Chapter 3:

One Idealist Idiot Wants To Go On A Date

Why Does Nobody Find Us Attractive?

"Alright, I'm out."Bookmark here

Various voices called back in response. Bookmark here

"Bye, Juzo!"Bookmark here

The sun was high up, blinding Juzo as soon as he stepped out the door. He made his way to the next block, reaching an apartment complex. After climbing up the outside stairs, he leaned against the wall beside a door. After a short wait, the door swung open. Reina emerged, fumbling around as she tried to lock the door behind her. Bookmark here

"Mornin'."Bookmark here

Reina jumped back, spinning around to see Juzo.Bookmark here

"Oh, it's just you. Good morning."Bookmark here

The two proceeded quietly as they travelled through town. After getting on the train and arriving at their stop, they took a short detour to stop off at Nikko’s house. As always, Nikko had unlocked the door for them after he woke up. The two entered to see Rinako as she was about to leave.Bookmark here

“Oh, Reina and Juzo. Hello!”Bookmark here

Juzo decided to respond with a question.Bookmark here

“Mornin’. Have you broken up with your boyfriend yet?”Bookmark here

Reina slapped Juzo on the arm.Bookmark here

“Why the hell would you ask her that!?”Bookmark here

“Because her boyfriend looked like an asshole.”Bookmark here

Rinako laughed uncomfortably at the exchange.Bookmark here

“Well, me and Kenshin are still dating, so you don’t have to worry. Now, if you’ll excuse me...”Bookmark here

Rinako pushed her way past to get out the door, hastily fleeing from the encounter.Bookmark here

“Oh good, you chased the pest away.”Bookmark here

Nikko appeared from the stairwell, waving at his friends. Juzo leaned against the wall, waiting as Nikko grabbed his stuff.Bookmark here

“Yeah, people in relationships are so annoying.”Bookmark here

"Alright, I'm ready. Let us commence forth."Bookmark here

The trio strolled down the road towards school, discussing yesterday's events. Nikko remained in disbelief with Juzo's unexpected moves.Bookmark here

"Man, I still don't understand how you, who's claimed to never talked to a girl other than family or Reina, was able to talk so confidently with those two."Bookmark here

Juzo smiled at him.Bookmark here

"Easy. Because you two were there."Bookmark here

Nikko was taken aback.Bookmark here

"That's why!?"Bookmark here

Juzo scratched his head in thought.Bookmark here

"Well, I guess that knowing that you and Reina were nearby made me more comfortable. I don't think I could've talked to them if I was alone."Bookmark here

"Well, that makes sense, but it's not a good thing. Me and Reina can't tag along with you on a date."Bookmark here

Juzo shrugged.Bookmark here

"I'll figure it out."Bookmark here

Nikko shook his head.Bookmark here

"I will never understand how you act so laid back."Bookmark here

The short trip ended as they reached the school. Reina remained quiet through most of the morning, seemingly reflecting back on the embarrassment of the previous day. As lunch break arrived, Reina smuggly announced an idea.Bookmark here

"Okay, so I figured out why yesterday went so badly."Bookmark here

Nikko eagerly patted her shoulder. Bookmark here

"Oh, good. I thought I was going to have to tell you how intimidating your personality is."Bookmark here

Reina slapped his arm off.Bookmark here

"What the hell are you talking about!? I'm not intimidating at all!"Bookmark here

Reina took a breath to regain her composure. Bookmark here

"Anyways, the problem was that we talked to random people. If we went for someone who we already have some sort of relationship with, it would be much easier."Bookmark here

Juzo started slowly clapping to her idea.Bookmark here

"My goodness, what an idea! Why didn't I think of that?"Bookmark here

Reina picked up on the sarcasm.Bookmark here

"What are you on about?"Bookmark here

"Well, Reina, if you didn't notice, the majority of the school hates us. Rumours spread about us have destroyed our reputations, that's why we talked to people who didn't know us yesterday."Bookmark here

Reina started to get agitated.Bookmark here

"Yeah, I know! What I'm suggesting is that there might be some people who didn't believe the rumours."Bookmark here

Nikko chimed in with his skepticism. Bookmark here

"I highly doubt that."Bookmark here

"Well, you two try to think of a girl who you had some sort of mutual respect for. Maybe she'll give you a shot."Bookmark here

Juzo slammed his arms on the table.Bookmark here

"I got it!"Bookmark here

Quickly, he turned to Reina.Bookmark here

"Reina, I love you."Bookmark here

Instantly, Reina’s water bottle had spilled its contents all over Juzo's head.Bookmark here

"I hate you."Bookmark here

Suddenly Nikko snapped his fingers in epiphany and also turned to Reina.Bookmark here

"Reina, I also…"Bookmark here

He was cut short by the back of Reina's hand travelling into his cheek. Bookmark here

"Stop it. But seriously, isn't there anyone that comes to mind?"Bookmark here

Nikko thought about the question for a bit.Bookmark here

"Well, all my friends were guys, so I never really talked to any girls. And Juzo just had no friends at all."Bookmark here

Reina sighed.Bookmark here

"You guys are useless. But luckily, I do have someone in mind."Bookmark here

The two boys paid no interest in Reina's revelation, and continued to eat. Reina irritably slammed the table to try and grab their attention. Bookmark here

"Hey! Don't you care about what I'm trying to say!?"Bookmark here

Both Nikko and Juzo turned to look her directly in the eyes.Bookmark here

"No."Bookmark here

"Not really."Bookmark here

Reina's patience was gone, and she grabbed the boys by their shirt collars.Bookmark here

