Chapter 15:

Chapter 12 – A Divine Dress (Re)Distribution

Transmigration to the Otherworldly Heavens

I dried myself and helped my slave do so as well. She really had a nice figure, even when malnourished. I started dressing up, but noticed that Elfin was not putting on the jute work clothes.

- What is the problem, little one?

- I cannot wear it, master.

Finally a demand from this polite girl. How nice.

- I get that. It is pretty coarse after all. Must feel bad after such a nice bath.

- No, master. I mean.. yes it is coarse, but a slave should be happy with such quality. I am just unable to figure out how to put it on with one hand and the mask on my face.

I facepalmed hard. So much for progress.

Also that gesture turned to be quite painful as I still had that horned mask on me.

- Do not worry a thing. I will get you a dress that is easy to wear. Just wait a minute.

- No need to, master demon!

- I find the need to see you in a pretty dress tonight.

I said and tried to leave.

- Don’t you dare to steal one of mine, cur!

Good suggestion there, miss Queen, but you are comparably too fat. Especially when it counts. Yup. Even your Status Check confirms it so, all 3 measurements are significantly off. I sighed as the assets could not be seen beneath that towel. Tough Luck.

- A French maid dress would be nice, but the one you came in here is definitely too ugly. Do not like. Would not wear.

I went to the lobby. I searched the city for a dress with my slave’s measurements. There were many hits, but I noticed that all the shops were already closed.

The sun had set already. Our bath took longer than I expected.

Should I steal away a dress with an owner? Or from one of the closed shop? I was unwilling.

The situation got desperate. Was I going to return to Elfin empty-handed and witness her disappointed expression with those ears lying down flat like a Basset hound?

The inspiration struck me as I was looking through the owners.

Beneath the moon in quite a nice room a holy maiden was praying to her god. As all prayers are classified under absolute confidentiality status the contents would remain ever so mysterious. Though they were pretty generic. World peace, feeding the hungry, cloth.. Ehem, never mind.

She was quite devout believer of Talakhe, the now retired, God of Thrope. Devout enough to have received a vision of Talakhe passing on the mantle of godhood to the new god. Frankly the upcoming Era of Strife might pass by without much fuss this time. Only the upper echelons of the Church were informed and this priestess turned out to be one of them.

Suddenly there was a light other than the moon and candles. It illuminated only where she stood.

I, the Saintess, heard a divine voice that resounded directly in my head.

- My child. Thou art truly devout.

- G-god?

- Yes, it is I.

- But you have left us!

- Huh? How do you know? That the Old God moved on and left everything in my hands?

- I had a vision. Your worship is the New God, yes?

- Yes, exactly. I really thought this “passing the mantle” thing was a secret though. I do not desire mortals panicking about a new Era.

- It might not happen. Only our Church knows the truth.

- It would be pretty reckless to expect the best of the things no God of Thrope had ever had control of, my little priestess. Good. Do not spread this knowledge, yet.

- May I know Your Worship’s name?

- Name?

- God’s Name. Like the Old God, who was hailed and revered as Talakhe.

- I did not think of one, yet.

- Your Worship!?

This New God struck me as fairly incompetent. Even his voice sounded much less mature than Talakhe.

- Is that a problem?

- I will not be able to pray to you?

- Why? I can feel your piety and hear your prayers pretty well if I concentrate directly on you.

- Alas..

- If you think of one let me know. Anyway announcing a New God’s Name is paramount to admitting the truth about this Era. Let’s keep it under wraps for now.

He thought to himself “Man, I have to think up that name fast. Maybe asking my angels would help? Maybe Elfin would be good with names?”.

- Yes, Your Worship. Though will the mortals like me be able to prepare for the threats of the Era of Strife?

- Do you think threats of an Era can be handled by mortals’ power alone? It will be me and my angel legions smiting invaders. If you want to help make sure the god is worshipped by as many as possible. Or reach the sixties in terms of level alone.

- Your Worship, how does increase in number of worshippers help?

This New God is certainly self-centered. I would never let myself be this rude with Talakhe. Not that He ever talked with me. Talakhe, why have you abandoned us?

- You do not know that? Do the upper echelons of Church remain unaware?

- No, Your Worship.

- Huh. I need to ponder on this issue some more. Maybe revealing this taboo knowledge is not so good. We will leave it as that it is just needed.

There was silence for a while. The light did not disappear so the God was still hogging the line apparently.

- Anyway I have a small request.

- Ask me anything, Your Worship.

