Chapter 0:

Prologue: Reincarnated Into My Favourite Otome Game?!

Puppet Princess

Who knew that orphanages could be so cruel. Me, that's who. After living my entire life in that hellish nightmare of a home, the second I turned 18 they kicked me out of the orphanage to fend for myself.

 Since I didn't have any games to play I would study in my spare time. Who knew that being adept at calculus in grade 7 wasn't 'normal for young girls'. I guess instead of studying I should have been brushing my hair and perfecting my makeup.

Which brings us straight to my looks! Now, don't get excited because I looked like every other protagonist before they got reincarnated. Okay, so, I had pale skin from never seeing the sun, long black hair like the girl from the ring, and flat brown eyes. That should be all... oh yeah!  I almost forgot clothes! So, I wore loose-fitting black clothes and sneakers that were fraying but I couldn't afford to get knew ones. I also had a body that was thinner than most, because getting food, in that orphanage, was a war zone. Okay, that should really be all. Now, back to the story!

The only things I had from the orphanage were my clothes and my wallet which were in my bag. After practically getting kicked out I went to the apartment building where I had been secretly been preparing to rent out one of the smaller apartments. I walked inside the building the doorbell ringing as I did. What greeted me as I walked in were gray walls (at least I thought they were gray), moth bitten couches where you could sit, and an elevator that looked run down. 

I quickly entered the building and turned right. There I was greeted by an old rustic door, which creaked hello as I opened it. What I found was an old, middle-aged man who was sitting on a nice cushioned chair smiling warmly at me. He was leaning forward, his hand clasped together in delight at seeing me. The desk he was leaning against looked to be made of dark brown, rustic wood. The desk itself had paperwork neatly sorted into groups: Completed, To Be Continued, and To Do. The walls of the room had shelves covering every inch of it and seemed to be filled to the brim with papers and supplies. After glancing around the room for the umpteenth time, I sat down and began to write. 


“Ughhhh,” I groaned, tired of reading the fine print and signing ‘on the dotted line’. 

“There’s only one more page left,” Mr. Gerente reminded me, his eyes crinkling as he fought back a smile. 

“I know, I know,” I said exasperated at the sheer amount of paperwork it took to rent an apartment. And this is with preparing in advance! ”There! Finally finished!” I exclaimed, tired but relieved that the boring part was over. 

We said a quick goodbye and thank you and question I quickly went out to get some essentials. On my way to the convenience store I heard some screams and quickly ran to the scene. As I was running it was as if someone had hit slow motion. Before I even knew what was happening I was on the ground feeling immense pain in my stomach.

Ah, so this is what it feels like to die. And right before my life was about to start too. This is just..too…cruel….

Joe Gold

Puppet Princess