"Oh, I thought we had an agreement to help EVERYONE find a relationship. Or did you two lie to me?"Bookmark here

The look in Reina's eyes no longer had any humanity in them. Juzo decided he wanted to live.Bookmark here

"Alright, we'll hear you out. But please let go of me."Bookmark here

Reina released the two and cleared her throat. Bookmark here

"Okay, so in my first year, before everyone hated me, I was kinda friends with this guy. His name was Kunio Ogara, and he was a nice guy, but didn't have many friends. After all the rumours were spread about me, Ogara was the only person who talked to me in my class. Honestly, I think I might have a shot with him."Bookmark here

The two boys took time to ingest Reina's news, and Juzo was first to express his thoughts. Bookmark here

"Well, this is the best lead anyone has come up with, so there's that. However, this guy probably only talked to you 'cause he wanted some action."Bookmark here

Nikko nodded along with Juzo's comments.Bookmark here

"Yeah, the way you described this guy, he's obviously a desperate virgin. Trust us, me and Juzo would know."Bookmark here

Nikko stuck his fist out, to which Juzo confidently bumped, both wearing smug grins. Reina, on the other hand, continued to be aggravated by the two.Bookmark here

"Listen up, you bastards. Neither of you have done jack shit, and I've found a potential opportunity. I'm gonna at least try and make something from it."Bookmark here

Reina's speech made Juzo and Nikko huddle up beside each other to have a whispered discussion. After breaking up, Nikko delivered their verdict.Bookmark here

"After deliberation, me and Juzo still both think that this guy is probably a sleazy pig. However, it's not on us to make the decision, so we'll support whatever you end up doing." Bookmark here

Reina couldn’t hide her relieved smile.Bookmark here

“Thanks.”Bookmark here

Juzo remained skeptical over the idea.Bookmark here

“So what’s the plan? Are you just gonna waltz over and ask him out, or do something more casual first?”Bookmark here

Reina thought about it for a while.Bookmark here

“I guess I’ll go find him after school and ask him to eat somewhere with me. Or is that not a good plan?”Bookmark here

Juzo shrugged.Bookmark here

“It’s not bad, but don’t make it obvious that you were looking for him. You gotta make it look like a coincidence.”Bookmark here

Reina nodded at the idea.Bookmark here

"Yeah, that sounds like it would work well. I remember seeing his name in class 3-5, so we're heading there after class."Bookmark here

The two boys gave her some thumbs up, but the bell soon summoned them back to class.Bookmark here

After a few more hours of class, the bell rang, signalling the start of the operation. Quickly throwing all of their things into their bags, the trio dashed out of the room and down the hall. They arrived outside of 3-5's classroom as the students began to flood out. Reina anxiously searched for Ogara in the crowd, but he didn't appear. After all the students cleared from the doorway, Reina peeked inside. Ogara was talking to the teacher, so she spun back out.Bookmark here

"He's talking to the teacher right now."Bookmark here

Juzo, along with Nikko, rushed to peer in the class to get a look at Ogara.Bookmark here

"That's the guy? Well, I guess we're not in a position to have expectations."Bookmark here

Reina was offended. Bookmark here

"Shut up. You two couldn't have done better if you…"Bookmark here

"Oh, shit! He's coming!"Bookmark here

The trio ducked away from the doorway and hid near some students conversing in the hall. Ogara emerged from the door and began to walk past the group. Reina began to panic and turned to the boys.Bookmark here

"What should I…"Bookmark here

Out of nowhere, Juzo shoved Reina into Ogara, causing him to drop his books. Reina was quick to apologize. Bookmark here

"Oh, I'm so sorry."Bookmark here

She glared murderously at Juzo, who gave her a thumbs up.Bookmark here

"That's alright. Are you okay?"Bookmark here

Reina turned to see Ogara, who'd already picked up his books. He quickly recognized her.Bookmark here

"Oh, Iwayama! It's been a while. How are you doing?"Bookmark here

Reina gave him a generous smile.Bookmark here

"I'm doing good, Ogara. It's nice to see you."Bookmark here

"That's good to hear. I haven't seen you since first year."Bookmark here

Ogara's excitement wore off of his face after remembering what happened.Bookmark here

"Oh, sorry. Our class that year wasn't very kind to you."Bookmark here

Reina forced herself to smile through the uncomfortable memories.Bookmark here

"Don't worry about it, I'm past all that. But back in that class, you were the only one who was still kind to me. Thank you for that."Bookmark here

Ogara blushed.Bookmark here

"Hey, I just wanted to be a good friend."Bookmark here

Reina pretended to come up with an idea.Bookmark here

"Since it's been so long, how about we go somewhere and catch up?"Bookmark here

Ogara's face lit up.Bookmark here

"Really? That'd be great. But I am busy today, so how about tomorrow?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, that works. How about we meet at the seafood restaurant down the street?"Bookmark here

"Awesome! I'll meet you there tomorrow!"Bookmark here

Ogara waved goodbye and set off towards the entrance. Both Juzo and Nikko came up and wrapped an arm around Reina. Nikko patted her on the head.Bookmark here

"Nice work. We'll help you out to make sure tomorrow goes smoothly."Bookmark here

Juzo chimed in.Bookmark here

"Yeah, tomorrow's the big day, but good job setting it up."Bookmark here

Reina shoved the two off of her, but couldn't hide her embarrassed smirk.Bookmark here

"See? I told you it would work. Now let's get going, I got a lot to prepare for my date."Bookmark here

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