Chapter 1:

The beginning and start of something wonderful

In this Wonderful World

Hm, this world is just plain boring, nothing much to do, nothing much to see, it's just boring. I'm just silently walking to school, its dead set at 7 and the sun is just rising. I was just minding my own business walking through the street until I heard a familiar voice. "Hi! Davie!", said the voice. It was coming from behind me so I turned around. And Lo and behold I see Ava, my childhood friend. "Morning, Ava. It's gonna be a boring day at school I bet", replied I.

"What do you mean, you always say that! And you are always wrong", exclaimed the all cheerful Ava. I sighed and responded, "Ugh, it's just that I feel like this world has nothing in it. It's all just so boring"

"You're wrong, you know?"

"And pray tell how I am wrong?"

"Because like come on, you should always have a better optimism about the world"

"Optimism? Yeah right, and how will I express that optimism?" I inquired.

"Just say, 'This world is honestly filled with so many amazing things!' and like that, you immediately feel like your day is going to be great!", Ava beamed.

I smiled wryly. Honestly, I feel like she has a screw loose somewhere in her head but it's times like this where I need her cheery attitude. Ava, your eccentric high school teen and my childhood friend. She is pretty much as unpredictable as a wild tire gone loose from a car but always has a straight line. She is generally considered to be one of the smartest students in the school and the most beautiful among all girls. She ranked #1 in popularity among the boys and pretty much every girl is jealous of her. Tch pretty clichétic if you ask me. What about me? Well, I don't have as much going on for me, I just really love video games and I'm an all-around quiet person. I don't understand why Ava likes to hang out with me all the time in school and whenever I ask her she's like, "It's cuz I like ya, silly!". Yeah, as if I would rather trade in someone else than rather get death stares in every class I go to. I don't hate her and all, I appreciate her company. She pretty much stuck with me throughout my whole life.

We finally got to school. And just as I predicted I get death stares everywhere as I enter the building. Well, all except one particular person, John Scavolich. Weird name right? I asked him where the name Scavolich came from and he himself has no idea himself. Weird names aside, he is pretty much my "bro" as he calls himself (yes he just assumed the role himself). Although it still baffles me. Why would he want to be friends with the guy who is super close friends with a "drop-dead gorgeous girl" (the other guys coined it, not me), then it dawned on me, he is just trying to get closer to Ava and to do so he has to be friends with me. Then I just laughed it out, he's dumb. Super dumb. So it's pretty much safe to assume that he isn't as calculating as you make him up to be.

After a few minutes of greeting each other with good mornings, I heard a wince from Ava. "Ouch, it really hurts like hell.", said Ava. "What hurts? Is it really that time of the month again?", teased I. "No, idiot. You shouldn't say that stuff to a girl you know?", scolded Ava. "Fine, I'm sorry I won't say that again. So? what's the matter?"

"It's my ankle I sprained it today morning when I went out for a morning jog"

"How did you sprain it?"

"As I was jogging I didn't realize that there was an increase in level somewhere as I jogging so I basically sprained my ankle as I climbed the pavement"


"Oh! uh anyways! I'm fine now I can stand up!", rejoiced Ava. She immediately sprang up into the air but soon realized that it was a grave mistake as she landed on the floor again. "Owowowowwww", wailed Ava.

"Jeez, that was dumb of you. Lemme take a look at the ankle", I say that Ava sat down and I took her foot to examine. As I did that I immediately felt daggers seeping into my soul. Apparently, everyone is jealous that I get to touch her foot. I didn't know half weird fetish for feet. Weird. Anyways as I examined her foot i-

My train of thought is interrupted. I see two people walking on the pavement on a street. One girl and one boy. The girl tripped and immediately got run over by a truck. Blood. Blood I see blood everywhere on the truck. Why is there so much of it? I can smell it. The smell of rust. It's a horrible stench. Why do I have to experience this? The boy is crying as he hugs the lifeless body of the girl. She is in pieces, her limbs? nobody can even find them. It's horrible please don't let me see this anymore. I'm broken. I'm broken. I'm broken. I'm broken. I'm broken. I'm broken. I'm broken. I'm broken. I'm broken. I'm broken. I'm broken. I'm broken. I'm broken. I'm broken. I'm broken. I'm broken.

So much blood. So much blood. So much blood. So much blood. So much blood. So much blood. So much blood. So much blood. So much blood. I DON'T WANT THIS

"Davie! Davie!", a voice is calling for me. I had woken up. Next thing I realized was that I'm on the floor with Ava sitting across by my side. I noticed that a lot of people gathered up around me, Jeez I don't want to attract peoples attention I need to get up from the floor and get to class, as I thought to myself. As I got up, Ava immediately sprang to hug me. My brain immediately started panicking. "Okay woah Ava, stop hugging me it's embarrassing.", exclaimed I. "But I was so worried! You took a look at my sprained ankle and you immediately went into a seizure and passed out. I thought you were going to die!", I felt tears coming from her eyes as she hugged me. Wow, damn I feel everyone's hostile stares, "Yeah but I'm fine now right? I must have had little sleep yesterday", I pretty much lied. I don't know why I just had a feeling that I shouldn't tell her what really happened in my sleep.