- A dress. The blue one. Sacrifice it on the altar.

- Of course, Your Worship. May this lowly one ask what for?

- You live the life of vanity. Show that you can discard it easily. That it does not shackle you as a priestess of mine.

- Should I discard all my wealth?

- No need. The dress would suffice.

- Yes.

- Bless you, my child.

The light slowly faded.

I got up from my knees and took out my favorite blue dress out of coffer.

There was a small altar in my quarters.

I kissed the locket attached to the dress. It was the only memento I had of my dear mother, who decided to orphan me one day by dying. It was a really tough trial to simply cast it away.

- I understand I need to change my ways. I cannot let my past chain me up. Looks like Your Worship had seen through my sin.

Everything I had was thanks to Heavens and His Church.

I truly am too vain to be a proper Saintess.

With tears in my eyes I am leaving the garment on the altar along with most of my extravagant jewelry. As soon as I did another light without a source shined upon the altar.

Although it was only the dress that disappeared.

Could God ask me to use the remainder to spread the faith further?

Unlike the past me I spent the whole night praying fervently.

Back in baths’ lobby I was holding a pretty blue dress.

Mission success!

I will have to think of a sufficient reward for the priestess’ piety. I guess, I will leave it for tomorrow.

I yawned and went back in.

With the dress on Elfin looked absolutely fabulous and I did not hesitate to tell her so.

One of the cuffs was unfortunately hanging loose. Only then have I noticed that the dress had a locket attached. I reached my hand to my slave’s chest. She blushed again. I ignored her antics and opened the locket.

There was a very small noble lady painting inside.

- Where did you get that dress? How on Thrope did you pass by the guards at the entrance? – asked, the sadly forgotten, maid.

- There is nothing that can stop a member of Dark Rose Society from reaching the Society’s goals. Tremble beneath the shadow of the Dark Rose, busty maiden! – I answered politely.

She always had the worst of timings. I briefly considered putting her under a Silence spell.

Indeed there was a pair of halberdiers posted at the entrances to the baths. I think they were already there when we went here in the first place. No matter. We would avoid them anyway.

This was high time to leave. I donned the rest of my light equipment at stored the bathing utensils. Now we would have to find a place to sleep the night through.

I bid a farewell to the flabbergasted Queen and after leaving her sight teleported onto an empty street.

It was quite dark already. There were a couple of torches and lanterns lit here and there. The darkness was overwhelmingly more prevalent than the illuminated areas.

- Our first bathing trip went pretty well, don’t you think?

In response Elfin bent her waist and grimaced.

- Are you alright, little one?

This time she quickly took the mask off and started barfing. I grabbed her hair and shoulder and stabilized her. When she finished emptying her stomach I helped her up.

I took out the Decanter of Eternal Spring and a cup. I poured her one. I took a clean rag and cleaned her lips.

- Did today meals upset you?

- A bit – she said and gulped more water – the teleportation surprised me and I felt nauseated.

- So it is partially my fault. Sorry for not warning you. I will consider it more in the future.

- I am sorry, master, for wasting your food.

- Oh shut up. That is not important. Are you feeling well, now?

- Yes, master.

I hid our masks. We were once again simple Elfin and Lynx of Krark.

The vomit was making the street even more dirty than it already was. I disposed of it in the usual volcano dump site.

- We should find a room for the night. I doubt you know any noteworthy inns, do you?

- No, Demon master.

- Do not call me that when we are not wearing our bathing masks.

I searched the map for the inns. There were quite a few. I had no idea, which one to pick.

- We are going to teleport into more wealthy district. It should have better inns.

I grasped her hand more firmly.

- Are you ready for teleportation?

- Yes, Lynx

She got it right this time.

We warped into an alley. I noticed she had her eyes closed.

- You cannot close your eyes during teleportation. I know it makes you dizzy, but if there are enemies there when we teleport we need to be able to fight them immediately.

- Master, but it is so bright when we teleport it is blinding.

- Damn, I forgot about that. I will try to rework the spell.

Well, all I did was make one of the palace rooms to be completely dark and mark it as a teleportation relay station. I should have thought of that earlier. Despite that I had never been blinded by the Heaven’s light. I might have improved eye accommodation. No, it was actually called eye light adaptation. Could I take a flashbang grenade to the face now?

Musing myself with those interesting discoveries about my body I took her by the arm and we went onto the main street.

There were many passerby here so we did not have to question for long to compile a list of recommended reputable establishments. “Under Golden Leaf” was the nearest of them to our position.