Chapter 1:

treagedy of life

4 Devil queen

So when the school was over she ran to home so quickly to her room. She was so happy so she went to her closets and saw one dress. That dress stood out so much so she planned to wear that. Her boyfriend Msg the address and she saw the time and day and the address. The next day it was a holiday so at that time she wore that dress. She went to tell a lie that “I ' m going to my friend's bday party house”. She said okay. She looked for Auto and she showed the address. When she went she paid the cost. She went and rang the bell. When she saw and saw that there was no one in the home. He said they were coming. In the meantime they were flirting. He was touching her bad ways and she said “no, i don’t won’t it. He asked if she wanted to drink. She said “yeah i need coke not beer”. He laughed and said ‘no way why would i give to you.” Then he went to the kitchen to drink then at the same time he put a sleeping pill. He went and gave it . She drank then she was so drowsy that time he gave his real face. When she went to sleep he took her to the bed. He ripped the cloth off and her cloth off too . That time He raped her . Then she woke up and she was confused and at the same time she saw herself naked and his boyfriend. She cried and woke him up. She was so mad and slapped me . she said “Why did you rape me: . He said “you are just an item and i didn't love think i love you I made you fall in so I can get your body for me . That's all i want” . She was so mad and took her phone and changed herself. She ran home and her mom asked ‘how was it?' IT WAS AWESOME but she couldn't tell because of the mistake she made. She cried so much and she was angry. Then she took her clothes off and threw them in the garbage and went for a clean bath. She didn't eat, she slept, then she had a dark dream about the incident . She woke up and cried. She slept again then after she got ready for college. She was still sad but she acted to be happy. Then she went to college and she was sitting down and couldn't look at him . bend her down with shame. Then the teacher saw and told her to get up. She asked “ what happened “and she said “nothing”. Then after class finished, the teacher called her and asked “what happened “. she was scared and she thought about if i am scared how am i gonna overcome my fear. So she was strong and told the story of what happened.The teacher was disappointed and said “you shouldn't have thought better. Shame on you but leave it .” First tell the police not the principal because the principal is your boyfriend's dad. So no point to tell. She was shocked and said “ok” then she walked and she felt so ashamed about it. Then she took an auto and went to the police station. She went and asked “May i talk to the commissioner”. She told the whole story what happen. He was so mad and He immediately took action. He said ‘ Next time be careful with boys. Then the police went to the boy's house and he knocked on the door. When the person open was principal and it was his dad then he said what do you want? The commissioner said ‘I need to arrest your son for what he did’. Principal said “what happened “and he told the story. His dad said “He isn’t that type of person to do. He said “Well let the court say”. He pushed over and took his son to the jail. They filed a case and this went to the court. His dad came and said “I want to talk to my son”. He called son and asked “what happened”. He told the whole story. Well he Said that “girl called him to come to his house to have sex”. When the commissioner heard and said “stop lying”. His dad cried and went home. After that they investigated him and asked “why would you do that?”. He told a whole lie and the police officer was so mad. So He took a belt and hit him .Before the court came she told her mom the whole story and slapped . ‘why would you do this and she cried so don’t worry I will be your lawyer’. Actually, her mom is a well experienced lawyer. She is educated and has 10 years experience . Right now she’s retired. When the court came he and she came . The judge told him to come over forward where he and she came. The opposite lawyer said “ My guest is a good guy. He’s a decent person and he’s isn’t a type to go. She invited him to go”.The opposite lawyer came and asked “why did you go there” and she told the lawyer “I went because he invited me”. And He said did he invite or you went . She said “ Wait no i didn’t “then she told the judge what really happened. She told the story and the judge cried tears out. The judge saw the real tear in her face . She gave the proof and She said I have eye witnesses that I am going there. So , Police brought the auto her drop and her judge asked did you drop her off in this Address. The Auto person said “yeah , i did drop her off and i have proof of her paying”. She gave the proof of her paying to the judge. When the judge saw the proof and wrote down the law. Then the Judge said From now on you are going to jail for your whole life. She didn’t like and said ‘ What , this is not gonna do . please hang him up so these people wouldn’t have dare to touch or plan to rape” The judge thought about and said “okay fine i will. Tomorrow will be your death day. ”She won the case and the court finished and his dad slapped her. He said ‘ what did my son do to you and why did you want him to die” she gave a smirk and said “ you know what you son did” . Well find the truth. When she walked she saw the culprit and gave the middle finger . ‘GOOD BYE SEE YOU IN heaven”. Then she left and went home with her mom. .