Chapter 3:

Chapter 3- Story Off Script

The Husband and Hero

Staring back at me with a cold look, King Killian of Robal awaits for my commands to my team.

We’re so screwed!

In the original story, General Willowcrus leads the forces of Robal heading from the Northern region of Fort Lawrences. Over a thousand troops and the confident commanding of their general, leads them to the first victory. I thought if I had the same amount of troops then maybe we would have a chance…but now that King Killian is here, none of that matters.

Erebus and Crowriff are sharing glances at each other on the left side of me. They seem confused at my sudden pause. Fern also turns her head over to me. Unlike the rest of my troops that looks uneasy, Fern looks irritated and belligerent.

Fern: “If you’re not going to lead us, then I will take over.”

My heart fills with disappointment. This isn't what I wanted.

Devilynn: “No, I can do this.”

I swallow my cowardliness and lift my sword out of my scabbard. Using all of the bravery I have, I point my sword in the direction of the King.

Covered by the sound of an outrageous laugh, Killian whips out his sword from behind him. It all happens so quickly, that my eyes are barely see the motion. Unlike my sword, which is one you’d find any knight owning, Killian’s sword is coated in a blackish metal with Robal’s royal symbol marking the cross-guard.

That sword will be responsible for taking the innocent lives of thousands of our troops.

Huh? Wait…if Killian is here right now…then…

…maybe I can stop Killian’s murderous tyranny from ever happening.

A huge confident smile comes across my face, as I have this thought.

Devilynn: “Troops, as commander, I will lead us to victory! Now, prepare to fi-“

A splitting sound rings in my ears as a swift breeze passes the left side of my face.

My confidence is immediately shaken as I turn around to find that several of my troops are already injured.

Killian: “Stop talking and starting fighting then Commander.”

Why did I think I could defeat him?

There’s a reason he’s called a monster.

The swift sound of a sword coming out of it’s scabbard comes from my right. I look over to see Fern dashing over to Killian. It makes me wonder how she can be so brave. 

Fern: “You monster! The Kingdom of Frostala will ring victoriously!”

Killian raises his sword to her and begins to throw swings. The war has finally begun.

Approaching with the rest of the troops, everyone begins to clash with the other kingdom.

With sword in hand, I continuously swing at the multiple troops coming my way. Just as I had imagined, the knights from the Robal kingdom are much stronger than our kingdom’s average knights.

From the corner of my eye, I can see Crowriff holding off multiple knights from attacking Fern. I’m unable to see Erebus, but I have to assume he is somewhere close by. 

My body feels as though it is on autopilot as I fight off the constant stream of enemies. My mind wanders while in the battlefield and I begin to think of the serval of questions I now have.

Why is Killian here instead of General Willowcrus?

Why did he bring so few knights with him? Could he just be that arrogant in his strength and capabilities?

And why is the story changing so much from the original?

As my mind runs through all those thoughts, a very unpleasant and disturbing thought accumulates.

Could Eri be someone in the Kingdom of Robal? If she is, she's someone with a power if she's able to change the story so much already. 

My spine runs cold thinking this. Before I can pounder too far into this thought, a screech breaks the daydream.

Crowriff: “Ahh! Lady Fern!”

Crowriff is pushed quite a bit of a distance away from Fern. Knowing that Fern is now lacking the support from other troops, Killian marks his face with a grin.

He lifts his sword high up into the air. Breaking free from my attackers, I rush over to Fern’s side as his sword comes down over us.

Barely, just barely, I make it.

Standing in the middle of Fern and Killian, my sword is blocking the both of us from his attack. Despite the looks of it, his grip and strength are much more powerful that mine. Using all of my might, I am just barely able to hold his sword off. Giving off a short chuckle, Killian looks directly into my eyes.

Killian knows I can’t hold onto it much longer.

I know I need to do something soon or this won’t end well for Fern or I.

Just as I am thinking this Killian’s eyes glance over at something behind me. For but a split second, his face runs cold. I have no desire to know what made Killian make that face, but I know that this is my chance.

Using all the strength I have left, I send a blow with my sword to push Killian off.

Lady Luck pays off.

Killian is sent about a 100 feet away after the blow. It’s not much, but it’s something.

Frostala Knight: “Commander!”

I turn my head over to the side and see one of my knights running over with a scroll in his hand.

Frostala Knight: “There are approximately a thousand more Robal knights coming from the western and eastern entrances. They’ve nearly surrounded us!”

So that’s why.

They limited their men on the front, so that they could surround us. It's an ambush.

It’s a good plan…a plan that encounters mine completely.

I look over at Killian, who although is still raising his sword, is looking at me as though he is awaiting my next actions.

If I don’t retreat now several men will die…but if I retreat now, this first monumental battle will go to Robal just like in the story.

After a couple of seconds of deliberation, I decide the best choice of action is to retreat…

But if we choose retreat, there’s no telling if Killian will let us. I have to make a decision.

Gaining as much breathe as I can, I shout out to all of my troops.

Devilynn: “Men, we are retreating! Retreat!”

It is a risk we will have to take. I won’t let these men die for nothing.

As all of the Frostala knights begin to pick up their weapons and retreat pass the forces of Robal, I give one last look at Killian. Unlike the rest of his men who are still coming after us, he is standing still staring blankly at me. Why isn’t he moving?

Devilynn: “Fern, we need to leave now.”

I turn back and reach out a hand to Fern. She is staring at me intensely with a look of disgust on her face. It’s a look I’ve never seen from her before; it is one no princess could ever mimic. Chills run down my body and I make up my mind to pull my hand back. But before I can, she grabs my hand and proceeds to leave with me.

This battle was unexpectedly harsh. The deaths of our troops were minimum, but knowing that someone on their side has the same knowledge of the book as I do and has the power to determine who goes onto the battlefield is terrifying.

I just hope, that it isn’t Eri. 

Robal Knight: “Prince Killian, why aren’t we going after them?”

Killian: “Our orders were to observe the enemy and report them back.”

Robal Knight: “Who cares about our orders? We could defeat the-“

Killian turns towards his men with a daring look on his face. Grabbing the blade of the sword, Killian swings the grip at his own knight. Despite it not being a fatal hit, it still hurts detrimentally.

Killian: “Queen Shinkyo’s orders are all that matters. Don’t bad-mouth my sister again and don’t forget your place.”


Looking over a peaceful kingdom, a young extremely well-built women with long frosted white hair stands near the edge of a balcony. The light breeze from the wind, makes her chiffon-colored dress ruffle slightly.

A large menacing crow sweeps down from the sky above her. A small note is wrapped around it.

The women gently takes off the note and brings out a treat from the pocket of her dress. As she hands the treat to the bird, she opens the note and quickly reads through it.

Her yellow ember like eyes re-read through the page before she let’s out a soft chuckle.

???: “How unfournate. It looks like we’re playing on different teams.”

She moves over to a wooden armoire and opens the right-side door. A long black and golden cape and a set of black armor with the Robal royal crest is sitting inside. Alongside the cape and armor, there is also a golden crown sitting in the center.

The women reaches her hand over the crown before taking hold of it.

???: “Now Zaro, which character are you?”