Chapter 11:

Chapter 9 – Dirty Deeds of Demon’s Descendant

Transmigration to the Otherworldly Heavens

Marielle the Slaver took her time considering she was in an adjacent room. I zoomed in and the thickness of wall between our two particular rooms was much lower than any other wall in the building.

Indeed, Ythallian walls have ears, they truly do.

They finally have come back.

That sly slaver did not comment on any of the things we discussed. She simply asked whether I was satisfied with my inspection.

- Very.

Since I have already left money on the table, I stood up and took my new slave’s hand. I was about to leave, but slaver lady stopped me urgently. I let go of Elfin’s hand and asked what it was all about.

- You need to have the collar bound to new master first. The formal sale and ownership transfer contract should also be drafted.

- Ah. Sorry, go ahead then.

- Don’t worry, it is a common mistake for first-timers.

I had my doubts about that. I hope my actions today were not too far from the norm.

Male servant put small parchment, ink, quill and a large wooden stamp on the table. He first stamped the form and then started to write down the details.

Female companion took out a tray from a semi-hidden compartment in the wall. There was a small knife and two rags on it. She spoke to me:

- A drop of master’s blood is needed for the collar.

I was skeptical about that shady knife. It was clearly not hygienic. Also less importantly, would the slave be able to cut my skin with a non-enchanted blade? Maybe if I tried to lower the natural mana and divinity barrier on my flesh in that point?

- Can I cast a cleaning spell on the blade? Or maybe use my own sword?

- Sure, sir. Go ahead. The knife is not special one in any way.

I pricked my finger with my sword and following instructions pressed the blooded tip on the half-elf’s collar. I was given a rag for the wound and a rag for the sword cleaning. I was told to keep them. So I did sneakily put them into my pocket and then into my pocket dimension. The wound healed on its own very quickly.

Meanwhile, miss Marielle chanted an incantation. There was a light show accompanying that, but I saw more convincing CGI in my time. As an Earth culture enthusiast I could only rate it five out of seven stars.

I began to feel a faint connection to my little half-elf. Though it might have been just my imagination.

Afterward I was asked to sign the contract, thankfully only in ink. Everything was okay with it, so I did not hesitate. Archie was again showing an OK sign, but I was not sure what exactly it was supposed to signify this time.

Throne surprised me with a message that a full scan was done and status updated.

Comparing statuses from before and after there was only extra information about her parents. Female elf with some fancy name and unnamed “Vanilla Demon” father. It quite literally said vanilla. I doubt he was spiced that way. It was probably a species name.

Quick query revealed the Throne had almost no information, but the picture and few low quality movies recorded. God, was he ugly. No love could have existed between her parents. Poor thing.

There was also a new troublesome title: “Divine Slave” instead of the usual “Slave of ..”. I quickly hid that information behind level 9 paywall. I set up the more “correct” phrasing.

Seriously my own Throne was trying to uncover me. The betrayal. The outrage!

Classify all information regarding my godhood as taboo, now!

- Master. Everything is in order. I will be leaving then.

I was surprised as those words were spoken by my angel, instead of slave. No one reacted.

I nodded slightly towards her.

She disappeared.

Finally everything was done.

I stood by Elfin, on her weaker left side and offered my hand. She put her lithe fingers on my palm, but did not know what I meant by that. Grabbing her firmly I lifted her up.

- Lean on me until your leg is working properly again.

She blushed again, embarrassed by my actions. I think I caught Marielle smirking.

We were led out the building.

Unfortunately, we exited via different door than the one I had pointed to earlier. A bad omen.

We were now back on the busy streets of Ythall.

- Look behind us. Are they following us?

- I can’t recognize anyone, but the slave attendant is still standing by the door. He just waved to me and smiled.

- Alright. Let’s duck into the alley on the left. Maybe I am being too paranoid.

Last part I have mumbled mostly to myself. After we did so I sat her on a barrel and continued our conversation.

- First of all, I am really glad to have you as a companion. I really hope our relationship will blossom, miss Elfin.

