Chapter 1:

Prologue: Storms Of Ambition

The Black Hearted

"My colleagues, friends, and family! Today stands as a memory of our forefathers endeavour!"

A booming voice echoed across cities, continents, stations, ships, and planets with small colonies forever tuned in to the everyday news. Soldiers stationed everywhere watched the video displays, and those that couldn't tuned into radio channels. Civilians everywhere simply sat or stood watching, and listening, for today would mark their destiny forever consumated by a pale old man with short, raven black hair who stood immaculate upon a podium in front of an opulent five story palace; his voice shredded the silence.

"five hundred years ago a war occurred, and from it our birthplace was seized by the men of Terra! Prime, our gem of a home was desecrated on the day of exodus! Mothers wailed, daughters weeped, but the sons and fathers prevailed. When walls fell, when cities crumbled, when legions were swept aside, our ancestors fled in shame! Through these decades of pain and hardship, we have embraced loss! From them conventions to build up the bedrock of our dreams began, yet they came again two hundred years from the current mark."

Every man, woman, and child was reminded of their heritage whether rich, poor, soldier, or civilian. For unlike the people of Terra an idea united them under the charcoal black flag . They were the strong sons and daughters of Prime, and none would stand against their courage. They were the future of mankind, and all others were obsolete; the mans words again, continued.

"Prime wasn't enough for their overzealous nature! No! They then spread their seed into every hole of every whore who would carry the future of butchers, and rapists! They pressed again, and again, and again, and when they thought us eradicated.... they grew fat, and grotesque on pleasure. They pushed us beyond our razed colonies, far from the Dragons Eye, and deep into unknown space where we were sure to be cannabilized by the monsters within us! But they failed, and from the ashes of the dead, the dying, and diseased, we rose! Through pure thought, labor, and ingenuity we were united against the plague! We reeducated dissidents, we colonized worlds none would dare, and we built mighty ships to challenge unheard of hordes! And from those days to the next, a mere thought echoed within their minds!"

A small pause pressed against the pounding atmosphere.

"That we, their descendants, would be our enemies undoing!"

His fist rose to the air and thousand within the large courtyard that faced him cheered. Civilians roared with hope, and soldiers became restless with itchy trigger fingers. In their minds justice would be served, and a once lost homeland would be reclaimed. The charcoal black flags with a red shimmering cricle and a silver fist in the middle flapped elegantly against the palace amidst all the cheering. Ruin was coming, and no one could stop it.

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The Black Hearted

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