Chapter 2:


An Angel's Kiss

The angel tilted her head. “Um...Ai? Aren-”
“My guardian angel, huh?”
Ko blinked. “Yes, I’m-”
“So you think you could just show up out of thin air, expecting me to welcome you with open arms?”
The seraphim’s mouth tugged into a frown. She looked at this girl in a mix of confusion and disappointment. “Ai, I’m here to help you-”
“No, you are not.”
Ko’s eyes widened. She grew silent.
“If you wanted to help me, you would’ve done it sooner.” Ai’s cheeks reddened with rage, her fingers clutching the ends of her skirt. “Because you didn't help me, I went through hell for so long!”
“Ai, listen-”
“No, I’m through with listening!
“I prayed for you. I prayed that you would come and help me! I wanted to be out of this horrible life! But no, you never came. Instead, I was left here, where everybody hates me, and sees me as some...weirdo! Every day, my hope crumbled to pieces little by little. And then I just...I just...stopped believing.”
Ko felt her eyes sting as she witnessed Ai succumb to a breakdown, fingers holding onto blue locks, eyes leaking rivers of tears. She sniffed and looked up, her emerald eyes glimmering with so many emotions at once.
“I want to believe that you’re trying to help me, Ko. But doubt is everywhere.”
The angel stepped toward the other and embraced her into a tight hug. “Please, Ai, the last thing I want to do is hurt you. That’s why I left heaven, so I can be here to guide you. So you can learn to trust again. All you have to do is let me. Let me be your hope. Trust me, please.”
Ai's arms reached up and tightened the grip onto Ko, crying into her shoulder. She felt warm, safe, as her fingers graced jet black feathers.

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