- Likewise, Lynx.

- My name is not exactly Lynx of Krark. I cannot reveal it to you, as it is apparently a part of my True Name.

- True Name?

- True Names are like.. words of power describing given creature. They can grant you power over the named being. To know one’s name is truly a curse. Worse so if you are used to being called by it.

- Lynx, is it like demons summoned and bound when the black sorcerer utters their demonic name?

- I think so. It should work by the same principle. It is quite funny or maybe even tragic?.. That you would mention demons. Before we change to that topic, I order you to share your True Name with me.

- My name is Elfin, I do not know if it is a True one.

- Were you ever called anything else, perhaps by your parents?

- No.

Maybe she truly does not have another name? Who knows. I do not know how to check that.

- Alright Elfin. Now about the demons. Your other parent, than your elven mother, I order you to tell me about him.

- He was a human, that’s all I know.

- Interesting, he could not be a human. Far from it.

- What do you mean, master?

- You have demonic ancestry. I guess, you were not aware of that.

- Whaa?

- I thought as much. This worries me a bit. You probably heard tales of demons. Remember though, you are not your parents. You can be better.

- But that would explain it.. – she said enigmatically.

- Explain exactly what?

- Master..

She was clearly reluctant to share. While waiting for her response I made sure her status as half-demon would be concealed to anything below a servant of Heavens.

- You are not allowed to keep secrets from me, Elfin. We will return to that later though. I have another important thing to discuss. You have a talent for fire magic, don’t you?

- I am sorry. Yes. I do.

- Was it inconvenient to mention at slaver’s?

- Yes. Very much so, master Lynx.

- Why is that?

- Because..

She paused for far too long. I put my hand on her shoulder to reassure her.

- Please go on.

It was weird engaging in so much skinship with a stranger. Her eye became glossy with tears. On the other side of her face the eyepatch got wet as well.

- The previous place, I.. I did something..

- What place?

- Previous owner’s. He was a slave trader as well.

- What you did there?

- I b-burned them.

She went and cried openly.

I glanced at her.

I took her hand into mine, leaned forward and put the other on her back.

I whispered next question directly to her ear after making sure the alley was still empty.

- With a fire magic spell?

- Yes, I think so.

- Whom did you burn? The owner?

- My friends.. owner.. also.

- Did they die?

- Some of them did.

I leaned a little to the back and looked into her eye.

- God in Heavens, why would you do something like that?

- I did not mean to. I am sorry.

At this point she was bawling.

- What happened exactly?

- He.. I felt fury within me and flames appeared on my hands. Before I came to realize what happened.. they shot towards his bedroom.

- The house went aflame?

- Yes.

A natural-born magic user? Demons were scary.

- Had you ever cast any magic before that accident?

- No, master.

- Did anyone notice it was you?

- No, master.

I felt relieved. There will be no revenge coming our way. No arson witnesses to silence.

- Is that why you were reluctant to admit it at Marielle’s? So it remained a secret?

- Yes, but mainly..

- Mainly?

- You would never buy a murderer like me.

I went silent. Her soul was not dyed black.

- Please don’t sell me – she begged.

She must have interpreted my silence in a wrong way.

- I will not do such a thing. I order you to never even try to kill me.

At this point she returned my hug with all her strength. To think I just ordered the thing and here she was already trying to hug me to death.

Besides, her Crimes & Bounties column was empty so the Throne did not judge her as a criminal. Of course it could be malfunction due to her demonic bloodline, but as she was currently under further scrutiny of the Throne omnipresence.. it basically agreed with my judgement. It truly must have been an accident. I shared that very first and last part with her.

- Still, their blood in on your hand. You will have to carry it with you through all your life in here – I said pointing into her left breast to indicate her heart.

For some unfathomable reason she went red. Probably due to emotions and all the crying.

- I order you to keep that as a secret for now. Though if I understand the law correctly slave doings are the fault of their master. Master can push the blame and punish the slave, but that particular master is no longer your owner. I guess you are safe in the eye of law.

