Chapter 4:

Three Rude Idiots Get Banned From A Restaurant

Why Does Nobody Find Us Attractive?

The bell had chimed, and Reina remained at her desk staring blankly at her notebook.Bookmark here

"You ready?"Bookmark here

Reina spun to see Juzo standing beside her desk. Bookmark here

"I don't know. I've never been on a date."Bookmark here

Nikko came out from nowhere and slapped Reina on the back.Bookmark here

"Don't worry, the bar is so low that you couldn't possibly disappoint me."Bookmark here

Reina swung a sharp elbow at his stomach, causing Nikko to recoil. She calmly put her things away in her bag before getting up.Bookmark here

"Okay, let's go." Bookmark here

The group left the school and walked a couple blocks until they reached a restaurant. Reina stopped everyone at the door.Bookmark here

"Okay, you two wait around for a few minutes before entering. It'd be weird if Ogara saw me bring two guys with me on our date."Bookmark here

Nikko sighed. Bookmark here

"Fine, but we won't wait too long. I'm starving."Bookmark here

"Yeah, whatever. Just don't do anything stupid. Okay guys, wish me luck!"Bookmark here

Reina took a deep breath, then entered the building. She quickly spotted Ogara sitting at a table near the corner and joined up with him. Bookmark here

"Hi Ogara. Have you been waiting long?" Bookmark here

Ogara looked up to see her and waved.Bookmark here

"Not too long. I'm happy you've made it."Bookmark here

Reina flashed a joking smirk.Bookmark here

"What, you thought I would ditch you? C'mon, it's been a while since we've hung out, let's get some food and catch up."Bookmark here

Reina called over a waiter and the two placed their orders. As Reina watched the waiter walk off, the front doors opened. Juzo and Nikko popped in, grabbing a seat a few tables over. Juzo saw Nikko take a peak over at the table.Bookmark here

"How's it going?"Bookmark here

Nikko shrugged. Bookmark here

"They're just talking."Bookmark here

"Okay. You got the thing?"Bookmark here

Nikko reached into his pocket and pulled out a pocket knife. Bookmark here

"Good. Remember, don't stab him."Bookmark here

Nikko put the knife back.Bookmark here

"Yeah, yeah. It's always "Don't stab anyone, Nikko". When will someone say I can stab something?"Bookmark here

"Hey, stop talking. Let's just listen in on them for a bit."Bookmark here

Back at Reina's table, everything was going smoothly. Bookmark here

"So, Reina, has your class been good this year?"Bookmark here

Reina stirred around her iced tea.Bookmark here

"Yeah, I guess. The rumours still are a problem, but at least I have some friends. They're good people and have helped me out a lot."Bookmark here

"That's good to hear. I assume you still haven't made up with Ritsushima?"Bookmark here

Reina shuddered at the mention of the name.Bookmark here

"No. I haven't spoken to her in years."Bookmark here

"That's a shame. You two were like the class princesses. Everybody loved you."Bookmark here

Reina snapped.Bookmark here

"That's all in the past! None of that exists anymore, and it never will!"Bookmark here

Ogara was caught off guard by the outburst.Bookmark here

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know that was still a sensitive issue for you."Bookmark here

"Yeah, why would you know that about me? We haven't talked in over a year."Bookmark here

At the boy's table, Nikko turned around to see what happened, then turned back to Juzo.Bookmark here

"Can I interrupt them?"Bookmark here

Juzo shook his head.Bookmark here

"Just wait a bit more. I think Reina can handle whatever happens."Bookmark here

Nikko sulked.Bookmark here

"Fine. But if things go south, I'm jumping in."Bookmark here

The tension at Reina's table had grown uncomfortable, but they were granted a break with the arrival of their food. After quietly eating for a few minutes, Ogara broke the silence.Bookmark here

"Reina, I'm really sorry. I'll stay away from that topic from now on."Bookmark here

Reina was still unimpressed by his comments. Bookmark here

"Fine, whatever."Bookmark here

Ogara was desperate to keep the date alive.Bookmark here

"So, what are you planning to do after graduation?"Bookmark here

"I don't know."Bookmark here

"Really? I thought you would have an idea by now. If you really can't find anything, being a housewife would be a good option."Bookmark here

