Chapter 4:

Unexpected Side of a Coin

Cat's Hour ~猫の時間~

A coin has two faces. Heads or tails. Bookmark here

If you are looking on heads, you can’t see the tails. Similarly, you can’t also see the heads if you are looking on the tails.Bookmark here

Just looking on one side of a coin makes us think that it was all there is to it, but in reality, there is a side that we are not expecting to see.Bookmark here

We won’t be able to see it unless we look at it from a different angle.Bookmark here

This also applies to getting to know someone. Bookmark here

Who knows if there is more to them than meets the eyes?Bookmark here

__Bookmark here

Bookmark here

After the talk with the Student Council yesterday, it was decided that I’ll be taking the role of secretary. I’m not completely ignorant about the secretary work because I also used to do it some time before. Though, not on a scale of Student Council, but I’m still confident that I’ll be fine.Bookmark here

What’s more bothering is the fact that I don’t know much about the school, being a transferee and all. And so, I will be given a tour around the school today. Bookmark here

“G-good morning, Terushima-san.” The figure of the bowing Kurokawa-senpai is the first thing that greeted me this morning. He was waiting for me on the main gate of the school.Bookmark here

I squinted my eyes at him. His confidence really hits rock bottom. At this rate, I can’t help but think that he was a lost cause.Bookmark here

I also noticed that the cat ears are nowhere to be seen. That’s too bad because I would like to stare at them if I got a chance. They’re really cute!Bookmark here

Wait, what are you saying, Hikari?! That sounds like a creepy person would say! Forget about it!Bookmark here

In the end, I couldn’t ask him right now because there are also other students around. I could just ask him later when I got the chance.Bookmark here

“Good morning, Kurokawa-senpai,” I greeted back.Bookmark here

“I’m really sorry if I am the one giving you a tour around. Everyone have some plans so I really apologize if my explanations are lacking.” He bowed profusely.Bookmark here

Ah, he went off again.Bookmark here

“Please take care of me today, senpai.” I slightly bowed as a form of respect.Bookmark here

I am excused in my classes as requested by the student council to give me an orientation. It seems like the teachers have exceptional treatment towards student council because they are free to attend classes whenever they like. Well, that must be because student council members have exceptional skills overall.Bookmark here

In my case, I don’t have problem academically so I didn’t face strong opposition from taking the position. More than that, I realized that most faculty members are even thankful that I took the job of being a secretary. I wonder what was that about. Suspicious. Bookmark here

“First things first, Terushima-san will be asked to go to the student council building every morning to help with everyday agendas that need to be settled. You already know about the location of the building, right?”Bookmark here

“Ah… yeah. Somehow…” I answered vaguely.Bookmark here

The truth is, I can’t really remember the way I took yesterday to go to the place. I was just following Yami without paying attention to my surroundings. My bad, it was my blunder.Bookmark here

Kurokawa-senpai stared at me worriedly. Looks like he also realized that I’m unsure about the place. Bookmark here

“O-okay, let’s go there again after we have a tour around the school…” He suggested.Bookmark here

“Thanks.” I let out an awkward chuckle in which he just nodded to me.Bookmark here

The two of us walked around the school, there was an obvious distance between us that it somehow feels awkward. I can’t really blame him since it seems like I was the threat between the two of us. He continued explaining places but my mind stopped responding at the middle so I didn’t hear most of what he said after that.Bookmark here

It was a good thing that we took a small break in the cafeteria. I was looking on their stuffed bread choices, there are curry pan, melon pan and others. Hmm, what should I get? Bookmark here

“You can get anything you like, Terushima-san.” Kurokawa-senpai said as he got himself a tuna onigiri.Bookmark here

“Eh? Would that be fine?” I’m not expecting that.Bookmark here

“Un. Student council can have food from cafeteria, free of charge.” He said with a slight nod. Bookmark here

Oh, so that was it.Bookmark here

Yeah… being a member of student council is really amazing. They are really treated well, huh. I’m not a sucker for money but being able to have food for free saves me a lot of trouble. I could also save my lunch money! Great, this is a win-win for me!Bookmark here

In the end, I just got myself a melon pan and the two of us eat our food on a bench outside. Senpai said that the cafeteria would be crowded because it was already around the time for lunch break. In which it was proven true as the bell signaling the lunch break went off.Bookmark here