"You should be getting your 7 hours of sleep! you won't be focused today in class if you don't", advised Ava. "Yeah, I'll get some when I go home", I pried Ava out of our hug and headed onto my class.

"Damn it! Dave is super lucky!", fumed an angry male student. "I know! It's unfair! I wished I had a childhood friend as beautiful and cute as Ava!", bellowed another male student. Your lucky you don't, if you do you would get a friend who would constantly nag you about your well-being every 5 seconds of your day, said the little voice in my head. Oh, shoot I have to hurry up, I sprinted towards my class then I realized a girl carrying a box full of stuff.

"Heave-ho, heave-ho", panted the girl. After racking my brain in either getting to class or helping out this person I chose the latter. "I should help her out, class can wait", I stood in front of her and asked her. "You need help in carrying that?", I asked her. "Oh, there is no need-", the girl started blushing as soon as she looked at me. Weird, she must be running on a fever or something. "Hi, my name is Dave, nice to meet you. You're carrying this to the staff room, right?", I asked the girl. "Oh name is Mia. Nice to meet you too, and yes I'm carrying this to the staff room"

"Let me help you", suggested I

"Oh there's no need, I can carry this stuff by myself", as she said that her hands are quivering. "You don't look like you can, sometimes you just have to get another hand. One stick isn't enough to kill a monster but a bundle of them wrapped together can", voiced I. Ava is actually the one who taught me that saying, it's a pretty neat saying. "Okay then, I'll let you help me. By the way, Ava taught you that saying right?", replied Mia. "Wow, how can you tell?"

"Well you two always hang out with each other"

"It's not like I oblige her to hang out with me", smiling wryly I insisted.

"And you two are dating right?"

"Yes-what what?!", I was so shocked to hear that I nearly toppled the box over. "Wait Dave be careful!", warned Mia. "Shoot sorry, I was so shocked to hear that I nearly topped the box over", I said apologetically.

"Wait so your not dating her?"

"Well no, not really"

"I see...", I heard her mumbling something at the end of the sentence. "What did you say? you were mumbling something"

"Oh!- it was nothing don't worry about it", she smiled at me as she said that. "Okay then let's finish this already", trumpeted I. After a few minutes, we were finally able to get to the staff room. I said my goodbyes to her and went immediately to class.

"Dave! You're bloody late!", bellowed angry Mrs Ruby. "Sorry teacher, I had to help someone carry stuff in the hallway", I gave a pretty good excuse for my lateness. "Tch, next time don't be so tardy, you hear me?", scolded Mrs Ruby

"Yes I hear you, I won't do it next time", I plopped down on my desk. Mrs Ruby continued on her lesson. Although for some reason, my eyes started getting sleepy. Droopiness surged over me as I lied down on the desk slowly...Do you hear me? Dave. You must save her. Save her from the bloody fate. Her fate. She is going to die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. No matter how badly you don't like seeing her like that, you must not give up. Never. Give. Up. Save her...Save them. This power of your's is something wonderful and...awful.

I woke up from my nap, drenched in a cold sweat. Class apparently ended. That was it, those thoughts of confusion and voices telling me to save someone from a bloody fate stayed harboured as school ended. The hell was that? Save who? I must head back with Ava I need to distract myself. I waited for Ava at the gate and walked home with her.

"How was school?", Ava asked me as we walked on the sidewalk. I replied, "The usual"

"Anything other than the usual?"

"Well...I did help a person carry her stuff in the hallway. Pretty much it"

"Her?!", gasped Ava. She stopped herself and shouted, "Are you cheating on me?!"

"What?? First of all, we are not even dating so, how can I even cheat on you?!" 

"Well you with other women so I'm a tad bit jealous", Ava shrank. 


"What?! You're not even say something??"

"As if, anyways we have to go back now, it's getting dark", I cautioned Ava in the coming darkness. "Okie-Dokie I'll catch up with you-", Ava's right leg suddenly gave up. She was falling to her right side. To the road.

This seems awfully familiar...ah I see. It's that dream I had. The girl falling to her death was Ava...and the I was the one crying for the lifeless body. Blood. So much blood. I can't smell that stench again...I must. I must. I must. I must. I must. I must. I must. 



I sprinted to her as fast as I could and I manage to catch her hand and pull her into my arms. The truck nearly hit her. Close call...she's safe. "DAAAVIEEE!", screamed Ava. She's crying into my arms. "There there, your safe now", I consoled her. She kept on crying. "Woah kids you alright?", I turned to the voice and it was the driver of the truck

"Yeah we are alright"

"Thank goodness, phew I thought she was going to be in pieces"


As the driver said that an image of the bloody image from the dream flashed through my mind. I wanted to puke at that moment. It was so lucid and vivid that it felt real...or did it? Anyways, I have to get Ava home. I said goodbye to the driver and walked home with Ava, what a day. Hope it won't be like this again. I can't go through it in a second or third or fourth time again I walked Ava home and to my relief, she recovered. 

I head back home and plopped on my head. I'm tired. Time to clog off now, another day another tomorrow. I fell asleep in no time flat. 

Dave, good job, but the path you are going on from now on is a path full of thorns. This is the beginning and start of something...awful.