Chapter 0:

entering to love life

4 Devil queen

In this story, A girl named Priya who’s is one of the top students in her class in her before school so now she’s going to college to pursue as a doctor. By the way she is 19 years old who’s gonna be a doctor. She's a very smart and very talkative person and also loves to joke around. She only has a mom . Her dad ran away because he had an affair with another lady. So her mom is a single lady still now. She's a retired lawyer who had full 10 years experience. Now, Let see priya’s story. A young first year college student woke up in the early morning at 8:00 am. She got ready and took her bag and went out but her mom called to eat. But she said this is my first day letting me go. Her mom scolds Her and packs her breakfast and lunch. She gave up and left for school by eating her breakfast. She ate and went to college. Then she went to college after she looked around and she spotted a boy. She saw how cute he’s . He couldn’t get the eye out of him for 45minutes. When the bell rang she noticed the bell rang. So she got to know she was late so she went and she said sorry sorry several times. But the teacher scolds the first day you are late. When she went she saw that same boy she sawed. She looked happy . Once she sat she sight him for a good amount of time and at the same time smiled and shyed after that teacher call. She didn't notice then the teacher said it again and she noticed. She got shocked and she got up and the teacher asked ‘what are we talking about” she said “uhhh i don't know which she shrugged. Teachers said “you should pay attention in class. Then after that class finished her crush came and said “hi my name is ram” and she said “wow nice name. My name is priya.” He said “oh well i have seen you that you were sighting me this whole time. Do you think I am attractive” she said “ yeah you are “. well he said “thank you do you wanna go out for coffee. She said “okay sure”. Then she went home with a smile . when she came home and she told her “ a boy invited me to go coffee. Her mom was unhappy then she said ‘ be careful with boys now these days boy’s act good but you don't know what they are”. She said ;okay okay i got it ‘but she didn't care. So she got ready after class to go for coffee. She wore a cute dress and little makeup. Then she walked to the coffee shop and waited for him. Then he saw and came. They both said hi and sat done. She called the waiter and asked for two coffee but he said one coffee with less sugar. Then, after they talked little white. In her mind she wants to ask can you be mine . So she tried and after the waiter came she told so loud. She got embarrassed and then the waiter left. He said “yeah sure we can be future us”. She got happy with that response. After coffee was done they both exchange numbers. When she went home she was so happy . she told her mom but she slapped her . her mom said ‘ at this age you should study”. She got mad and said ‘ umm you want me to love when i am old’ . She got mad and went to the room. She was angry even though she was happy. So she called her 4 of her friends named bhanvi,abishika,charulatha and brinda. She called and told her story that happened today. They all said wonderful and asked who. She told it’s ram. When they heard they got shocked and Bhanvi said “why did you love and you know how dangerous he’s. Be Careful with him.” She said “okay do you know me? I'm a strong girl”. She said in a joking way even though she doesn't really care as much. Then she took a laptop and watched a movie named meeya maaruvai. Then in a middle movie her mom called to eat. She said I don't want your food and I will starve to death. Then her mom did not respond. She got a little hungry and she went out and ate little. Her mom said “someone said i don't want to eat what happened to that” She said “I just said for fun let me eat”. Then she was a little tired and she got ready for bed . she slept. She dreams of him and her getting married. Then her mom came and woke up . She said “YOU ARE LATE FOR COLLEGE”and she was shocked. She got ready and she wanted to look a little nice for his boyfriend to see. Then she went and ate breakfast then she ran out to college. She was looking for her bf then she saw him . She went and flirted with him the same time he did. Then her friends saw and they didn't like how they were together. They can't tell her anything about her decision. One day she will regret it. Then after his bf said tomorrow is my bday so i am hosting a birthday party and everyone is coming . she said “yeah and msg me the address”. So when the school was over she ran to home so quickly to her room. She was so happy so she went to her closets and saw one dress. That dress stood out so much so she planned to wear that. Her boyfriend Msg the address and she saw the time and day and the address.