Chapter 1:

Champion Time! Leon vs Ash Ketchum!

Pokemon "After-journeys"

Host - How is the battle gonna Progress? Don't forget, If Ash somehow manages to Win, He will become the World's Greatest Monarch!! But can he beat our champion?

Ash - Lucario, Aura Sphere!

Host - Aura Sphere connects! Charizard is down folks!! Will he be able to get up?

Leon - C'mon Charizard!! Don't forget am not the only greatest Monarch, We share the stage!!

*Charizard pushes his limits and gets up on his feet*

Host - Charizard is back! Well folks, What do we have here, Charizard has been called back in the Pokéball, and is now ready to Gigantimax!

Leon - Let's Go Ash! Charizard, Gigantimax!!

Host - here we have it, The unbeatable Gigantimax Charizard. How will ash Fight a Gigantimax Pokémon with a Lucario?

*Lucario sends a message to Ash through his Aura powers.*

{~ Lucario - ......., you are not ready yet.~}

Host - Wait, Lucario suddenly ran??!!

Ash - Lucario!! What happened?

Leon - what? What is going on here?!!

Referee - Due to some issue, Lucario has abandoned the match, Thus Leon is the winner.

Host - Leon maintains his Winning streak!

The World's Greatest Monarch shows no sign of giving up the title!!

(Later; Leon, Ash and his friends searches for Lucario untill the dusk, but are not able to find him..)

(× Later that night ×)

(Ash's Dream)

{~Lucario - Go and meet Professor Magnolia, you have some things to figure out..~}

(Ash - wait Lucario, what is the matter, Luca-..........)