Chapter 1:

Young Hunter

The Creature Hunter: Soul Of The Wind

Orano Tatsumi was no ordinary creature hunter. He was well known yet a skilled hunter almost everywhere. He was famous because of his speed of killing creatures and his determination towards every task he takes.Bookmark here

He had many nicknames, but the most decent and popular ones were "Terror of The Desert" or "Soul of The Wind"Bookmark here

This task last he took was on the desert, which was an area he was an expert at. But this desert was called "Torox" the biggest and the only desert among the entire kingdoms.Bookmark here

When he took the task, he didn't lose any time and he immediately started traveling there. And after traveling for minutes, He then arrived.Bookmark here

He was slowly walking in the desert, under the extreme heat. 

Orano was a person who had, brown short hair, brown eyes, and was 6 feet tall.

He was also wearing a long black coat with yellow motifs on it, wore black pants with black boots that also had yellow motifs on them. And he also had a white cape that covered his head and protected him from the heat and a bag that he carried with him.Bookmark here

He kept walking slowly towards the emptiness in the gigantic desert. But when he was walking, he saw something and started to walk there. He quickly approached there and crouched. There was a gigantic snakeskin lying in front of him. He thought about how it could get here, while he slowly examined it and tried to understand the location of the snake.Bookmark here

In this entire desert, it could have been gone somewhere else too, but he was sure that it was nearby. He started to walk again, slowly.Bookmark here

*vibration*Bookmark here

And walking for a couple of seconds, He felt a gigantic vibration under him.
Bookmark here

He could sense that it was approaching.Bookmark here

He waited and waited for seconds, Then at that moment, it got out from right below him.
It was gigantic. And after he landed he looked at the creature again. A gigantic red snake was standing right in front of him. And before doing something, It leaned towards him and it looked into Orana's eyes, and examined his body.Bookmark here

On the other hand, Orano didn't run away or acted scared. He just stood there and did the same as the snake. He examined his prey.Bookmark here

He touched at the snake's skin and said,Bookmark here

"It has hard skin. Harder than the others."Bookmark here

The snake didn't seem to like his actions. So it got annoyed and slowly stood up. Now it was hissing towards him.Bookmark here

"So, despite its size, it was hiding very well all this time."Bookmark here

*Sigh*Bookmark here

"Then so be it."Bookmark here

It tried to attack him, but he jumped and dodged the attack. As he was falling, the snake opened its mouth and waited for him to fall. But at that moment, he used his white sword and sliced the snake into two.Bookmark here

The giant snake quickly fell on the ground and died there. Bookmark here

On the other hand, Orano landed and started to walk slowly again.Bookmark here

To find his way back home he used the compass a compass named "Inhav". This compass was a thing that everybody had to take with them if they were going to enter Torox, to find their way back out.

After he got out of the desert, He returned to the first kingdom named "Ravaryn." Ravaryn was the calmest but the weakest kingdom among the eight kingdoms. Usually, people didn't like living in Ravaryn, But despite its popularity, it was a nice place to visit. It was some people's nightmare, Some people's sweet lullaby.Bookmark here

After Orano returned, he visited the bar that was located in the town and started to talk with the bar owner,Bookmark here

"I have slain the snake. It will be no problem for you no more."Bookmark here

"Oh! Thank you, young man! It was really big trouble for us. Because of that creature so many people here couldn't leave here for at least 2 weeks. I can't thank you enough."Bookmark here

He then grabbed a pouch full of gold then gave it to him and said,Bookmark here

"And here you go. The gold that I promised."Bookmark here

As usual, Orano slew a monster and got his payment. It was a normal day for him. He held his ear and he was about to leave, But when he grabbed the pouch and started walking, he heard two-man talking,Bookmark here

"What do you mean? Are you sure that it was the "rift"?"Bookmark here

"Yes, I am sure. I was too scared to touch it but I know it was that "Rift." "Bookmark here

He was shocked by what he was hearing. He then immediately turned to two guys that were sitting and started to walk towards them quickly,Bookmark here

He got to their table and said,Bookmark here

"Excuse me, but do you remember when you last saw that rift?"Bookmark here

After he got the information he needed, He quickly began to make his way to the place he described.Bookmark here

While he was walking, he held the blue crystal in his ear and started talking,Bookmark here

"Hey! Yuma! Did you hear them?"Bookmark here

"Yes, I did. You are going to check that rift don't you?"Bookmark here

"You know I have to. I will contact you as soon as I reach there."Bookmark here

"Ok, I'll be waiting."Bookmark here

This crystal was named "Zon" And helped people to communicate faster. They were the size of a little crystal and they easily fit a human's ear. However, the people who used them were only able to communicate within the kingdom they were in. They were also kind of expensive, but a lot of people had them.Bookmark here

The place where Orano was going was the forest of the first Kingdom, called "Vichicar". It was located to the left of the first kingdom.