Weird, why do I feel that it’s not the bell that I’m expecting to hear? Whatever, probably just my imagination. Bookmark here

I don’t really have much of an appetite so I think the melon pan would be fine for me. I didn’t prepare bento today because I find it bothersome to spend time for it. Even Dad is just giving me lunch allowance so I don’t see a point on bothering to prepare one. Only Mom would find time to make us bento for school and work.Bookmark here

Yeah, only Mom would…Bookmark here

“Terushima-san…?”Bookmark here

I didn’t realized that Kurokawa-senpai is calling me. Looks like I was spacing out for a long time already.Bookmark here

“H-hai…”Bookmark here

“Are you really okay with just a melon pan? I-If you want, we can also get others…” He frantically suggested. Looks like he was worried about me.Bookmark here

“It’s fine, senpai. I’m just thinking about something.” I reassured him. “Speaking of which, I can’t see your cat ears today, senpai. Is there a reason?”Bookmark here

“E-etto… we were hiding it during class hours…” He said in a quiet voice but enough for me to hear.Bookmark here

“I see.”Bookmark here

I feel like I shouldn’t ask too much of him anymore. If I want explanations, asking Irosaki-sensei or Mashiro-senpai would be the best course of action. I don’t think I could impose too much on Kurokawa-senpai just after what happened yesterday.Bookmark here

Looking back on it, I really said something embarrassing! Aaaah!Bookmark here

“Ne, Terushima-san, you said that you love black cats yesterday, right?” He asked out of nowhere making me go back to reality.Bookmark here

“Y-yes… that’s right.” Bookmark here

A small smile spread in Kurokawa-senpai’s face upon hearing my response. Bookmark here

He didn’t say anything after that as we just continued eating our food. I’m just sure that Kurokawa-senpai looks like he’s in a good mood after that.Bookmark here

__Bookmark here

We continued our tour around the school. There is only one thing I can say.Bookmark here


The classes are almost over and we are not done yet! How long are we going to walk around here?! If I know that it was this long, I could’ve took another melon pan from the cafeteria! Bookmark here

“Just a little longer, Terushima-san. We’re about to be done here.” Kurokawa-senpai tried to encourage me as we are taking a flight of stairs in one of the buildings.Bookmark here

“I’ll… trust your words…” I said in between a series of pants.Bookmark here

Damn, I really hate stairs.Bookmark here

One more step and… Bookmark here

… Eh? Bookmark here

Maybe because I’m also tired from all that walking, my legs suddenly lost its strength. I took a misstep and my foot slips on that one step.Bookmark here

Ah, I’m falling…Bookmark here

I tightly closed my eyes as I slowly accepted that I’ll be done with this. If I’m going to be a goner with this, at least let me have a moment to cuddle with a cute cat! Bookmark here

“Terushima-san!”Bookmark here

I was thrown back in reality with a shout and a harsh pull on my left arm. I opened my eyes only to see Kurokawa-senpai with a desperate look on his face and trying his best to pull me up.Bookmark here

“Senpai…”Bookmark here

He quickly pulled me up but the force was slightly too much that the two of us crashed together on the floor ahead. Bookmark here

“T-Terushima-san… a-are you okay?” He asked me frantically with an expression on his face that he was on the verge of crying already.Bookmark here

“A-ah… yeah.” That was all I managed to say.Bookmark here

“Uuuu, it was my fault. I shouldn’t be the one guiding you around, I only bring misfortune.” Bookmark here

Ah, as expected, he cried.Bookmark here

I dropped the thought of comforting him since I realized yesterday that if he was in this sulking mode, it was impossible to reach him. The two of us just sat down in one corner as I was waiting for him to calm down. If Mashiro-senpai will know this, I’m sure that he won’t let me go without compensating. That white demon!Bookmark here

Speaking of which, if the others will be with me right now, I doubt that they will help me. Especially Mashiro-senpai and Mikejima-kun, they would push me down the stairs instead. Bookmark here

If it was Toujo-kun, I think he will take advantage of me instead. He really gives me the impression of a playboy. Haibara-kun was out of question, he won’t be able to join me because he was busy today. Bookmark here

After all, Kurokawa-senpai saved me there. For that, I’m as thankful that it was him.Bookmark here

“Thank you, senpai.” I said to him when he started to calm down.Bookmark here

“Y-you mean it?” He asked in a whisper.Bookmark here

“Un! Senpai saved me there. It wasn’t your fault. I was actually the one who made a mistake, I was also a little tired. Thank you.” I said to him and give him a smile.Bookmark here

