Chapter 5:

Chapter 5- A New Point of View

The Husband and Hero

Sunlight creeps throughout the cracks of the camper. Shivers run through my back, as I realize I’ve been up all night.

Gently, I put down my feathered pen, and look over all of the scattered pieces of paper lying on my desk.

After my talk with Fern last night, I begin to plot out different tactics to win, not necessarily the war, but the next battle. Knowing that the generals and layout will more than likely be different from the original story, I have to think without the prior knowledge of the novel.

Erebus: “You’re up early.”

Erebus lets out a yawn as he crawls in through the right-side flap of the camper and makes his way over to me. He takes a quick glance at my face and then stares directly at me. With a squint, he points at the eyebags under my eyes.

Erebus: “Were you up crying last night after losing?”

Devilynn: “Huh? No! I was up planning.”

As I sit there flustered, Erebus softly chuckles and then takes a look at my notes. His eyes slightly widen.

Erebus: “These are for the battle today?”

I nod my head with a sense of pride.

Devilynn: “Yes! They look good, right? I know that it’s a quick order, but I think it will be beneficial if we switch up the plan.”

Erebus pats my head. Although the recognition is appreciated, I feel overwhelmed in embarrassment.

Erebus: “Good commander, good.”

Irritated, I stand up and point down to him.

Devilynn: “Don’t talk to me like a dog!”

Despite showing my annoyance, Erebus continues to laugh at his own jokes.

Crowriff: “Devilynn, Erebus, are you guys up yet?”

Crowriff walks into the camper with a big smile on his face. I haven’t noticed till now, but he has bandages wrapped all down his chest. I realize I haven’t paid enough attention to my team members.

Erebus: “Mornin’”

Devilynn: “Good morning Crowriff. You seem pretty happy.”

Crowriff lets out a child-like smile; it doesn’t fit his being at all.

Crowriff: “Well yeah! We have another battle today!”

Erebus and I share a quick glance to make sure we both heard him right.

Devilynn: “Why are you excited? We lost the last battle.”

With a sigh and a shake of his head, Crowriff continues talking.

Crowriff: “We might have lost the last one…but that’s because we didn’t know what was coming at us. This time we do! So, we’re bound to win!”

I let out a short laugh that turns into a somber one. It feels refreshing to know that someone is looking at the bright side of things.

I feel a sense of stupidity wash over me, as I begin to realize that these ‘characters’ are people too.

Devilynn: “You’re right! We got this!”

As Crowriff and I blabber on talking about our next victory, Erebus continues to look at my notes. Although he is wearing a blank expression, it is clear that he is interested in hearing more about them.

I quickly grab Crowriff’s sleeve, and look up to him with a pleading expression.

Devilynn: “Crowriff, I came up with a new plan last night. As our tactic, please take a look!”

As Crowriff makes his way over, I begin to discuss my plans for the next battle.

After a quick nap and a quick deliberation of the new plan with the rest of the troops, the second battle is about to begin. Unlike the first battle, I feel more reassured in our plans succeeding.

As we make our way into position, I begin to rethink of the layout of this next battle. The second battle is taking place east of Fort Lawrences, in an agreed upon location called the Vilioan Forest. It’s an ideal location for an ambush; so, I have placed my men stationed throughout the various crevasse of the forest.

As for myself, I am standing out in the open in the middle of the forest. Although I am more confident in victory, my hands and feet are still trembling. They begin to shake viciously as the sound of multiple feet stomping begins to surround me.

I await for the ambush, but am shockingly surprised when two people wearing Robal’s dark armor appear in front of me. I’m quick to notice that the other troops are nowhere to be seen; they must have had a similar idea compared to us.

The figures in front of me glance at me with an irritated expression. They don't look impressed.

???: “Prince Killian must have gone easy on them.”

The first to talk is an abnormally tall woman, standing at over 6’5. She is much taller and much more muscular than any of the other characters I’ve seen so far. Her darker skin and black short fitted hair completes her figure. If I was back on Earth, I know several of people who would worshipped her.

Glancing over at her neck, I notice a small birthmark that is a characteristic to the first General. So, this must be General Willowcrus.

???: “If the Prince went easy, then let’s teach them a lesson.”

A very puny voice comes out of the man standing beside her. He is standing at 4’5 feet tall and looks much shorter standing beside Willowcrus. Aside from his height, his face shines brightly. I can only assume from the novel that this is General Richi.

Letting out a loud chuckle and a smile fitting of a general, Willowcrus cracks her knuckles through her gloves.

Gen. Willowcrus: “We were told to go easy on you Commander, but if I roughen you up, I don’t think she’ll mind.”


Before I can process what, she said, Willowcrus swings her fist at my chest. I can’t block it and fly backwards into a nearby tree.

As anticipated by her look, she’s incredibly strong.

Devilynn: “Go easy on me?”

I feel a sense of adrenaline wash over me. It feels as though, I’m no longer in control of myself.

Devilynn: “I’m going to give it everything I got! So, you better give me everything you got!”

I stand up and bring out the secret to my victoriously plan, a makeshift flare gun. By wrapping 30 sparklers together with adhesive tape and adding a match, it makes for the perfect flare gun.

The two generals give a quick glance of confusion to each other than stumble their eyes back at me.

With a flick of the match, the entire thing begins to release several sparks up into the sky. Though it only lasts for roughly 30 seconds, it should be more than enough to alert the rest of the troops.

Gen. Richi: “He’s alerting the rest of his troops! Willowcrus!”

Unexpectedly, Willowcrus pulls out a small knife; it’s about the size of the palm of her hand. She dashes off to one of the pine trees nearby and lifts her arm in a forceful swing. The sound of twigs breaking apart runs throughout the forest.

Clenching my fist, I realize the sound is Robal’s way of alerting the rest of the troops. It was foolish of me to believe only I would think of that.

Swords clashing, screaming, and steel boots stomping can be heard from every direction.

Quickly darting my eyes at the two angry generals, I pull out my sword from my side.

This is it. The beginning of my victory.