Chapter 1:

Random in the park

His Murder mind is no joke

A pretty and pale body who looks as if a gently breeze could make him break into pieces. His ghostly white skin accompanied by dark neat shirt bottomed up to his neck. If there were passengers near him, they would fainted at the scene of his overly contrast appearance. He describe himself as ' opposite yet attractive Kushiro '. Yes, he may think himself almighty  but just an average man named Kushiro.

Kushiro likes to spend his free time walking in the park. He goes for walk at the park near to his apartment depends on his mood. He tried walking at the park on various time such as early morning, late evening, afternoon and so on. So far, Kushiro loves 10 am?  Why 10am? Most of the works and schools start at 8or 9 am average.  Since 11or12pm is lunch time, there are people who will go out and eat or those who like to enjoy their food outdoor. If Kushiro is that picky about the time, then how about 1 to 5pm? He once tried walking at that time.

He was walking at the park free of crowds and silently enjoying the scenario. Suddenly, a group of laughter came from behind. It was from a bunch of little kids. Moreover, the sound was coming closer to him. Kushiro thought 'oh fluck! they are running towards to my direction' As soon as Kushiro realizes to avoid from those kids, it was too late. Reflexibility isn't his strong point. It was so sudden for him and the kids were way too energetic and fast. It was over before he even realized. 

Taylor Victoria
Joe Gold