That comment caught Reina’s attention.Bookmark here

"What the fuck does that mean?"Bookmark here

Ogara flinched at the sudden burst of aggression.Bookmark here

"Well, I was just suggesting that someone like you might benefit from just staying at home while your husband worked. You're pretty good at satisfying guys, so you would be great at your role."Bookmark here

Reina couldn't hold back anymore. She grabbed her drink and threw the glass at Ogara, hitting him in the chest. The drink spilt all over him while the glass bounced and shattered on the floor. Bookmark here

"God dammit! I thought you were different from everyone else, Ogara! Why did you even bother coming here if you believed all the rumours?"Bookmark here

Ogara stuttered a bit, still in shock from what happened. Bookmark here

"Well, I… I thought you were coming on to me so, you know, you could sleep with me."Bookmark here

Reina tried to charge Ogara, but Juzo rushed over and wrapped his arms around her to hold her back. Nikko walked towards Ogara and placed his hand on his shoulder, staring straight at him with a violent glare. Bookmark here

"So, it would appear that you caused a lot of trouble for our friend, wouldn't you say so?"Bookmark here

Ogara nodded his head, clearly terrified of Nikko.Bookmark here

"Well, I think the very least you could do is cover the bill for my friends and I, don't you agree?"Bookmark here

Again, Ogara nodded.Bookmark here

"Alright then, we're at some understanding now. Finally, never speak to any of us again. Unless you wanna test me."Bookmark here

Ogara was trembling in his chair.Bookmark here

"Yes, sir."Bookmark here

Nikko gave him a pat on the shoulder and began walking to the door. He gestured to Juzo and Reina, and they followed. Both shot sharp stares at Ogara as they walked by. Once outside, they took a moment to process what happened.Bookmark here

"Oh, shit! I forgot to use my knife!"Bookmark here

Nikko broke the silence with a questionable statement. Juzo was quick to voice his comment. Bookmark here

"It's probably better that you didn't.  A moron like you would've stabbed the guy."Bookmark here

"Yeah, but I would have looked more badass if I pulled out the knife. And you were the one who even told me to bring it anyways."Bookmark here

"Looking back, that wasn't a smart idea."Bookmark here

Reina was getting a headache from the back and forth.Bookmark here

"Hey, stop guys. I'm not feeling too good."Bookmark here

The two immediately stopped. Juzo was the first to express his concern.Bookmark here

"Are you doing alright? That piece of shit sure pressed all the wrong buttons on you." Bookmark here

"I'm okay right now, but I wanna go lay down."Bookmark here

"Let's get going, then."Bookmark here

Juzo looked at Reina, who was staring at the ground.Bookmark here

"Thanks. You stepped in and had to help me out. I'm sorry for causing all of this."Bookmark here

Nikko placed his hand on Reina's head.Bookmark here

"Hey, we're friends. Our job is to bail each other out of terrible situations we cause."Bookmark here

Reina looked up and saw Nikko's sincere smile. Her eyes started tearing up, but the doors to the restaurant suddenly swung open. An employee walked out.Bookmark here

"You three, who the hell do you think you are!? You threaten another customer and cause a huge scene, then just walk out? Guess what, don't come back! You're banned!" Bookmark here

The employee stormed back into the restaurant. Nikko looked at Juzo.Bookmark here

"Oops." Bookmark here

The two started laughing loudly, and eventually Reina couldn't resist and joined. Reina wiped her tears away and tried to catch her breath.Bookmark here

"Well, I guess only I could have a date where I fight with the guy, then get banned from the place."Bookmark here

Juzo wrapped his arm around Reina.Bookmark here

"Well, challenge accepted. Maybe I'll set a building on fire, or get chased by the police. But I will outdo you."Bookmark here

Reina chuckled.Bookmark here

"I can't wait to see. Come on, I wanna go back already."Bookmark here

Nikko chimed in.Bookmark here

"Well, I'm still amped up, so let's race back."Bookmark here

He started running down the road, but Juzo and Reina just walked. Bookmark here

"He'll be fine."Bookmark here

"Maybe."Bookmark here

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