His eyes widened for a moment and he looks away quickly. Bookmark here

We remained there for a little while that the dismissal bell already rung. It was a good thing that we are hidden from the way of other students leaving. No one dared to speak a word between the two of us, it was an awkward silence.Bookmark here

“Senpai, have you calmed down?” I asked him after a while.Bookmark here

“Y-yes… let’s continue.”Bookmark here

With that, we proceeded to go to the places we haven’t visited yet.Bookmark here

__ Bookmark here

In our walk, we happened to end up on the Music Room. There were students gathering inside. Since we can’t come in, we just peeked through the window. In there, we saw someone playing the piano.Bookmark here

A harmonious sound resounded on the hallway as that someone started playing. I’m no expert in music but hearing this sounds really settles you at ease. It was calming and beautiful.Bookmark here

“Kirei…” I whispered in admiration.Bookmark here

“Right? I also think so.” Kurokawa-senpai also agreed.Bookmark here

“As expected of Haibara! You’re really good!”Bookmark here

“Not really, I’m just playing like I was told.” Bookmark here

And the person playing such great music is none other than the Student Council First Year Representative, Aoi Haibara. Bookmark here

He was surrounded by a group of students so it was impossible for us to approach him. Bookmark here

“Aoi-kun is really talented, right? He is kind and also gets along with people easily.” Senpai said enthusiastically as if he was proud for his underclassman. Bookmark here

“I can see that too. His music really moves you! It could be nice if he could also sing along with it, his voice is really charming too!”Bookmark here

I have a similar feeling from yesterday upon hearing Haibara-kun’s voice, I bet it would go well with his music!Bookmark here

“Ah, that might be too much…” Kurokawa-senpai showed a sad smile towards Haibara-kun’s direction.Bookmark here

I don’t know what it was, but I know that it was a sensitive topic that I shouldn’t touch. I just fell silent as we continued to tour around the school.Bookmark here

__Bookmark here

We passed by the school library when we are walking around. It has a glass door making the view inside the library visible from outside. From the view here, it was really amazing to see lots of books gathered in one place.Bookmark here

“This is the school library, Terushima-san can go here when you need to do some studying. If you also need some information when making reports, you can also access the school archive as a member of Student Council.”Bookmark here

That treatment really never failed to amaze me.Bookmark here

I gave a glance inside and what caught my attention the most was the person sitting in the reception desk of the library.Bookmark here

It was someone that I’m not expecting to see in this kind of place. Moreover, he was seriously reading a book with glasses on. Bookmark here

“That person…”Bookmark here

“Oh, it was Asahi-kun. He’s a member of library committee, looks like he’s reading one of those again.”Bookmark here

Yes, it was the first year who seems like a playboy, Asahi Toujo. Looking at his serious face right now feels like the flirty character yesterday was just a joke. It seems like he’s a different person.Bookmark here

“What is he reading?”Bookmark here

“The school’s account book.”Bookmark here

“I see… Wait! An account book? Moreover, it was the school’s? Is that something that you could let a first year read?” I retorted to Senpai.Bookmark here

“Why not? Asahi-kun is the Student Council Treasurer after all.” Bookmark here

Ah, I forgot about that part. I seriously thought that he was just a clingy person who happened to have cat ears and joined the student council. This is really surprising.Bookmark here

“Asahi-kun is really amazing, right? If it was me, I couldn’t even understand those reports.” Kurokawa-senpai let out a small chuckle but he seemed proud like his expression with Haibara-kun earlier. Bookmark here

“I feel like it was also impossible for me to understand those.”Bookmark here

“Then, we’re on the same boat.”Bookmark here

__Bookmark here

We soon ended up on the swimming area. There were students practicing together. Ah, it could be called a spring of youth. Taking a sport and having a team that will aim to the nationals are really the main events of being a high school athlete.Bookmark here

“Here it comes! Mikejima’s butterfly stroke!” The students started cheering for a certain guy in the platform.Bookmark here

“Eh? Mikejima-kun?” I reacted when I heard the name of a certain Calico.Bookmark here

“Yes. Tsukasa-kun is also the swimming team’s ace. Isn’t it surprising?”Bookmark here

