Dan was furious. He’d only called them out because he knew that they were playing the game lazily. Stan was one of the quickest guards in the league. Yet, he refused to move his feet to guard the opponent. Deandre might have been one of the top rebounders in the league. But that was only due to his height of seven foot two and his long arms. He was extremely sluggish and lethargic and refused to actually fight for rebounds. A good rebounder was an absolute asset for any team. Even if he was five feet tall. Bookmark here

Dan and Steven Walker slowly packed their stuff, said their goodbyes, and left the arena. The two men decided to go for a drink. They slowly started to pour out their troubles.Bookmark here

“My wife on my heels all day,” said Walker. “She wants me to send our kids to a private school. Now, I’ve lost my job,” he chuckled. “Oh she’s going to be mad.”Bookmark here

“At least she’s with you,” grumbled Dan. “My wife left me years ago. Apparently, she didn’t want to be married to a failure of an NBA player who never won a championship in twelve years,” he added, gesturing to himself.Bookmark here

“I really miss her, man.”Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

Dan was heavily drunk, trying to drown out his sorrows in alcohol. He tossed and turned like a madman and kept saying, over and over again.Bookmark here

“Why won’t they understand, why?”Bookmark here

He suddenly realized his phone was ringing. “Hello, Dan Reynolds here, how may I help?”Bookmark here

“Man! They kicked you off the team! Wow! What a relief for us!”Bookmark here

“Hey, Stan,” said Dan.Bookmark here

“Coach keep blathering about ‘unsportsmanlike’ and ‘insulting’! Let me give it to you straight, Dan. This team, or no team, not even the Houston Spacewalkers trash, have any need for you. You know why, Dan? You’re not a bad player, man. Just a bad teammate!”Bookmark here

“You’re a cancer in the dressing room!”Bookmark here

EndnotesBookmark here

1. Point guards are expected to run the team's offense by controlling the ball and making sure that it gets to the right player at the right time. it is typically the point guard who brings the ball down the court to begin an offensive play. Passing skills, ball handling, and court vision are crucial. Bookmark here

2. The paint in basketball is a rectangular area on the court extending from the foul line to the baseline with perpendicular lane lines enclosing the shape. It is also known as the foul lane, or the key for short. The paint gets its name from the shading done on courts to denote its shape.Bookmark here

3. All-star team is defined as a team made up only of top performers who are the most skilled and accomplished. Bookmark here

4. The small forward is considered to be perhaps the most versatile of the five main basketball positions. Small forwards are responsible for scoring points and defending, and often are secondary or tertiary rebounders behind the power forward and center. In professional basketball, some have considerable passing responsibilities, and many are prolific scorers.Bookmark here

5. A shooting guard's main objective is to score points for their team and steal the ball on defense. Their primary role is to score points. As the name suggests, most shooting guards are good long-range shooters, typically averaging 35–40 percent from three-point range. Many shooting guards are also strong and athletic, and have the ability to get inside the paint and drive to the basket.Bookmark here

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