Chapter 0:

The End of the Beginning

Second Chances

Destiny is a strange thing.Bookmark here

You can’t see it. You can’t hear it. You can’t smell it. And, you definitely can’t touch it.Bookmark here

Yet, everyone is tied by it to this string of fate, as it intertwines our reality together, to form what is now known as our life.Bookmark here

I’ve always hated this saying.Bookmark here

Because then, it’d mean that I can only accept things as they are.Bookmark here

I could only accept good things when they choose to happen on me, with their warmth.
Bookmark here

I could only accept sad things when they collapse on me, with their weights.Bookmark here

I don’t like this.Bookmark here

I’m a selfish person.Bookmark here

I want to create my own happy, sad memories. I want to be able to cherish them, and laugh, or cry to my heart’s content.Bookmark here

I don’t want regrets.Bookmark here

I want to do things in one-shot.Bookmark here

No turn back.
Bookmark here

No… second chances.Bookmark here

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