- Are you going to punish me, master?

- I haven’t given that a thought.

Hmm, I forgot the most important order. Though I was happy she told me as much without it. She must have treated my words about trust seriously.

- Elfin, I order you to never lie to me.

- Yes, master. I promise to never lie to you intentionally.

That would have my ass covered. Mostly. The slave collar would make sure of that.

- I order you to tell me if my orders are too much to bear for you. If you are unhappy about anything always feel free to share.

I did not want my subordinate to secretly or openly hate me. If our characters were incompatible I would rather simply release her into the wild. Oh wait. She was not a wild animal. I wonder how would she look with cat ears?

- Master Lynx?

Her tone was still leaving much to desire. I could not exactly call it happy. I am no psychologist, but I will try to counsel you, little elf. Lest you develop an aversion towards all arcane casting.

- Could you have not burned that house in any way?

- I could not get angry and..

- No, no. I asked: Could you consciously control what you were doing at the time? Was it not the very first time you have conjured magic?

- No, master. It was outside my control.

- Then it is not your fault. Do not blame yourself. Just make sure to never repeat that mistake.

- Yesh.

- Aren’t all adventurers murderers?

- Whaa.. are you a murderer, master?

- No. What I mean, adventurers do kill others for a living. Be it a monster, animal or sapient evildoer. Though honestly, I am only a beginner myself. I have yet to take life of anything else than a stray fly.

I paused.

- Besides, I blame your demonic heritage with at least a part of that incident. Please inform me immediately if something strange starts to happen to you, okay? Strange thoughts, exaggerated emotions, things like that.

- Of course, Lynx.

- Also.. the owner, is he alive?

- Yes, master. He was badly wounded in fire, but he sold most of his slave stock to other slavers and bought enough medicine to survive.

- I guess he did not heal the injured slaves?

- No. It would be a waste of money.

- Is healing you also a waste of money?

She did not answer that.

- Stupid girl. Repeat after me, I am worthy of being healed.

- Stupid girl. I am worthy of being healed.

- I never meant the first part, but let’s leave it at that. Eh.

I petted her head, going through her glossy black hair. At least her hair was fit for an isekais protagonist, unlike mine. I will have to ask her if she is a reincarnation someday.

My hand quickly become smudged and oily. Great Scott. She really needs a bath, urgently at that.

- Do you understand those words?

- Yes, but..

- No buts. If there are buts, then repeat them each morning and evening until there are none whatsoever.

- I am not stupid, master – she muttered under her breath.

- What?

- Nothing important, master.

- Alright. That slaver. What did he do to you to deserve your ire? If you are okay with discussing that?

- He had not done much to me personally.. I was.. not his type, but my friends were. Several of them. The ones he liked. They were hurt and some ended up buried in the dungeon.

- He killed his slaves? Isn’t that pretty illegal?

- I don’t know, master. Please don’t kill me.

- Don’t be silly. Dungeon burial.. what a weird custom.

- Master, the dungeon eats corpses.

She pointed to the missing piece of information.

- Those burials, were they to cover up their deaths?

- Yes. No one asks what happens in the dungeon. Necromancer would come to pick up bodies, reanimate and send them in with a hired adventurer. Only the adventurer would ever come back.

- Tell me you are joking.

- I am not. I could not joke, you forbid me to lie.

- God gracious, me. I did not expect for Ythall to have so much darkness lurking around. We will need to be extra careful. Please tell me if you ever see that necromancer.

- He was wearing a hood. I will not be able to recognize him.

So that is it. I decided to mark all people with necromantic abilities with red skulls on minimap. Their undead would be marked with white skulls, while “unaffiliated” ones with black. There were already a few hits here and there in the city.

It was too dangerous to confront those evildoers right now. Besides I did not know exactly, which ones were the “cleaners” or if the necromancy was legal and moral or not. I tasked the Throne with plotting their daily routines and logging any activity around them.