Bookmark here

After a quick walk, Orano arrived at his destination.Bookmark here

The forest was quiet as usual, but it had a calm atmosphere. While walking he looked around for the rift. After a quick look around, he saw it, the blue rift floating in the air. He immediately ran towards it.Bookmark here

He said in a quiet tone,Bookmark here

"Finally found you."Bookmark here

While he was examing it, he saw something, some view of somewhere.Bookmark here

"Huh? What is this?"Bookmark here

He looked at it with attention and said,Bookmark here

"Wait! This is the second Kingdom! But why is it showing there?"Bookmark here

After a couple of seconds, the rift disappeared.Bookmark here

Orano got surprised and said,Bookmark here

"Hey! Don't go!"Bookmark here

But he lost it. The rift was no longer there.Bookmark here

"Dammit!"Bookmark here

After his experience with the rift, he returned to his house. His house was located nearby the castle. Orano had a small but comfortable house. He also had a room full of magic books, potions, and creature parts.Bookmark here

When he opened his room door, he saw Yuma flying.  

Yuma was a person, had red short wavy hair, had yellow eyes, and was almost 6 feet tall. He wore a black shirt that reached to his knees and had rolled up to his elbows, and had yellow motifs on it, he also wore white pants.

Yuma saw him and said,Bookmark here

"Oh! Tatsumi! Sorry, I was just looking at these cute creatures."Bookmark here

He stretched his hand out to show the white small creatures in his hand. These creatures were called "Pum's" and they were small enough to fit a human's hand or a pocket. They weren't wild or poisonous but they were hard to catch.Bookmark here

One of them got out of Yuma's hand and made him panic,Bookmark here

"Hey! Get back!"Bookmark here

Orano looked at him and said,Bookmark here

"We have to talk about this, it is urgent."Bookmark here

After sitting they continued their conversation,Bookmark here

"So you were in Vichicar, Did you found the rift?"Bookmark here

"Yes I did, but It showed me something I really didn't expect."Bookmark here

"As we read it didn't sound dangerous, Did something bad happened?"Bookmark here

"No, it is just like we read. But It showed me the second Kingdom."Bookmark here

"The second Kingdom? Hmm. I can't find an answer to that. Do you know why did it show there?"Bookmark here

"It might be a clue about that vortex."Bookmark here

"The one you got out 4 years ago? Maybe it is a part of it or something that is related to it?"Bookmark here

"It might be. In any case, we have to continue searching for those rifts. That is the only evidence we found so far."Bookmark here

"Yeah, I can't even remember how many books I read. It makes me very nostalgic."Bookmark here

He then looked at Orano and said,Bookmark here

"So are you going there?"Bookmark here

"Yes. I have to. I have to search for any evidence."Bookmark here

"Don't worry, I am believing that we will find evidence."Bookmark here

It has been 2 days since their conversation.Bookmark here

"So Yuma did you finish researching?"Bookmark here

"Oh yeah! I found the tickets for you."Bookmark here

"These are the tickets that will go between Ravaryn and Aetas right?"Bookmark here

"Yes, they are. And since you are the hunter of the government, there will be no problem when you are traveling."Bookmark here

He then remembered and said,Bookmark here

"And also before you go, let's go over the plan once more, shall we?"Bookmark here

"Okay."Bookmark here

"As I said, You will leave from Ravaryn, and travel to Aetas. Then when you find a second rift or something else, you will contact me. After that, if that happens we will meet at the fifth kingdom, Faye. Then after that, we will move according to the rift."Bookmark here

"Okay. Then I will be leaving now."Bookmark here

"It is going to be a long goodbye, but I have no doubt we will meet again."Bookmark here

Orano left without wasting any time. He had to catch the ship which he was going to travel with. He finally found the thing he was looking for, for a long time.Bookmark here

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