Chapter 5:


Wistful Dandelion

This world is a beautiful one.Bookmark here

A fresh canvas waiting to be painted.Bookmark here

A sandbox filled to the brim.Bookmark here

A reflection within a mirror.Bookmark here

An existence so eloquently made.Bookmark here

I thank the stars for bringing me to this world.Bookmark here

“Staring into space again, Max?”Bookmark here

Hearing the voice of my familiar friend grounds me back to reality.Bookmark here

“You’re always looking up to the sky. Isn’t it the same every time? I wish I could see what you do.”Bookmark here

“You’re still not old enough to appreciate these things, Mel. Don't worry about it.”Bookmark here

I ruffle my little sister’s hair and she gives me the softest pout. I squeeze her gently, reaffirming our familial love.Bookmark here

“Come on, let’s go inside, it’s getting darker now.”Bookmark here

“Ok! And you promised to help me with my studies too!”Bookmark here

“Absolutely. You know I'd never break a promise with you.”Bookmark here

She gives the sweetest smile that fills my heart with joy. I walk with her, hand in hand back to our home.Bookmark here

After spending some quality time with my sister, a few people enter our home and leave very quickly afterwards. I take a short nap, and go down to help prepare dinner for the day. A few more people enter our home and I entertain them as well, before bidding farewell.Bookmark here

Finally, I look over my study notes and distract myself a bit before heading to bed, wondering what the next day will bring in store.
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