Chapter 1:

Enter Shimizu Enkai

The Waters Reflection

The sky was a clear and translucent blue. Fluffy white clouds rode along the wind that blew way up in the skies and painted a beautiful scene for anyone to look up at. Cicadas lay on trees, chirping and buzzing in the light summers heat as birds watched them from above, wondering when they should swoop in for their morning meal.

A small village with modern features that lay on the coast of rural Japan; Seaton. Within it was the hustle and bustle of people going to where they need to go and leaving where they were needed before, the town had a population of around 600 residents, however it was also a popular tourist spot considering its rural charm with modern homes built for comfort, and its excellent seaside cuisine.

Federation Calendar Year 2004, The Flood.
Due to global warming, rainstorms on a scale never before recorded broke down onto every area of the world, drenching the land and inducing the rise of sea levels, which wiped out many minor countries and killed countless people. Many people prayed to their gods, but their prayers didn't reach them. One by one hundreds of thousands of people succumbed to the waves. 

Federation Calendar Year 2005, The Resuscitation.
Luckily, after a year of constant rain it began to let up, most days were still drenched with rain but the occasional sunny day still sprouted out of the sky, like rays of warm hope that lit up the skin of every person who looked towards a future. 
Countless countries had been completely eliminated and erased with the coming of the Flood, almost every island nation on earth had now been reduced to nothing more than an underwater wasteland.

Federation Calendar Year 2007, The awakening of Leviathan "Alpha".
As the world was dragging itself back together, many countries that once held past grievances set aside their histories and worked together in order to ensure that they would still have a place once the world was on track. But this petty greed disappeared with the appearance of the Leviathans.
Leviathan "Alpha", the first Leviathan to be recorded in history. It had the appearance of a giant squid and was estimated to be around 400 metres in length, when Leviathan "Alpha" was discovered it was found eating the ground itself. We later hypothesised that by the way it was operating, Leviathan "Alpha" was looking to destroy as much land as possible, we are still unclear as to why it was seeking to lay waste to land however.
With the emergence of Leviathan "Alpha" the federation decided that it was a threat to mankind's future survival, and acted out "Operation Kraken" in order to take care of it.

Federation Calendar Year 2007, August 12th, The awakening of Leviathan "Beta".

Federation Calendar Year 200

Federation Calen...

"Enkai! Wake up!" A stern voice called from the end of a ship, it belonged to a broadened man adorning a sailors cap on his head. He had stubbled sideburns and thick eyebrows paired with a set of brown eyes that seemed to pierce into you if you weren't paying enough attention. The man brushed off his black trench coat that had been stained with years of mud as he looked at the boy before him, his eyes not speaking of actual anger.

"Agh! I'm up already, old man!" The boy flopped to his feet and gave a small salute to the captain of the ship, though it was less of a ship and more of a fishing vessel in Enkai's eyes.

The captain gave Enkai a small smack to the back of his head and said, "I thought I told you not to salute me you idiot," He laughed a little bit at Enkai, before looking down at the study material Enkai was supposed to be learning instead of sleeping.

"Federation history huh, you really need to learn to focus more when it comes to this subject since you always fail it during the tests." The captain gave a small look at Enkai.

"Oh come on, all the tests are made by you! I bet you just change the answers around because you don't like seeing me win." Enkai made a pouting look and stared out off into the ocean around them, looking away from his stern father who never answered any of his questions.

"Maybe I do, or maybe you should study a little harder you numbskull," The captain looked out into the ocean alongside his son, before looking down at him and breathing out a sigh. "Fine, studies are over for today," He brought his large hand down and rubbed his sons hair, shaking it about as Enkai squirmed and laughed trying to get away, "I've got our fishing rods set up already, wanna see if you can finally beat your old man for once?"

Enkai's eyes lit up like jewels and he excitedly ran to the back of the boat, his father slowly following behind him as he sat down next to a poorly carved fishing rod, bringing it into his hands and watching the waves below him.

"Today's the day I'm taking your fishing rod for myself old man!" His face erupted into a grin as the captain sat down next to a much nicer looking, modernised fishing rod.

"Let's see if you can catch enough fish to back that claim up haha!" They both hooked their fishing lines into the sea and began the slow process of fishing, their minds emptied and they simply enjoyed the moment, waiting for the lulling tug of a fish at the end of their lines.

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