Surely, it was surprising that Mikejima is being cheered on. My impression of him was actually like a certain big boss delinquent that stood in the top of the school hierarchy. That rude attitude of him also plays the part.Bookmark here

“I also realized that he was some kind of athlete, but I’m not expecting that it was swimming. Because you know… cat’s hate water, right?” I reasoned to him.Bookmark here

Kurokawa-senpai covered his mouth and looks away from me while I noticed his shoulders shaking.Bookmark here

“Senpai, you just laughed at me, right?” I seriously asked.Bookmark here

“N-no! I’m sorry… I shouldn’t laugh… I was jus—” he started looking dejected bit by bit.Bookmark here

I cut him off quickly. I’m sure this will end up another depressing talk if I would leave him there. Haah, I don’t want to be made the villain again!Bookmark here

“Well, that’s fine if you’re having fun.” I simply said to him and urges him to get going. “Let’s get going, senpai.”Bookmark here

_Bookmark here

The two of us arrived at the school backyard. I stared in awe to the flower fields we found. The flowers are in full bloom making the place seem like a paradise. It was Spring after all! Bookmark here

“This is the school backyard, and the one taking care of this place is…” Kurokawa-senpai was in the middle of explaining when we noticed someone squatting to the ground and carefully picking up dried leaves.Bookmark here

“Ah, it was Mashiro-senpai.”Bookmark here

“Yes. Tsuki-kun is taking care of the plants here. He may not be good with words but he’s kind in his own way.” Kurokawa-senpai said as he was smiling proudly towards Mashiro-senpai’s direction. “I really respect him.”Bookmark here

I also glance over Mashiro-senpai’s direction. He was smiling gently as he was taking care of plants. Bookmark here

So he can even make such a smile too. I always thought of him as a cold person. Well, you can’t blame me, that was his first impression on me.Bookmark here

However, seeing the different sides of everyone in the student council makes me think that they all have differences. For those varying people to work together as a team, their bond is quite intriguing isn’t it?Bookmark here

__Bookmark here

Lastly, we headed to the final place that we agreed upon, the Student Council Building. Bookmark here

I also went there yesterday but I didn’t notice how far it was because I’m just innocently following Yami. Now that I’m actually aware of my surroundings, I can say that the Student Council building is really far from the other buildings! Not to mention it was hidden in the woods!Bookmark here

Are you telling me to walk every morning to go here? This is bothersome…Bookmark here

I better complain to Irosaki-sensei about this. I feel like I should watch my movements towards Kurokawa-senpai in order not to step in a landmine. Haah…Bookmark here

The temple-like building came into sight. It was none other that the Student Council Building.Bookmark here

Located in the middle of the woods is a traditional Japanese house with red roof. There is also a torii gate with two statues of cats on each side of the gate facing each other. The sakura trees also paved the way towards the building.Bookmark here

I can’t believe that I didn’t pay attention to this beautiful scene yesterday. Well, it was normal for me. Cats should be prioritized first.Bookmark here

As we passed through the torii, Kurokawa-senpai’s cat ears popped up.Bookmark here

Uwaah! Here it is!Bookmark here

When I realized that I looked stupid just now, I tried my best to not look at the cat ears. It would surely come out as rude.Bookmark here

“Lastly, this is the Student Council building. We will work here from now on. Let’s do our best, Terushima-san.”Bookmark here

“Un! I’ll be in your care, Kaichou!” I beamed at him in which he responded with another smile.Bookmark here

After that, senpai also explained what I need to do as the secretary and about little things here and there. I also ended up helping him do some paper works right at that moment.Bookmark here

The way he works fast and precise made me stare in awe as he finished the mountain of paper works in just a few minutes. It was an inhuman speed and what’s more, I can’t talk to him when he’s seriously working.Bookmark here

I also realized, Irosaki-sensei is right about Kurokawa-senpai. I shouldn’t underestimate him.Bookmark here

Kurokawa-senpai might seem weak and clumsy, but he’s also strong in his own way. Bookmark here

__Bookmark here

On my way home, I thought about everything that happened so far. I transferred to a peculiar school, met strange people, and got responsibilities and duties out of nowhere. It was really bothersome when I give it a thought, but I’m sure it will be fun! Bookmark here

“Mom was right! Cats are reeaally the best!” I smiled to myself as I glanced at my treasured bell and held it dearly.Bookmark here

I look forward to what’s in store for me as the Student Council Secretary!Bookmark here

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